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5 Bakeries in Gurgaon That'll Sweeten Up Your Life

By Neha Mubeen

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 3 min read


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Firstly, let’s stop kidding ourselves. Those ‘No Carb’ diets that we all strive to strictly follow usually culminate with us drowning in a pool of ice creams and chocolates, usually in a matter of 2-3 days.

So now that we’ve decided to be honest with ourselves, let’s fall in love with some of the best bakeries in town!


Sibang Bakery

Sibaag Bakery

Touted to be one of the best Japanese bakeries in town – hands down – Sibang Bakery never ceases to impress the crowds with their constantly changing collection of delicacies and well thought out baked goods. Constantly visited by Korean and Japanese expats, Sibang Bakery offers everything – from smoothies and sandwiches to homemade bread and ice desserts. If you’re anywhere near Golf Course Road, you do not want to miss out on these goods because they truly are out of this world!


Highlights: Wi-Fi, wallet accepted
Must-haves: Vanilla Latte, Almond Tart,Waffles, Ham Sandwich, Apple Pie,
Cost For Two: Rs 500
Cuisine: Bakery, Desserts, Beverages
Address: 108, 1st Floor, DLF South Point Mall, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon


Heyy Sugar

Heyy Suagr

One of the more quaint looking bakeries in town, Heyy Sugar has some truly eye catching exteriors that lure in the crowds at all times of the day. Their customized cakes are a treat for the eyes, while their cookies and chocolates are a perfect balance of sweet & salty, making you want to eat twenty at a time. They ensure that their menu keeps up with the latest trends in the world of desserts, so they always have something new to offer.


Highlights: Home delivery
Must-haves: Chocolate Truffle, Caramel Chocolate,Coffee
Cost For Two: Rs 350
Cuisine: Bakery, Desserts
Address: G-9, Baani Square, Sector 50, Gurgaon


Tasty Tweets

Tasty Tweets

Another place that is a one stop shop for all your birthday cake needs, Tasty Tweets takes innovation and spot on designs to a whole new level. Featuring cakes inspired by Disney princesses to minions, Tasty Tweets has an amazing team that nails each and every cake design on the head, resulting in brilliant cakes that pack a punch.


Highlights: Home delivery
Must-haves: Chocolate Truffle, Chocolate Caramel,Chocolate Cake
Cost For Two: Rs 400
Cuisine: Bakery
Address: 118, HUDA Market, Sector 31, Gurgaon


The Bombaykery

The Bombaykery

One of THE highest rated bakeries in Delhi, The Bombaykery is a treat to anyone and everyone who steps foot into this sweet, sweet place. From their crisp biscotti to decadent brownies, the Bombaykery appeals to everyone’s taste buds, regardless of whether you have a sweet tooth or not. Be sure to visit this place – your life will never be the same again.


Highlights: Home delivery, pre-ordering required, gluten free options
Must-haves: Cheesecake, Chocolate Brownie,Raspberry Macaron
Cost For Two: Rs 300
Cuisine: Bakery, Desserts
Address: 1st Floor, Shiva Market, Near Vakil Market, Chakkarpur, DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon


Love Is Cakes


Situated in DLF Phase 1, Love Is Cakes is known for its innovative presentations and decadent tastes. The one stop shop for every kid’s birthday cake, Love Is Cakes truly comes up with some great designs for children, and even delivers the good stuff to your doorstep!


Highlights: Home delivery, home baker
Must-haves: Cupcake, Chocolate Nutella, Coffee Fudge, Chocolate Cake
Cost For Two: Rs 600
Cuisine: Bakery
Address: DLF Phase 1, Gurgaon





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