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Jan 30 2019, 1:38 PM
#localartlive This image is a reality of a railway station which was previously known as India's dirtiest railway station and now it's converted to wonderland by the local artists.🤹🤹This is one of the oldest rail stations in India near Patna is now attracting tourists after hundreds of local Mithila artists adorned the walls of station with world famous Madhubani paintings.🌉🌆 The excruciating work was undertaken as a Swachh Bharat mission and has been done free of cost as 'Shramdaan' in an attempt to promote the traditional art form💕💕 The traditional Mithila artwork that originated in Nepal, uses the art to depict scenes from mythological texts and folklore💞💞To complete the entire project artists took more than 20 days. From walls at the stations to sign boards at the platforms, this is no less than a wonderland.😍😍 So we also need to showcase such enthusiastic for making our India beautiful and like a golden bird🐤🐤🐥 #cleanindia #localwonder #localartists #loveforartb
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Rohit Sharma , I am so poor, i can't even pay attention 😜😝
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Jan 13 2019, 10:56 AM
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Sudhir jain , Coffee lover.....n GOLD MAGICIAN.... write me at me @ 9891126124
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Feb 14 2019, 11:35 AM
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Fitfoodiie , Fitfoodiie 😉ll Cook 🍴 ll Traveller 👣 ll Fitness Freak 💪ll Scientist by Profession 👀I love good food 🍝🍔🍟🍣🍤🍗🍕🍰Instagram: @Fitfoodiie Facebook: @Fitfoodiie Professional Partner : Rohit Bisht - Fitness Coach
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Jan 22 2019, 6:01 AM
#homemade #winterspecial #sweets Healthy winter delicacy made by Fitfoodiie Follow me on Instagram Fitfoodiie #happywallets #winterlove #laddu #yummytummy #instafood #instadaily #foodie #foodblogger
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Sudhir jain , Coffee lover.....n GOLD MAGICIAN.... write me at me @ 9891126124
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Feb 14 2019, 11:34 AM
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jhanvi aggarwal , Magician🎩|| New Account👸 || 19💃 || Foodlover🥂🍫🍦🍕
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Jan 16 2019, 3:59 PM
#10yearchallange Puberty hit me really hard. I have changed a lot in these past years of my life, not just physically but mentally as well. I have grown in a positive way, i have been through many phases of my life right from very ugly to very beautiful. In these years of my life, i have grown from a 10 year old girl to a 20 year old lady who knows her worth. I have enjoyed this journey a lot where i met hundreds of new people and learnt a lot about life and human nature. I still remember when i was a kid, i always used to wonder when will i grow into an adult and experience a whole new world and here i am ready as adult to live my life to the fullest and feel everything in depth and live a life full of colours. I want to hug every sad person and leave them with a smile because in these years of my life i have learnt that life is too short to be sad and worried upon little things😊💛 #loveyouzindgi #adulthood #chilhood #younglady #magician #Featureme
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Sudhir jain , Coffee lover.....n GOLD MAGICIAN.... write me at me @ 9891126124
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Feb 21 2019, 8:39 AM
#questwinner #bestmoments #celebritystatus
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Feb 13 2019, 7:43 PM
Surjkund crafts mela.
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Aman Singh , when ur mind is filled with's good !?#thebigdaddy
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Jan 26 2019, 12:48 PM
#KarSalaam #ProudlyIndian They gave their tomorrow for your today! Our Indian army don’t live for themselves, they live for their country. They are awake every night so that their countrymen can sleep. They don’t think of their own safety and give their life for us."Indian Army” — When we utter these two words, our heads get down with respect and gratitude to their sacrifice and nobility. From the icy terrain of Himalaya to the scorching heat of desert, they guard us as their family all day and night without complaining. No one deserves the title of a 'hero' more than a soldier. The brave men and women at the Indian army stay away from their families, miss every significant thing in their lives and sacrifice their lives just so that you can be with your loved ones and sleep peacefully at night. If there is a heaven, these are the men and women who deserve the highest pedestal!They deserve all our gratitude and respect. Being a part of indian army or patriotism is not a job, it’s a way of life. Their life starts when they sign up, and ends when they’ve taken their last breath. They strap on armor, clean their weapons, live in tents, mount up in armored vehicles to make sure that their countrymen are safe and sound, without giving a second thought about their own safety. And for that, they deserve immense respect and should be heaped with pride and gratitude!! #tributetojawaans #proudofindianarmy #jaihind #happyrepublicday #magicianslife
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Bipu Singh , just a fun loving Guy and a foodie.
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Feb 16 2019, 11:55 AM
Finally got my magicpin goodies #magicpin #silvermagician #gifts
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