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We've Listed The 10 Best Doughnuts In Delhi NCR!

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - June 2, 2020 5 min read

Of all the rings I'd like to be the Lord of, a gooey circle of deep-fried flour, loaded with powdered sugar and oozing of liquid chocolate, maybe with a few rainbow sprinkles on top, and a glaze brighter than my future..........sorry, I don't remember where I was going with this. But I do know where I want to go, and I reckon so does the trail of drool now dripping from my bottom lip. Doughnuts, give doughnuts, NOW. 


I mean, what's not to love? One bite, and your mouth is greeted by sticky sweet flavours melting right away. Sometimes it doesn't even take a chomp, the sight of an open box is enough for us to throw our calorie concerns and caution to the wind. Let's just say, the diet was nice while it lasted. I will now mourn its death by sinking my teeth into these crispy, creamy and deliciously greasy fried cakes.


This pandemic might have led to a temporary separation, but as we near the end of lockdown, as well as that of our patience, there isn't a better time to revisit our favourite doughnuts in Delhi NCR. Because normalcy or not, we all definitely deserve to spoil ourselves with a box of doughnuts the minute we step out. Think of it as a pat on the back for staying in for two months! And to help you get to your treat, here's a round-up of the top 10 places serving the best doughnuts in Delhi NCR!



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It's near impossible to be a Delhi NCR resident, and not be familiar with the blueberry cheesecake one can get from Big Chill in Khan Market. But looking beyond the star offering, the doughnuts at Big Cill Cakery are immensely underrated. They offer a small but decadent collection of doughnuts in a range of flavours, equally scrumptious as some of their better-known dishes. The chic interiors and cosy ambience are additional incentives, of course. 



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If you've been on the hunt for the best doughnuts in Delhi NCR for as long as you can remember, this quaint old bakery deserves to be on your radar. Since it first opened its doors some 20 years back, it has been the go-to place around SDA market for reasonably priced delicious doughnuts. It's a small outlet that offers unparalleled quality in its delicious treats, and if we were you, we'd especially keep an eye out for their chocolate flavoured doughnuts. 



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Lauded by a hoard of Gurgaon residents, this Japanese bakery offers a delicious range of baked products, including extra soft yet crispy doughnuts. This place derives its stellar reputation from its yummy cheesecakes and quick tidbits, but the eclairs doughnuts here are the true hidden gems. Definitely one of our top picks for doughnuts in NCR, every flavour on the doughnut menu at Sibang is right on the money! 


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A place that truly lives up to the hype, AMA at Majnu Ka Tila is one of the most popular cafes in Delhi NCR, praised by residents and visitors in equal measure. It's an inexpensive place, that offers a range of snacks to keep your coffee company, but the fluffy glazed doughnuts here, are to die for. It's also the ideal place for a quick, romantic date either with your significant other, or a well-thumbed read. 


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Elma's has long been deemed one of the most romantic spots in Delhi NCR, and its extensive menu packed with delicious offerings certainly helps the case. Their desserts are baked to perfection, and priced reasonably. But if we must take a favourite pick, we'd have to go with the delicious, gooey doughnuts up for grabs. 




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Speaking of delicious doughnuts, we can't give MOD a miss, now can we? Their whole menu is dedicated to the love for doughnuts and all their yummy forms and flavours, but our favourites belong to the chocolate category. The Dark Knight, Double Trouble and Chocolate Therapy are definitely our top picks, but we can't NOT mention the Rainbow Surprise. There's a whole lot to choose from, so go ahead and experiment till you find your go-to flavour! 



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Another top mention on lists of the best doughnuts in Gurgaon, this cafe offers some of the tastiest doughnuts in the near vicinity. The chocolate eclair doughnut has been a top pick for most people who frequent the place, with choco duo white blast finishing as a very, very close second. If you are looking to experiment with some new exciting flavours, we'd highly recommend making a run for their hazelnut eclair doughnut. 



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A place that has dough right in its name, is bound to serve great doughnuts, right? Okay, even if that rule can't be generalized, it's definitely true in the case of this Sohna Road bakery. Mostly known for its extensive variety of readymade and customised cakes, the doughnuts at this place are under-rated but extremely tasty. The cream filling alone is absolutely lip-smacking, and the additional flavours amp up the taste tenfold. 



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Wenger's has been around longer than a lot of us have in the city, and for good reason. When it comes to satiating your sweet tooth, Wenger's has a number of preparations and treats you can take your pick from, but one taste of their Coconut doughnut, and you will be back for more. It's also very reasonably priced, and a box of assorted doughnuts won't burn a hole through your pocket, but will fill your stomach, and heart. 



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The quirky name is attractive, yes, but wait till you try their luscious doughnuts. This relatively new addition to to the streets of North Campus, has quickly made a name for itself owing to its high-quality snacks and desserts, all available at very pocket-friendly prices. But picking our favourite from their wide menu, the giant doughnut will have to take the (god's) cake! Honestly, I'd head to this cafe for the smell alone. 

Doughnut worry, be happy! 


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