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With a vision be the foremost Retail Brand which makes India healthy and happy. They are working obsessively and passionately to provide wholesome and freshest foods to their customers. They offer a convenient, competitive and meaningful solutions to the evolving regular needs of the Indian consumer in a sustainable and responsible manner.

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Krishnateja Muppalla at More Store Supermarket, ,

Krishnateja Muppalla

Groceries shopping time at More Megastore. This time the purpose shopping is to buy Ghee. They have Ghee from so many brands and all brands are available at less than MRP. I bought Ghee from Heritage brand.I am really happy with my purchase today.
Ankur Kala Anku at More Store Supermarket, ,

Ankur Kala Anku

This supermarket had really amazing.fresh fruits that came from other areas. They had local fruits as well. All their fruits and vegetables were very fresh that I got to pick them quite easily.