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About Chai

In India, most people drink chai tea throughout the day to keep them energized. It is also a tradition for many Indians to have chai with their morning breakfast or afternoon snack. The popularity of this beverage can be attributed to its numerous health benefits, including improved cardiovascular health and natural diuretic properties.

Chai tea contains caffeine and other stimulants that help you feel awake and alert – perfect for those persistent midday munchies! Additionally, this warm drink is rich in antioxidants, which provide scavenging capabilities against harmful free radicals in the body. Finally (and perhaps most importantly), it has been traditionally used as an anti-inflammatory agent by Indian healers. So if you're looking for a healthy beverage option that will keep you energetic all day long, then try out some chai tea!


Popular types of Chai

"Red Chai" is a spiced tea that is typically made with caramel and cardamom. It has a deep, spicy flavor that can give you energy in the morning or at night.

"Masala Chai" is a variation of red chai that features more spices like cumin, ginger, and cloves. Masala chai tends to be warmer and have a complex flavour profile compared to red chai.

"English Breakfast Tea" is often considered to be classic British tea because it's made with high-quality Assam teas and usually contains milk or cream for additional sweetness. English breakfast tea tastes slightly sweet but also has peppermint tones due to the addition of spearmint leaves. 

Finally, "Latte ChAI" combines espresso beans with steamed milk mixture which gives it an extra rich flavor profile similar to those found in lattes from Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts.


Benefits of consuming Chai

Chai is a popular Indian tea that has many purported health benefits. These include reducing stress, improving cognitive function, and aiding in weight loss.

Chai contains caffeine, which is beneficial for stimulating the brain and helping to improve focus. Additionally, chai contains ginger root extract and other spices that help to reduce inflammation and pain. Chai also has ellagic acid, which has antioxidant properties that can protect the body from disease.

Drinking chai regularly can help boost your moods as well as aid in bettering your physical health overall!


Side-effects of consuming Chai

Chai is a popular Tea-based drink that often contains spices and flavors that can cause side effects in some people. Some of the most common side effects of chai include sinus congestion, headache, nausea, and vomiting. If you experience any of these symptoms after drinking tea or chai, it's important to speak to your doctor immediately.

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