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India's First Heli Taxi Service Is Here - Guess Where?

By Swati Mishra

Updated - Aug. 18, 2018 4 min read

Introducing India's First Heli Taxi Service In Bangalore


No more waiting at the airport for taxi's to reach the city, Bangalore's Heli Taxi service has just made things way easier than ever before. It might burn a hole in your pocket but we promise it will be worth it. It's unbelievable how one can reach the airport from Electronic City in just 12 minutes as this service is definitely defying traffic for sure. It's amazing how it covers a distance of 2 hours in just 12 minutes which makes it everybody's favorite again. The first ride took place on 5th March - From Bangalore International Airport to Electronic City. It's outstanding how technology has upgraded everybody's lifestyle by cutting out the time we wasted in traffic. Heli Taxii's are just the right kind of technology we wanted to provide our citizens with the best to end the everyday traffic scenarios they deal with. It's one of the most significant solutions to all the traffic congestion problems. different modes of mobility to deal with the problems of traffic congestion.




The helipads at Bangalore International Airport is located on Secondary access Road near the Blue Dart Warehouse. For people taking the ride from Electronic City Phase 1, helipads are located on ITI LAND behind the C-DOT Building. Another good news is the government has decided to get at least 90 Helipads across Bangalore to meet people's demand and make traveling much easier than ever before. The government also has 90 Helipads in multi-storeyed structures which can be made operational soon enough to meet the needs of people and also healthcare emergencies. Talking about medical emergencies - they have started working more on it and has made it an integral part. One can also avail world-class emergency services during medical or disaster situations using Thumby Aviation's Heli Taxi Service.

Getaways also got easier as one can also book a charter ride - It's high time you take an off and fly in style and comfort - Execute a trip with your friends and family without wasting any time in struggling through traffic. 


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Travel Time: 15 Minutes

Routes: Bangalore International Airport To Electronic City

Number Of Shifts: It has two shifts for now - one from 6:30 am to 9:45 am and the other one from 3:15 pm to 6:00 pm. There will be an average of around three round -trips between Bangalore's Internation Airport and Electronic City.

Charges: Rs.3500 + Taxes for a one way trip, which comes down to Rs.4,310 per seat. The charges include pick up from the terminal to the helipad and also allows carrying the baggage of 15kgs. There are additional charges for extra baggage, the exact criteria include 10kgs for check-in, 5kg carry on baggage with a dimension between 40cm * 25cm * 20cm. 

Number Of People: Up to 6 people

How To Book: One can book their ride through an app called "Heli Taxii" or they can directly contact the "Heli Taxi" desk once they reach the airport or Lastly, call the customer care to book a ride directly through the phone. Remember to book the Heli Taxi at least 4 hours before when traveling to Electronic City whereas, for departures from Electronic City, one can even book a ride an hour before.

Customer Care Number -  +91-09400399999

With Bengaluru likewise starting its undertaking with heli taxis, it appears that.for the occasion, urban areas are inclining towards air-based versatility to take care of their movement issues till the Hyperloop venture proliferated by Elon Musk to tackle mass transportation issues really turns into a reality.


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Q: Can we charter the Helicopter for the whole day?

A: Yes, Heli Taxii does offer the idea of booking a charter flight with six seats if you're flying between 10:00am and 3:00pm.


Q: What are the future prospective destinations?

A: The director Thumby Aviation plans on extending the future trips to The Hal Airport and Whitefield as well.  



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