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We Found 5 Spots For Dilli-Like Chole Bhature In Mumbai!

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - March 3, 2020 3 min read

The rules of geography cease to exist when you're afflicted by a relentless craving for a specific kind of food. I mean, who has the ability to tell his own appetite that pining for a steaming plate of Rajma Chawal in the middle of a Thursday afternoon in Mumbai, is impractical? After all, just like the heart, the tastebuds want what they want! 


Luckily, we are here to rescue every foodie stuck in a city different than the birthplace of their favourite dish. For now, if you are in Mumbai city, and your current state of mind can be best summed up as "would kill for Chole Bhature", here's a round-up of the 5 places you can head to for a Dilli-esque taste! 


Image Courtesy - 2 Food Freaks 


If we had to choose a go-to spot for a wide range of yummy North Indian food in Mumbai city, this outlet would win by a broad margin! When it comes to this restaurant, ambience takes a back seat as your taste buds are taken for a Punjabi spin. Their signature dishes will never disappoint you, and their filling Chole Bhature will take you back to the lanes of Dilli 6, in a matter of a few bites! 



Image Courtesy - Justdial 


This place has for several years, and continues to, receive generous amounts of love from the local crowd, for its delectable Punjabi food. Oye Kake is continually buzzing with energy and enthusiastic foodies, standing in lines to get a taste of their favourite Amristari Naan or Sarso Ki Saag. The Chole Bhature at this place lives up to the reputation, and the perfect street-food taste will have you licking your fingers long after you've left!



Image Courtesy - LBB


With a separate section dedicated to their signature dishes over the years, this restaurant defines leaving behind a mouth-watering legacy. While you will be served only 1 Bhatura with your Chole, its size alone is enough to overwhelm all your sense at once.  There is also a wide array of fillings you can choose from, ranging from paneer to cheese! 


Image Courtesy - Justdial 


The best source of North Indian food in Mumbai for times when your pocket isn't particularly lined, Shree Chole Bhature is recognised by every Mumbaikar for serving the best of what their name suggests. For a small outlet, the food tends to be quite hygienic, and the succulent Chole will make you miss your mother like never before!



Image Courtesy - Justdial 


Maintaining the same heavenly taste for several bygone years takes a special kind of culinary skill, and this eatery in Andheri East has proven its merit! The taste of freshly fried Bhature dipped in Desi Ghee and tender Chole melting in your mouth, await you at this Punjabi street food haven in Mahakali. 

Drooling already? Imagine what will happen when you get that first bite in! 


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