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Christmas Cake Search On? Rest Your Worries At The Best Bakeries In Pune!

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Nov. 30, 2019 7 min read

With the festival of Christmas inches away, now is the opportune time to gear up for all kinds of holiday preparations. One fundamental element in the process of prepping for X-Mas day is investing time in hunting for the perfect Christmas cake and then proceeding to summon all your friends and family to share a slice! Well, we have made this task a tad easier for you. Read on to discover the best bakeries in the city of Pune where you can score your scrumptious Christmas cake from! 

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Picture getting your hands on delectable buttery delights and baked goods, at reasonable prices. Like the thought? It's time to head to Le Flamington then! With the perfect cosy ambience and that lingering smell of a bakery ripe in the air, this cutesy outlet has been successfully satiating the dessert cravings of Pune folks, on the regular! 

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Usually brimming with zestful groups of Pune citizens foraging for some healthy baked snacks, Kayani Bakery is like an outlet right out of our childhood! One of the oldest bakeries in the city, Kayani Bakery is lauded for offering quality and hygienic baked goodies, at prices that are extremely pocket-friendly! The service might be a tad slow due to their usual large crowd, but the taste of their products make every second, worth the wait! 


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Known for its brilliant execution of customised cake orders, Sweet Mantra is the answer to all your dessert cravings! No matter the design of the cake you conjure, Sweet Mantra will go that extra mile in packing it full of flavours while also making it aesthetically appealing! For this outlet, baking is an art, and all their products, are straight dessert masterpieces! 

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crowd favourite bakery chain in India, Theobroma is a sweet-tooth heaven and a popular hangout spot in equal measure. Offering a wide range of options in the category of baked desserts, this bakery is resplendent with quirky, attractive decor with an outdoor area, and scrumptious treats at reasonable prices. 


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Tucked away in the lanes of Baner, Pune, 7th Heaven is a bakery you can truly bank upon to fulfil your cake and dessert needs! Offering a wide range of baked goods and confectionaries, this outlet has proved its merit in the domain of creating perfect looking and better-tasting customised cakes! Their delivery is always timely, and the expenditure incurred by the customer, minimal! 

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Get ready to "hshshhshsh" your way through steaming hot and mouth-watering treats at this popular bakery in Pune! Their products are always fresh, prepared with cherry-picked ingredients while also being mindful of hygiene standards! A true value for money, if you wish to get your Christmas cake from this bakery, you are in for a literal treat! 

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Continually delivering on both the quality as well as the quantity of their appetising treats, Delish is known by the citizens of Pune for its stunning customised cakes and exquisite desserts! Delish is an authentic home bakery which requires you to place orders preemptively. Rest assured, your order will reach your doorstep, exactly when you need it to! 

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If you are buying your Christmas cake from Forennte, be prepared to be at a loss for words. At a price that might be slightly steep, you get access to a quality that is priceless! Walking away from the party hub-spots in Koregaon Park and venturing into a more quaint territory, you will find this patisserie tucked away, enticing Punekars with its mouth-watering displays of scrumptious desserts and baked treats! 

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With an ambience that complements any kind of celebration in your life and baked products that make your mouth water just at the thought of, Baker's Hut enjoys the reputation of a premium bakery in the city of Pune. This eatery has a soothing, laid-back vibe all around, and ensures your perfect slice of heaven reaches your table in mint condition, and with speedy service! 

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This cutesy bakery adds the perfect feather in your Christmas celebration cap! With a wide range of toothsome baked treats and an assortment of interesting ice cream flavours, Celebrations will prepare your custom ordered cake with carefully hand-picked and the freshest of ingredients. Their products have a distinct exotic taste coupled with all the right flavours!

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One of the highest-rated outlets in the area of Erandwane, Pastry Corner is the perfect hub for all kinds of delightful desserts! Their luscious baked products are always fresh out of the oven, and their emphasis on quality as well as quantity has remained consistent over the years. The best part? All this, at extremely reasonable prices!  

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One of the more lavish outlets in this list, you should head to this bakery if you refuse to compromise on quality, no matter what! This dainty cafe has a menu straight out of dessert heaven which stands true to its luxury parent brand. The staff here is always cheerful and warm, and the vibe is very inviting. If you love trying exotic delicacies, this place should definitely be on your radar! 

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A deluxe dessert parlour which serves a serene sense of fulfilment in addition to tasty baked treats! La Bouchee d'Or is one of those places you can't just visit once! The part restaurant, part garden decor creates an easy-going vibe, and furnishes enough space for you to sit back and treat yourself to some freshly baked, healthy goodness! 

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An elegant little cafe with the perfect remedies for all your sweet-tooth cravings, Piatto has created its own niche in terms of quality baked goods. The dessert options here all taste heavenly, and the tidbit snacks can satiate any mid-day hunger pang! Due to its widespread popularity in the city of Pune, this bakery tends to run out of their desserts relatively quickly, so it is advisable to visit during the first half of the day. 


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Perfect for a mid-day visit with the colleagues, Cakeman satisfies the citizens of Pune by continually delivering quality desserts! Their menu is expansive, with a wide range of baked delights and treats on the cards, and the prompt, friendly service further magnifies your desire to spend an afternoon in this outlet, lounging around with a cup of latte and a slice of heaven! 

So here we are, at the end of this guide to the best bakeries for Christmas cakes in the city of Pune. Get to editing your to-do list now, and note down these outlet names! Merry Christmas! 


Q. Why do we buy a cake on Christmas? 

A. Every festival has certain traditions and customs tied to it and so does Christmas. The notion of a Christmas cake started as an English tradition in the form of using plum porridge to line one's stomach after a day of fasting. In present times, those who celebrate Christmas usually buy a festive cake to share with close friends and families!


Q. What is a Christmas cake made of? 

A. A Christmas cake is usually a heavy plum cake covered with icing and comprising of dried fruits that is baked in an oven. 


Q.  How long does a Christmas cake last? 

A. A fruit Christmas cake generally lasts for two to three months without spoiling if stored properly in a refrigerator.


Q. Are Christmas cakes available throughout the year? 

A. Bakeries usually start baking and putting out Christmas cakes in the beginning of December. The ideal time to buy one is a week or a fortnight in advance before Christmas. 


Q. Do I need to make an advance order for a Christmas cake? 

A. It's entirely based on your discretion and choices. If you want a customised Christmas cake with special features, you will have to make an order in advance. However, if you are looking for a regular plum cake, you can pick one on the spot from a bakery.


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