Connaught Place (CP)

Smartivity Stem Learning Educational And Construction Activity Toy For Kids Age 6Y

All the dunking without the dribble. Link Dunk Parabolic Basketball is Smartivity's coolest summer launch. This STEM, Educational, Construction, DIY Kit incorporate scientific concepts like gear-speed ratios, link mechanisms and propulsion to recreate the magic of a thrilling basketball game. Once assembled, Link Dunk Parabolic Basketball consists of two components: The Basketball Court and The Launcher. The Basketball Court includes a battery-operated moving basket. This basket is connected to the gear mechanism with an adjustable link. You can change the circumference of the circle covered by the basket's movement by changing the position of the link. You can also change the speed at which the basket moves by changing the gear wheel. The Launcher is placed at a distance, and can shoot five balls consecutively. You have to anticipate the movement of the basket on the Basketball Court and launch the balls so as to score a basket. This project introduces children to the workings of gear mechanisms as well as the effect of varying links on the transfer of motion.

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