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Ratika Jain at Budget Bazaar, Janakpuri, New Delhi

Ratika Jain shop for all household needs...a departmental store where we can shop for groceries.. pulses...bath snacks and many more..these are all available at first floor....Also, hoseir items and clothing and baby care items available at basement of budget various offers and discounts..if u are at janakpuri and need these types of items, them don't forget to go to Budget bazar...with #offers_discounts...
Manish Jain at Budget Bazaar, Janakpuri, New Delhi

Manish Jain


This outlet contains almost everything a person requires in his/her daily life routine. Initially for shopping I only visited Big Bazaar, More Outlets...but Budget Bazar has easily outshined the big brands such as Budget Bazar...More.

They have discount on almost all get membership reward points on every penny purchase.

Must Recommended by Magician Manish...

#happywallets #paisavasool #apennysavedisapennyearned
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