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#10YearChallenge - Transformation Of Gurgaon from a Village to a "Millennium" city

By Sonam Satija

Updated - Feb. 5, 2019 6 min read

Gurgaon is all set to take the #10YearsChallenge and we're supporting it!

We all need to agree on how Gurugram aka Gurgaon has transformed drastically over the past 10 year. From being an extensive kingdom ruled by Rajputs Of Yaduvansi to becoming the "Start-Up" capital - we proudly acknowledge each change that made Gurgaon, a place which is growing every day through every aspect. Let's admire the tremendous growth at which Gurugram has surprised us every day with swanky malls, luxury apartments, high-end hotels, rapid metro, and the list goes on. Even the geographical boundaries of the city have faced a number of changes in the past and talking about the population - it's increasing day by day. The current population would be of about 1.7 million people and with that number, Gurgaon has to take a wise step with every transformation.


1. Rechristened As Gurugram

Gurgaon - the largest city of Haryana has a new name now as historically this place has been a center of education for royalties thus it has been renamed as "Gurugram" to restore the authenticity of this city. The land was believed to be owned by Pandavas and Kauravas, who gifted this precious land it to Guru Dronacharaya as a token of appreciation for the training he gave them. The government took a step to acknowledge the same and respect the history hence renamed it "Gurugram'.



2. Arise Of Luxury Apartments

Let's put our hands together to appreciate the emergence of luxury apartments in Gurgaon. From DLF Magnolias to The Hibiscus, Sobha City to The Aralias - Gurgaon has definitely shown a tremendous growth by coming up with these highly furnished, well-developed luxury apartments in almost every locality. You'll fall in love with their private colonies as they've manicured lawns, private security guards, picket fences, well-kept parks so much more.



3. Redefining The Shopping Experience

Not just a couple of malls but over 10 malls are set up in Gurgaon. Let's break it down to the top five malls in Gurgaon- Sahara Mall, Ambience Mall, Central Mall, DT Mega Mall & MGF Metropolitan. Gurgaon as the centripetal force that holds real as the cultural hub for the youth central place – it has numerous working spaces so a number of youth visits on a daily basis. If you love shopping, there is a considerable choice of stores in Gurgaon. From the stand-alone stores to the malls, the variety of apparel and products seems endless. Irrespective of what your budget, you will discover a vendor which caters to your desires. Bringing to you a curated guide of the 10 best malls in Gurgaon. Shop, Window Shop, Eat Play, and Watch Movies with your loved ones - A day well spent in any of these good constructed and well-equipped Malls in Gurgaon. Shop Till You Drop!



4. Rapid Urbanisation

Rising from an agricultural wasteland - this city has surprised us with rapid urbanization. It's mostly built by private companies as they think Gurgaon is capable of suiting their industrial needs. You'll witness the offices of big multinational firms here like Google, Nokia, Intel, HSBC and more. Not just these but an endless number of start-ups have also based themselves in Gurugram. We've got to acknowledge how the city has grown in almost every aspect be it transport, infrastructure or as a tech hub.



5. Not Leaving Entertainment Behind

If you think Gurgaon is only a place for the every-day office-going people then we're sorry to break your bubble. As it is a home to India's Largest Lazer Tag Arena called OMG - Oh My Game, apart from that you can go for Ice Skating at Iskate in Ambience Mall. They've also got bowling at Amoeba in Ambience Mall. If this doesn't fascinate you then visit the Skyjumper Indoor Trampoline Park in Sohna road where you explore wall to wall trampolines and so much more.



6. Private Run Fire Service

Yes, you read it right! Gurgaon has their Privately run fir service managed by real estate company DLF for residents of its properties - Sounds amazing right? The reason behind this is many buildings are over 90m Fall and Government's fire brigade wouldn't have hydraulic platforms to reach such a height so Gurugram has made sure they're ready to acknowledge safety measures at it's best. DLF's head of fire safety also says " we were the first in the country to get them".



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7. Partying Has A New Name

Gurgaon is the “city that never sleeps” competing Mumbai and Pune. As one of the fastest growing city in India, this place boasts of a range of lively nightlife options and several great bars as well as nightclubs. The setting sun triggers the party animals to hit the bars or nightclubs to personify the thrill and adventure. We’ve put together a complete synopsis of the kickass bars, lounges, and clubs in Gurgaon where you can drink, dine, dance, and die down the hardcore party animal in you. Some of the best clubs in Gurgaon are Vapour Bar Exchange, Warehouse Cafe, Manhattan Brewery, Ministry Of Beer, Molecule Air Bar, Prankster and so many more. We would be doing injustice to Gurugram if you don't mention about food culture in Gurgaon from Sector 29's Leisure Valley Parking Lot to Cyber Hub's High-End Restaurants. They've got it all covered for you from food trucks to restaurants serving almost every single cuisine. Indulge in a scrumptious food experience at restaurants like Fab Cafe, Big Fat Sandwich, Tossin's Pizza, Dhaba Estd, Burma Burma, Social, Soi 7, Agent Jack's Bidding Bar and so many more.



8. Home To High-End Hotels

Gurgaon definitely has one of the best hotels in the city - From Taj City Centre to Park Inn, Le Meridian to Westin, Radisson to Ramada - and the list goes on. If you're planning to stay in Gurgaon then these hotels will definitely give you one of the most luxurious treatments which include fancy rooms with a view, scrumptious buffets, on-point room service and the best hospitality experience.



9. Rapid Metro To Your Rescue

The launch of Rapid metro plays a huge role in the transformation of Gurgaon to a well-developed city as it boosts the connectivity with Cyber City - almost about 1 Lakh people work/visit Cyberhub each day. The aim is to build a metro network to provide easy access to inter-city commuters.



10. Advanced Transport Tech

In order to make Gurugram's Mobility more stable, private players have stepped up and helped the government. Yes, we are talking about Ola & Uber as well - as they have brought a huge shift in the transport system. They place a significant role in rapid urbanization of Gurugram. Rapid metro is already doing a great job!


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