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7 Types Of Bag Every Man Should Own

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - Oct. 16, 2020 5 min read

Maybe the world wasn't ready for Joey and his "man bag" 20 years back but the times have changed. A man's fashion choices; be it as basic as handbags have become equally important to a woman's. To tell you the truth of it, no look is complete without a good handbag. And guys not only it's a practical decision to invest in a good one but also a smart move since you can fit your entire world in it and admittedly look more sophisticated. 


To get you started, here's a list of 7 most important kinds of bags you need to keep at your disposal at all times. 


1. Satchel Bag

A foldable flap at the top and a single strap; worn across the body. That's how you'd identify a satchel bag from the plethora of bags you stumble upon. Much better than a knapsack and a bit more casual than a messenger bag. I think satchels could be your go-to choice when the dress code for the evening is kept to casual or when you're a student who is always on the run. 

Satchel Bag

Image Courtesy: Mat & May


2. Messenger Bag

Commonly known as courier bags (because of how they look), messenger bags took it's time to climb the fashion ladder but finally made it to the list of best bags for men in 2020. Why? Well, not only they are highly functional but also very stylish and urban. You can fit your phone, wallet, paperwork and otherworldly items in it and still look absolutely tasteful. Usually worn over one shoulder, messenger bags can be an important accessory when going for something laid back and casual. If you ask me, these bags would make an inevitable fashion statement with a printed/plain button-down shirt, chinos and boots. Although strictly avoid wearing jackets or blazers when strolling around with messenger bags. 

Messenger bag

Image Courtesy: Men's Health


3. Briefcase

Gone are the days of big bulky square boxes we would call briefcase. The new age is all about softer, leather-made... more appealing and stylish briefcases which are not only easy to carry but far more sophisticated. They are sturdier than other bags and quite smart to look at. Briefcases have made it through all the corners of the professional world and I am glad to be alive during the times we still carry briefcases around. Don't worry, these ones have no sharp corners but fortunately the classic shape of a good ol' briefcase. Pair it up with a formal outfit and you're good to take on the universe. Carry on...


Image Courtesy: Pinterest



4. Duffle Bag

Weekend getaways? Just throw your underthings in the duffle bag. Sports meet at the gym? Gather all the essential in your duffle bag and get moving. Business trip? Get your things together and neatly arrange them in the leather duffle bag you bought last year. Be it sports, gym, travelling or luggage, duffle bags are a blessing to the men-kind. You know what I mean right... firstly, it suits your every carnal need. Secondly... it's quite useful and practical. And finally, a smart investment. They are sleek, stylish and available in different material and sizes, which means, you never have to depend on anything ugly to carry your stuff. 

Duffle bag

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5. Backpacks

As forward as this may sound but every human, especially men... needs a good backpack to carry the world on his two sturdy but gentle shoulders. You wouldn't believe if I say that backpacks have travelled through time along with you. They too have grown into versatile young choices. Be it casual college-going bags or a sophisticated business commuters packs, depending upon the material and purpose... these bags has evolved into an unimaginable variety of shapes, sizes, design and range. Not just that, backpacks have become more durable, weather-resistant and friendly to all your outfits if chosen wisely. 


Image Courtesy: Pinterest


6. Fanny Pack

Fanny packs are back from the past and believe you me... they're much more impressive, plush and stylish. If you still don't know, a fanny pack is a small pouch secured with a zipper and usually worn across the body or the hip. Although the most you can fit-in is your wallet and phone... honestly, what else do you need to carry around anyway? Right? However while ladies have accepted the trend, men are still dawdling behind with bulky sling bags and I think this has got to stop. With all-things quirky drawn on them and easy accessibility, make a fanny pack your next asset and you'll be golden. 

Fanny pack

Image Courtesy: iwalletsmen


7. Laptop Bag

It all started with protecting one of the most expensive gadgets you own (i.e., your laptop of course) but now it has become more than that. Laptop bags are considered to be one of the most trendsetting bags a man should own and not just because of its utility... but due to the class and style, it has to offer. Leave your home with a sleek laptop bag dressed up as formally as you can and watch the ladies turn their heads at least twice. Moreover, these bags come in various sizes, style, colours and patterns, thus a wide array of options to choose from. I'd suggest buying a durable, subtle leather piece which you can carry daily to your office or make a good first impression with... on an important business trip. 

Laptop bag

Image Courtesy: Pinterest


Nothing completes an ensemble like good quality, a well-structured handbag that goes with your outfit. We've already listed down the most basic and important ones for you to begin with. You're welcome.


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