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Van Heusen stores in New Delhi

AASHI SHARMA 21 Sep 2023

I had an excellent dining experience at Van Heusen. The ambience was inviting and the staff was friendly. The white shirt was particularly good - it had a perfect fit and the fabric was very comfortable. Overall it was a great experience and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a delightful meal with a pleasant service.

Ravi pratap 21 Sep 2023

Van Heusen offers a great selection of quality white shirts at reasonable prices. I recently purchased a white shirt from their store and was pleased with the quality. The fabric was of great quality and the fit was perfect for my size. The shop staff were also very helpful in helping me find the right fit. I would highly recommend Van Heusen for those looking for a great white shirt at a good price.

Er Naveen Dhaka 21 Sep 2023

I visited Van Heusen to check out their selection of formal and office wear. The quality of their white shirts was very good. The materials are a perfect combination of comfort and elegance. The stitching was excellent and the fits were accurate. I definitely recommend visiting Van Heusen if you are looking for quality office and formal wear.

Madhu Sudan Sharma 21 Sep 2023

I recently visited Van Heusen for a white shirt and I must say the experience was great. The design was impeccable and quality felt really good. It perfectly matches my preferences for designer wear and high-end fashion. It was a great shopping experience. I definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for excellent service, designer wear and quality.

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