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Amazon seeks to be Earth's most customer-centric company, where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online, and endeavors to offer its customers the lowest possible prices. Amazon seeks to be Earth's most customer-centric company, where customers can find and discover anyt ... more
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Vishal Dhage profile pic
Vishal Dhage at Amazon, ,  photos
I received this product recently from @bodyguard_india.
I found this product very helpful!
In this pandemic we need to clean and Sanitize Fruits and vegetables before eating. So I found this product is Effective Disinfection for Non-Peelable Fruits, Vegetables. This is a pack of 50 tablets. Its so very easy to use and clean. We take water in a tub and dissolve 1 tablet into it and them soak our veggies and fruits in that water for some time and we can take out.
Features & details

KILLS 99.9% GERMS: The disinfectant tablets contain a distinctive formulation made from sanitizing agents that kill 99.9% germ, making the fruits and vegetables fit for consumption. The tablets also purify natural water and make it fit

DISINFECT GROCERIES AND VEGETABLES: Sanitize fruits and vegetables to disinfect them of any germs. Effective Disinfection of Non-Peelable Fruits, Vegetables.

HOW TO USE: 1. Take a tablet from the bottle with dry hands & replace the bottle cap immediately. 2. Add 1 Tablet in 10 Litres of water if solution is meant for storage and 20 litres for immediate consumption/cooking. 3. Remove dirt from the groceries/ produce, put them in the solution. Soak for 30 minutes.4. Remove the produce from the solution, shake off excess water & refrigerate (for longer shelf life) 5. Before cooking or consuming raw as salad, rinse with drinking water.

MULTUPURPOSE TRAVEL FRIENDLY DISINFECTANT: Disinfectant tablets can also be used for Floor & surface disinfection, Utensil disinfection, Disinfecting water in overhead tank, Camping & outdoors to disinfect water from natural sources. The disinfectant tablets are compact and easy to carry. One tablet is enough to disnfect 500 litres of water for all your daily chores.

•RECOMMENDED BY WHO: The disinfectant tablets contain a key ingredient called NaDCC (sodium Dichloroisocyanurate), recommended by WHO for water purification and disinfect.

You can go for this product 👍
#mymagicpinbangalore #featureme #influencers
Soumya Kashyap profile pic
Soumya Kashyap at Amazon, ,  photos
So I recent got my hands on these amazing coffee from @colombianbrewcoffee .
I recieved 3 packets of :
▪︎Wild Vanilla
▪︎Double Chocolate Mocha
▪︎Creamy Caramel

Firstly, the packaging is so nice and neat that you cant resist yourself from buying it just seeing the packet only. Also there are small packets inside the box. One packet for one mug of coffee and there are total 25 of them in each box. This really makes it even more easier to measure the amount and get the perfect taste.

Coming to the taste, each flavour smells so nice and the texture of the coffee is so good. The plus point is that they do no contain added sugar so I can add as much sugar as I want to the coffee. When as compared to the coffee shops, they add liquid caramel or chocolate to add the flavor with gradually increases the sweetness more and make it dis balanced.
Have it hot or cold, @colombianbrewcoffee 's coffee is perfect to start your day with.

They also have a very wide variety of flavors which you can buy either from @amazondotin or from their own website.
#foodstop #foodaholic #foodie #drinkfix #mysignaturedrink #sirdrinksalot #madamdrinksalot #coffee #coffeelover #review #magicpin #mymagicpin #silvermagician #magician #discoverjaipur #jaipurmagician #mymagicpinjaipurcity #bumperhashtag #bumperhashtagfortheweek
Priyanka Singla profile pic
Priyanka Singla at Amazon, ,  photos

Moroccan Argan oil by @stbotanica.india serves a best medicine For my chemically treated hair 👧
I am very happy to receive another bottle of argan oil. It has all the essential nutrients, antioxidants, fatty acids and Vitamin E to help my hair gain its natural elasticity and shine, which obviously was lost because of repeated smoothening treatment on my hair!

This oil surely adds life and volume to my lifeless dry fizzy hair.
Also due to its anti-inflammatory properties it calms your scalp and reduce any irritation and itchiness if any. Sometimes I try it on my dry skin as It is said that argan oil helps to moisturize your skin and reduce the aging effects.

#beautybuzz #magicpin #mymagicpinbanaglore #mymagicpin #hairobsessed #trendsetter #hairoil #whatididtoday #beautyblogger #homebeautyroutine #beauty
Rushali Agarwal profile pic
Rushali Agarwal at Amazon, ,  photos
Recently, I got my hands over Sesa Ayurvedic Hair Spa Kit from Amazon Amazon because I was really missing hair spas and I was having a lot of hair-fall.

I used it for the first time today and I fell in love with the aroma of each and everything that comes out of this kit. 😇 I feel so relaxed after using this. And also, my hair feels really smooth after using the 4 step process.

1. Massage the pre- treatment hair vitaliser for 5-10 mins and leave it for about an hour. This can be used thrice for my length of hair.
2 . Use therapeutic hair shampoo as per your need and leave it for 2 mins and then wash it. The kit contains 2 packets of shampoo. Each can be used twice.
3. Apply mud hair masque on towel dried hair and leave it on for 5 mins and rinse it off. Each packet can be used twice.
4. After towel drying your hair, apply little hair serum. This can be used thrice.

The aroma of the products stay for about 24 hours, leaving your hair shiny and healthier. 💆🧖‍♀️

I absolutely loved this hair spa kit. ❤❤

Available both at Amazon and Flipkart.
Happy Relaxing! 💆😎😙

Oh bdw! It's ideal for UNISEX use. 🥳

#baalonkadoctor @sesacare
Pratiksha  Sharma profile pic
Pratiksha  Sharma at Amazon, ,  photos
@wink&nod Wink & Nod transforms average bedrooms into sleep sanctuaries. Upgrade your sleep on mattresses and pillows built for a billion dreams. Use my referral code 👉🏻 TM-9GRC 👈🏻to get 20% off on your purchase from the website. Only valid for the first 200 purchases. Order now! Check my link in bio. .
P.S.: Be prepared with some "why am I late" excuses, as you may get late for your work after sleeping on their products ;) #ComfortablyNoddingOff #SonekaSamaan #collaboration #contentcreator #fashioninfluencer #beautyinfluencer #lifestyleinfluencer #actor #model #influencer #pratikshašharma
Rashi Khemka profile pic
Rashi Khemka at Amazon, ,  photos
#beautybuzz #facefirst #masksoff #delhi3

🌸Skincare Weekend!🌸
Got my hands on Positive 3-in-1 Charcoal Deep Clean Face Mask from @positiveglobal and I'm genuinely impressed.
This product is free from parabens and mineral oil. It removes impurities, dirt, tan, blackheads and whiteheads and gives you a smooth skin. The best part of this product is it is easy to apply and remove. Use it twice a week and you will see the change yourself.
Price:- ₹350/- for 60ml.

You can now buy it from @amazondotin at great discount.🛒 How to Use:-
Apply a thin layer of the charcoal face mask on your face, leave it for 15-20mins and then peel off in one direction.

It's time to TAKE CARE!
Follow @miss.khemka to stay tuned.❤️
#charcoalmask #facecaretips
Himani Mishra profile pic
Himani Mishra at Amazon, ,  photos
#Beautybuzz #OilAffair #Delhi8
From environmental factors such as heat and pollution to lifestyle habits like brushing vigorously and over-washing, our hair goes through a lot of trauma on a daily basis. However, one thing that actually works is… yes, you guessed it right. #Oiling ! ❤️
Invest in a #cold-pressed #castor oil as it is more beneficial in controlling hair loss and preventing split ends..

#castoroil #mymagicpindelhi #FaceFirst

Lavishka Arora profile pic
Lavishka Arora at Amazon, ,  photos

I feel desi girls can rock any attire, especially Sari! Even though many of us wear it rarely, but that one moment can make guys turn their heads! Do you feel the same? 😜

Amazon and flipkart are best if looking for a variety of sarees with varying prices, be it in a budget or ones designed by highly reputed designers. Prices may go up from merely ₹400 to ₹1.5 lakhs.

This is a simple printed georgette saree with a stylised border having mirror work. It was priced at ₹899, isn’t it too beautiful for this price? 🤔

#SaySari #DesiGirl #OOTD #FeatureMe
Pratik Panchal profile pic
Pratik Panchal at Amazon, ,  photos
#denimjackets #bumperhashtag #theredchillies #magicmeets #foodandfun #hashtagoftheweek Bought this bright yellow color denim jacket from Koovs #koovs for Rs. 1599 #fashionista #suitup #ootd #goldmagicianswag #proudgoldmagician #tomuchfun
Mohammad Ali profile pic
Mohammad Ali at Amazon, ,  photos
"इश्क़ में दोहरी मशक्कत की है
हालात-ए-हिज्र में हिर्जत की है
ऐसी वीरानी में करता भी तो क्या
ये भी कुछ कम है कि वहशत की है"

Genre 🔎 : urdu shayari(in hindi)
Author 🖋 : Shaheen Abbas
Rating ⭐️ : 4.5/5

#review 🖊️ : This is exceptionally well written book. I love to write and so this is a gem for me and a really deep and well composed shayari. I will say it's a must read if you are into shayari.
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1.Look for the best Amazon offer on magicpin 'Online offers' section
2.Select the voucher by clicking on it.
3.On checkout page, you will be able to see the discounts applied to your order.
4.Make the final payment and confirm you order
5.After successful voucher purchase, copy the CODE on Payment Success screen
6.Apply the code by following the steps mentioned in "How to use the above code" section
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All UsersGet Amazon Pay Gift Card worth Rs. 10000 (No E-wallets)
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Best PriceGet Amazon Pay Gift Card worth Rs. 100 (Only UPI)

What is Amazon, and what does it offer?

Across India, thousands of sellers, authors, and businesses use Amazon products and services to reach new customers, build and grow their businesses. Prime Video, Twitch, Amazon Music, and Audible are subsidiaries of Amazon that provide for download and streaming video, music, and audiobooks. Not only this, but the company also has its own publishing house known as Amazon Publishing, a film and television studio that is known as Amazon Studios, along with a cloud computing subsidiary that is known as Amazon Web Services. Apart from this, the company produces consumer electronics that include Echo devices, Kindle for e-readers, Fire tablets as well as Fire TV. Amazon. is a colossal internet-based company that sells a variety of products, including music, books, toys, housewares, movies, electronics, toys, and much more, in some cases, either directly or as the middleman between other retailers and the company's customers in others.

Why should you choose Amazon?

Amazon should be the top choice to shop if you are looking for low prices and convenience, along with free shipping privileges. It is a one-stop shop for all your needs, be it apparel, beauty products, grocery, electronics, or virtually anything at all; they have got you covered. In a few clicks, you have all the options available for you to choose from. There is also enough and more reviews, rating, and details to help you make an informed decision. They deliver the products to your doorsteps in a matter of days and offer a free return on most items if you please. Most of their products are available at attractive discounts, often more than what you can find in the market. They also host seasonal and festive sales around the year to help you save more money. You can pay for your order in a host of different options like- cash on delivery, bank offers, amazon promo codes, online payment, online wallets, amazon pay upi and amazon gift card.

What are the various departments of products at

Electronics is one of India's top marketplace for electronics and related goods. From mobiles, computers, cameras to laptops, washing machines, television, and refrigerators, they have it all. Along with electronics, they also have related accessories available. They have electronic products for almost any budget or brand, so you can pick products that check all your boxes. Various bank offers are also available on electronics.

Men's Fashion

Men's clothing department includes all kinds of clothes such as T-shirts, Polos, shirts, jeans, and innerwear. This department also has all accessories related like watches, bags, luggage bags, sunglasses, jewelry, and wallets, and so much more. There are multiple brands, sizes, designs to choose from.

Women's Fashion

The women's clothing department includes western wear, ethnic wear from top brands, watches, handbags, clutches, gold and diamond jewelry, sunglasses, beauty products, etc. It also has different kinds of shoes and sandals available and sportswear and undergarments from the industry's top sellers.

Home, Kitchen, Pets

The home and kitchen department has all types of kitchen appliances, furniture and fine art, home furnishing products, bedroom linen, home decor, indoor lighting, ceiling, and craft supplies. It also has pet supplies for all types of pets, which can otherwise be hard to find.

Beauty, Health, Grocery

The beauty, health, and grocery department include all sorts of beauty products and grooming products, different kinds of makeup supplies, health, and personal care products, household supplies, products for maintaining a proper diet and nutrition, pantry products. It also includes many grocery products ranging from whole wheat to beverages to different kinds of packaged food.

Sports, Fitness, Bags, Luggage

The sports and fitness department has various products for different sports types, ranging from cricket, badminton, and football to cycling. It also has gear for camping, hiking, and yoga, along with fitness products like cardio equipment. The department also offers sports collectibles along with different kinds of backpacks, rucksacks, suitcases, trolley bags, travel duffels, etc.

Toys, Baby Products, Kids' Fashion

The department for toys and baby products has different sorts of baby products for bathing, skincare, and grooming. It also has other products such as various kinds of food supplies for kids and clothes, shoes, bags, watches, and other fashion-related products for kids.

How to save more with Amazon:

Shopping online is not worth it if you don't take utmost advantage of offers and discounts. If you are new to the world of online shopping or if you don't know how to avail offers, then please go through the following steps to get the best shopping experience:

Festive and seasonal Sale

Amazon gives terrific discounts and offers during festivals like Diwali, Christmas, Independence Day, and Republic Day and seasonal discounts during the year. The Amazon Great Indian Festival, Deal on Amazon, Exchange offers, Bank offers are available at different times during the year.

Using Promo code

When you are on the payment stage on Amazon, you will see different promo codes for different modes of payment that are eligible as per the shopping value. So, comparing offers on those and using promo codes that you are eligible for can result in further savings through this portal.

Using coupon websites

You can buy coupons from websites that give coupons for various shopping platforms. By searching for Amazon in the coupon section of you can get the best discount coupons and offers to maximum benefits further.

Using Different Bank Cards

Based on available discount offers for different bank cards - Debit card/ Credit card, further rebates can be availed easily using that particular card for payment.

Paying Online

Usually, completing your payments through online options gives you more offers than cash on delivery options.

How to save on Amazon?

Coupons available are as follows:-

  • Get Amazon Pay Gift Card worth Rs. 100 (No E-wallets)
  • Get Amazon Pay Gift Card worth Rs. 500 (No E-wallets)
  • Get Amazon Pay Gift Card worth Rs. 1000 (No E-wallets
  • Get Amazon Pay Gift Card worth Rs. 2000 (No E-wallets)
  • Get Amazon Pay Gift Card worth Rs. 5000 (No E-wallets)
  • Get Amazon Pay Gift Card worth Rs. 10000 (No E-wallets)


Multiple Vouchers are applicable on the same bill, These are non-refundable.



Expires in 365 days from the date of purchase.

How to Redeem

  • To add your Gift card to your Amazon Pay balance, visit the gift card.
  • Customer can apply the alpha-numeric code of 14 characters on gift card and add the Gift Card balance in his/her account.
  • Customers can add multiple Gift Cards to an account.

Terms & Conditions


  • ● Limited value vouchers can be purchased on this merchant every calendar month.
  • ● Gift cards cannot be transferred for value or re-sold or redeemed for cash.
  • ● Buying option using wallets cannot be used for Amazon as per RBI guidelines. RBI regulations allow use of only UPI, credit or debit cards for purchase of amazon vouchers.
  • ● Funds transfer from a 'minimum detail PPI' to bank accounts or to PPIs of same / other issuers shall not be permitted. Click here for detailed information.
  • ● This coupon code is powered by Qwikcilver Solutions Pvt. Ltd (Woohoo). For enquiries or complaints please email at or call on 080 6718 1401 (All days 9am to 11pm IST).

Amazon Listing Optimization

In simple words, listing optimization is about the process of enhancing the visibility search on product pages, which can be done through click-through rate (CTR) and conversion rate (CR) and finally generate more sales for the seller. This process includes selecting keyword discovery, optimizing the listed text and image content, and finally increasing the number of reviews.

Value for Customers

Amazon’s prime focus has always been to creates value for its customers by providing customer satisfaction as its best. This is done by managing retail operations with complete efficiency and the use of technology. Operational efficiency is the core strength of Amazon and at the same time, the company supports the management to maintain its competitive edge and enhance corporate performance as well. Amazon offers a huge range of products to select from through their website and end-to-end logistics management by ensuring timely delivery of products to exhibit a high level of commitment towards their business and customers at the same time. Amazon is always on the move and keeps modifying its strategies with its primary focus on enhancing the customer experience of online shopping platforms and delivering exceptional services with complete convenience to their customers. One of the major strategic decisions was to compromise on cost-saving when Amazon initiated to have its warehouses in different parts of the countries to ensure timely and quick delivery of their customer's orders. This was the key to Amazon’s success and customer satisfaction at the same time. Amazon is perceived as a No. 1 brand and beats well-established brands like Apple and Google to become the world’s most valuable brand. Amazon had been successful in breaking the longstanding supremacy of Apple and Google to become the world’s most valuable and preferred brand worth $315.5 billion. Amazon is the first new and e-commerce brand to claim the number one position in 12 years, which is the shortest span so far. Amazon’s international value in the current year is 409%, which is much higher than Microsoft’s in 2006. MS was the first brand to hold the top spot when the global ranking was launched. Amazon’s rise in brand value has been consistent over the past few years as it has evolved big time from an online, price-led platform to an ‘ecosystem and versatile brand. It has successfully created a sense of right values and positive brand associations from one line of business - ease of use, speed, reliability – to other areas as well.

Amazon’s Strength

Relentless commitment to the customer experience is the key. Everything that Amazon does is a very strategic move, and the financials are guided by its aim to be perceived as the most customer-centric company in the world. Every approach on the way is designed to serve customers as best as humanly possible. Amazon has succeeded in this mission big time. Over the last 25 years, the company has added multiple innovations and updates to the industry that have forever changed the scope of the e-commerce platform. From a consumer perspective, Amazon became is the place to shop for anything and everything and this happened over a period of time with certain innovations on the way. Amazon has a culture of pre-testing ideas rigorously to avoid all errors and then doubling down things that are effective and efficient. After all efforts in the right direction, it's the company that’s not afraid to fail and ensures to put money to develop a product or service, even if the product indicates some risk of failing. Amazon is a data-centric platform and not only uses that data to improve and enhance its functioning and product offering but also sale out the data to advertisers further through the Amazon DSP program. Prime membership is nothing but a loyalty program. Consumers know and love Amazon very well, and there is a high level of loyalty to the company among Prime members of the brand. A recent dipstick done by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) indicates that over 100 million people in the US possess an Amazon Prime account. CIRP estimates that 58% of Prime Members pay the full $119 yearly fee, 36% pay monthly, and the remaining 6% are on a free trial. These are a very healthy business number. CIRP also estimates that Prime members are heavy usage customers and spend double the amount of non-prime members on Amazon. Amazon as a brand has a global recognition with powerful influence on any new market it enters. Amazon has displayed itself as one of the biggest threats to its competitors and has leveraged its brand recognition globally. As per the latest data, Amazon has 31% of the market share in Germany and 47% market share in the UK. Logistics has been a big game-changer. Amazon’s logistics system is far improved compared to other global retailers, and this is one of the key approaches Amazon is able to deliver on its objective of being the world’s most customer-centric company. Amazon invests deeply in expanding its logistical system. From distribution centres near large cities to an advanced robotics system for improved efficiency, Amazon has always yielded results.

Amazon’s Markup strategy

Amazon itself does not have a markup strategy of its own. It’s completely up to sellers to determine how much markup they want to add to their online products and set healthy margins for themselves. For low-margin products, it is important to consider raising the price or strategically combining the product with a high-margin product. There is a possibility to reduce production costs also. For high-margin products, it may be healthy to increase the marketing spend further, engage in cross-and up-sells, and giving more time to the product.

Amazon’s positioning strategy

Amazon’s brand is built on engaging and providing customer satisfaction at its best. It aims to be known as the most customer-friendly company on the entire planet. This means Amazon wants to create a perception as the most convenient company to shop from with the lowest and most reasonable pricing and with the best customer service out there. Amazon has largely achieved this goal, and it’s developed a strong brand recall in its domain as a result. A survey done in 2019 of 2,000 US shoppers indicated that 89% were more likely to buy products from Amazon than any other e-commerce site. The same survey found that Amazon was very important through the customer journey, especially when it came to reviews.

Amazon repricing strategies

Amazon has successfully positioned its repricing strategy that helps you achieve your company goals. Here are 5 ways to build a successful repricing strategy:

  • Define your commercial objective
  • Build a pricing strategy (such as a charm pricing strategy)
  • Choose your pricing method
  • Establish pricing rules
  • Implement, test, and evaluate the strategy

Amazon sales strategies

Amazon has been successful because it comes down to working very hard and thinking about the customer all the time. The company consistently rewards Sellers who put the customer on priority and offer a consistently great experience. But what does that look like in real life? So, if the seller wants to sell on Amazon, he should have one goal of getting the listing into the so-called “Buy Box.” On the right side of any product listing, there is a Buy Box. It has two major sections of calls-to-action: Option 1 - Add to Cart and Option 2 - Buy Now. If several other third parties are selling the same product, the Seller who “wins” the Buy Box is the Seller whose product gets added to customers’ carts when he clicks on either of these CTAs. It has been estimated that 82% of Amazon sales go to the winner of the Buy Box. Purchases showing on Amazon’s mobile platforms indicate a higher number, whether that’s the app or web browser. Winning the Buy Box is a complicated journey altogether, and it requires work across all aspects of the Amazon business. The way Amazon considers customer satisfaction in its every move, so do its sellers. To win the Buy Box, delivering an excellent experience should be the top priority of the seller. Amazon takes a complete view of Sellers when considering which seller to feature in the Buy Box section.


How to get the best experience at is a very user-friendly website. Their mobile application is available for both Android and iOs platform and makes shopping relatively easy. The search engine provides a personalised experience. For the best experience, sign up via email or mobile number. You can then save items in your cart to view later. When you log in, the recommended products are shown according to your search history and the best deals are also suggested. Not just this, you can add filters while searching the products such as colour, price range, brand etc., to help you have a shopping experience curated just for you.You can also save the payment methods and delivery address for placing orders, which saves you the hassle of inputting your details again and again. You can also view your past orders here and can subscribe to products you want to receive at a regular interval of time.

How to cancel the order on

In case you want to cancel items that aren't dispatched yet, go to "Your Orders" and select the product you wish to cancel. Click on "Cancel items" after that; this will immediately cancel your order will instantly initiate a refund will be initiated to your original payment method, in case the order was prepaid.In case your order has been dispatched already- click on the "Request cancellation" option, and your product would be cancelled for delivery. However, if the delivery guy still reaches you, you can refuse delivery.In case, your order has been shipped by the seller directly and not by Amazon, you have to contact the seller to request cancellation. In case your order has been delivered already, consider returning the same.

How to return the order on

Every product has a different return policy, and we suggest you refer to individual approaches to see whether the return is applicable on your purchase. Furthermore, return policies also differ in terms of time frame, etc.

What does Amazon do for its sellers?

The sellers enrolled with Amazon must allow Amazon to manage their shipping, including returns and refunds, as well as product warehousing in the company’s warehouses, and then picking and packing of products for further delivery to customers. Sellers send their products to Amazon, and they warehouse everything and then process all the orders as and when they come in.

How do seller offers appear on Amazon?

The seller offer will be showcased on Amazon in the Seller Central inventory within 15 minutes of upload. In case of maximum traffic on the Amazon backend system, it can take up to a maximum of 24 hours for offer information and 48 hours for product information. This is the maximum range for the time band.

How many sellers and buyers does Amazon have?

As per the latest statistics, Amazon had over 2.5 million active sellers who were actively selling their products through the online platform. There are approximately 25,000 Amazon sellers making approximately $1 million worth of sales annually and 200,000 Amazon sellers making over $100,000 worth of sales. Which is a very big achievement for Amazon.

How does Amazon choose which seller?

The seller must select buying policies and approval in the Buying Policies section. Then Select the group whose settings you want to edit further. The third step is to Select Add policy and then choose the group Seller Policies. Finally, Select the Preferred sellers to make him active on the Amazon platform.

Contact Amazon on the below details:

Customer Service: 1800 3000 9009 Website:

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