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Indian Terrain stores in New Delhi

Anupam Yadav 25 Sep 2023

Indian Terrain is a great place to shop for statement-making pieces. The Evoke Checked Cotton Shirt was a great purchase; its colors were bold and vibrant, and the fit was perfect. The fabric was soft, making it a comfortable wear even during summer. A great addition to anyone’s closet!

Ankur Choudhary 20 Sep 2023

I recently visited Indian Terrain and was impressed by their expansive selection of kids' fashion. I especially liked the Evoke Checked Cotton Shirt; it was of good quality and great value. The attentive staff provided good customer service to help me find the perfect piece for my child. Highly recommend!

Ojas Agarwal 24 Sep 2023

I've been to Indian Terrain and I can highly recommend it. The ambience was lovely and the service was great. The food was really delicious - my favorite was the Evoke Checked Cotton Shirt. The flavors were outstanding and I enjoyed every bite. The prices were reasonable and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to my friends.

Sunny 21 Sep 2023

I recently visited Indian Terrain and purchased a great Evoke checked cotton shirt for my son. It fits very well on him and the quality is excellent. The shirt looks stylish and vibrant. The color is lovely and the material is soft and comfortable. Highly recommend Indian Terrain for fashionable and stylish kids clothing.

Sanjoy Ghosh 21 Sep 2023

Indian Terrain offered a great deal on a classic, Evoke Checked Cotton Shirt. The quality was excellent and the price was below the market value. The vibrant colors and the lightweight fabric made this shirt the perfect fit for casual occasions. The cut and stitching were also up to standard. It was a great buy for the price!

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