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We've Shortlisted The Best Book Cafes In Bangalore!

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Feb. 17, 2021 5 min read

Bangalore is one of the most happening cities in India, one that gives you more than a dozen options when you go looking for a specific kind of hangout spot. Whether it's the most buzzing breweries in town or ultra-romantic restaurants that you're on the hunt for, Bangalore will have exactly what you seek, stashed away in some nook or another. But while the zestful, crowd-favourite spots are slightly easier to come across, finding the quieter, calmer venues might warrant some extra help. And we're here to serve!


Take book cafes, for instance. Curling up in a quaint corner with a well-thumbed read, sipping on a piping hot cup of coffee alongside, and munching on some delicious nibbles when the mood strikes.....doesn't that sound like a dreamy time? Honestly, I could use one such quiet evening right about now. So for your benefit and a bit of mine too, I sifted through the assortment of cafes in Bangalore city. The result? A crisp curated list of the 7 best book cafes in Bangalore city. Allow me to walk you through these, will you? 


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One of my personal favourite cafes in Bangalore, Dialogues is the best place to head to when you're looking for some relaxing me-time, but you know, at a public place. We know Bangalore is littered with an array of charming book cafes, but Dialogues takes the cake for being the most whimsical. One step into this Koramangala eatery, and you are transported to a magical world of words, poetry and meaningful solitude. Besides, their unique pay by the hour system, lively kitchen and an abundance of chances to bond with strangers over boardgames, makes us go running back to this book cafe in Bangalore, every chance we get! 


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Rustic charm, a laid-back atmosphere, and a rack full of books to scan through, DYU Art Cafe, nestled in the quaint streets of Koramangala has everything we love, and more. This gorgeous Portuguese style villa converted into an open, vintage cafe, houses some of the most delicious breakfast food in the area. It's one of those places you can enjoy with loved ones or just by yourself in equal measure. If it's the latter, we'd recommend ordering some chocolate banana pancakes and picking a classic Agatha Christie novel from the shelf out front. 


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Known particularly for the fantastic seminars and workshops they organise, Atta Galatta is a hub of literature, art and mouthwatering coffee, stark in the middle of Koramangala 5th Block. This rustic book cafe in Bangalore, is adorned with mellow, warm lighting, gorgeous red brick walls, and towering shelves well-stocked with books spanning an array of genres and topics. The ambience here is immensely warm and inviting, and their Darjeeling tea is worth trading your soul for, no exaggeration! 


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How does feeding your brain a remarkable book while feasting your eyes on bright lush greenery sound? If you nodded enthusiastically, then Champaca will probably grow to be one of your most favourite places in Bangalore. Don't judge the cafe by its size, it might be slightly smaller but that makes it all the more cosier and reading-nook-worthy. Also, they have a huge collection of books that you can pick from, and the soothing ambience will have you scoring this book cafe in Bangalore, a perfect ten on ten. 

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When a cafe claims it's meant for writers, you're undoubtedly going to stumble upon books, words and poetry there. And this one lives up to all these expectations, and more. A cutesy little eatery in Kalyan Nagar, Writer's Cafe is one of the best book cafes in Bangalore, offering an assortment of different kinds of books, coupled with an extensive menu packed with delectable choices in both food and beverages. All the offerings at this cafe are totally wallet-friendly, so you can settle in there for a couple of hours and get comfortably lost in a book of your choice. 


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Touted to be one of the best book cafes in Bangalore city, Cafe Terra is a cosy paradise in Indiranagar for all book lovers. Replete with wall to wall shelves that house awesome books and magazines, along with bay windows overlooking pretty green landscape, Cafe Terra is the perfect spot in town for both moments of solitude, and quiet quality time with a loved one. The free WiFi in this cafe also makes it one of the best work from home places in Bangalore, and the tranquil ambience is ideal for finishing off pending work in peace. 


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Frequently slotted under the best breakfast spots in Bangalore, The Hole In The Wall Cafe is a homely, crowd-favourite eatery tucked away in Koramangala 4th Block. When you step into this book lover's heaven, you'll spot several folks nestled into the cafe's comfy corners, with their noses deep in a novel. The decor here is truly gorgeous with quirky elements like metal pots and classic rock band posters adorning the brick walls. Their repository of reads is also impressive, and trust me, you can idle hours away just browsing through them. 

If your current state of mind can be summed up in the sentence, "I'd rather be reading", these cafes in Bangalore await your presence! 


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