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Here Are 6 Places In Mumbai You Doughnut Want To Miss

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - June 4, 2020 4 min read

You doughnut know what you are missing when instead of picking up a hole-some, fluffy, deep-fried round cake you choose to dig your spoon in some basic pastry. Doughnuts are basically the middle child of the dessert family who in my experience never gets picked first until everyone realises how delicious, fulfilling and not to forget how versatile they can be.


While there are all kinds of desserts to eat in Mumbai, I'd like to put forth the idea of trying out delectable, fun-sized, chocolate-filled, rainbow sprinkled doughnuts for a change. And don't worry you can top your doughnut with anything your hearts desire...ANYTHING!



So now that you are sold to the idea of giving doughnuts a whirl, let's travel through the city of dreams to find you the best ones. These 6 eateries are the best places to start.



Image Courtesy: Dineout


Among the scrummy crepes and delish waffles lies an invention of their own making, Doughbies or as I'd like to call them, the faithful greek friend of a Doughnuts. I get your loyalty towards the big ring but food innovations stop for no one and you'd look like a noob if you miss out on this dessert from The Dough Code. The place has a decent sitting and a customer-friendly menu. By which I mean you have the liberty to make your own dessert. Choose your own topping, drizzles and sprinkles or if you are feeling too lazy just pick one from their 10 pre-set flavours. I'd recommend Crave Me! and Snowing Rainbow. 


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If it's your first time with doughnuts, I think Krispy Kreme would be the best place to begin this lifelong love affair at. Among the shakes and other beverages lies their speciality which is already famous all around the world. There is no way you could just pick one or two and leave, you got to get their whole box to discover your favourite one. While my heart will always belong to classic glazed doughnuts but from what I've seen their Vanilla Choco Chip Donut is quite a hit among the sugary lots. And adding jazz to the ordinary doughnuts are Krispy Kreme's assorted premium menu filled with Rochers, Peanut butter, Nutella, chocolate, Belgian chocolate and more. See you there!


Image Courtesy: papacream.india


Mumbai has eateries that surprises me every time. For instance Papacream. Now, I am no stranger to doughnuts and probably quite good with finding out what more a doughnut can do but this place is living the dream. Combining all that's good in the world in a doughnut sandwich is the best news I've heard in a long long time. Their Doughwich has everything a sugar maniac would love in their dessert. A handmade doughnut layered with Belgian chocolate, Papacream's signature ice-cream, whipped cream, fudge sauce, caramel sauce and most importantly love. 


Image Courtesy: thedesihoggers


With a larger than life takeaway menu, The Rolling Pin is a very famous eggless bakery in Mumbai. From pastries to bread, mousses, croissants, puffs and more, there is not a dessert in the book that you won't find here. This all-day eatery is basically known for its wide array of assorted bread, cakes, doughnuts, cronuts, pastries and handmade chocolates. The reason I'd put a pin on this place is their value for money desserts. Now circling back to doughnuts, The Rolling Pin has three signature flavours; Dark chocolate coated, Hazelnut and Choco Ring. If I were you I'd try them all. 


Image Courtesy: Arpita Khadpe


Looking for comfort food like home? This is your place. From yummy quick bites to the freshly made morning doughnuts this cafe is like a budget-friendly hangout place everybody needs. Frequented by the college-going crowd and seekers of sasta aur tikau eats, I'd highly recommend Cafe Andora for when you're broke or when the month in ending, whichever comes first. I'll admit they only have a single flavour of doughnut on their menu but quality over quantity guys. Their doughnuts ate light, fluffy and made fresh every day. 


Image Courtesy: Mumbai News Network Latest


Did you think I'd leave out the most trusted doughnut joint from this list? Heck NO! Be it Delhi, Bangalore or our city Mumbai, when it's about best doughnuts in the city the one place that you can blindly put your faith in is M.O.D. With 20 joints and a menu full of mouthwatering quick bites, waffles, eclair and of course doughnuts this eatery has everything you are looking for and more. Among their assorted, classic and signature flavours I always lose my timbits for Cold Blue Ice and Choco Bomb. There is a high chance we might bump into each other if you are a doughnut devotee like myself. 


When around doughnuts thinking about your love handles is always going to be waist of time. Enjoy!


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