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20 Reasons Why Nobody Should Ever Wonder Of Exploring South India

By Sanjay Gouda

Updated - Nov. 29, 2018 bookmark icon 2 min read

1. If anyone’s ever told you that South India is a beautiful place to vacation, they lied. It’s horrible.


2. There’s absolutely nothing particularly breathtaking to see in South India.


3. Who would ever want to see something like this?


4. I’m pretty sure landscapes aren’t supposed to look so dull.


5. It’s all just featureless mountains in South India.


6. Would you want to relax on these polluted beaches?


7. Isn't the color of this water awfully suspicious?


8. There are definitely better views in this world than this. Totally boring. Totally flat.


9. While visiting South India, if you think you’ll suddenly find yourself in places that will shatter your soul with their beauty, you're WRONG.


10. Not so interesting architecture.


11. And don’t even get me started on the waterfalls. Not so embellish! 


12. There’s no culture. Absolutely none.


13. There’s no majestic wildlife to speak of either.


14. Only cows, everywhere.


15. South India is just a boring old pile of rocks.


16. The locals won’t even look at you, forget giving you a smile.


17. So in conclusion, never visit South India.


18. There’s nothing for you there.


19. Nope, nothing whatsoever.


20. South India? No Thanks.


If this doesn't convince you to not go to South India, nothing ever will. But if you got the point of this article, you're probably packing your bags now.