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37 Of The Best Local Food In Delhi To Make You Swoon

By Anubha Das

Updated - Sept. 12, 2018 bookmark icon 14 min read

Delhi, Delhi brings tourists in droves for its world-class monuments and history. But have you taken a look at the food scene of Delhi lately? Dining on a dime is part of Delhi’s DNA, and there is a long list of best food in Delhi for proof, stocked with classic city grub from Paneer Tikka at QD’s to Hot Chocolate Fudge. Sadly though, you only have a defined amount of time to take it all in before you head to the big brunch in the sky or maybe leave town if you are on vacation here, so here are the 37 Delhi famous foods you need to inhale before that happens. 


1. Paranthe at Paranthe Vali Gali-Chandni Chowk

The thought of swallowing down astounding parathe of different fillings would always influence you to go Parathe Vali Gali in Chandni Chowk. They are one of the best street food in Delhi to serve parathe filled with shreds of various fillings that mix splendidly and satisfy your taste

Starting From: INR 60


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2. Paneer Tikka at QD's-Hudson Lane

Those who are from Delhi must have heard the name Hudson lane quite often. Well, to be honest, it is one of the most famous lanes with a lot of food delights. Out of which one you cannot miss out QD's, and it's panner tikka. Tender paneer tikka and an army of lovely accompaniments that include fresh onion rings, mint chutney, a delicious saalan, and a refreshing raita can make any day the best day of your

Starting From: INR 120


3. Mutton Korma at Karim's-Jama Masjid

Now if you haven't been to by-lanes of Karims near Jama Masjid to try out non-veg, your life as a foodie is incomplete. Not just the intoxicating and arousing mix of the aroma of mutton korma makes you go crazy but also the atmosphere that gets you in the mood for a feast. It is on of the best food in Delhi.


P.S: Please leave your healthy hormones at home when you decide to come and eat

Starting From: INR 250


4. Masala Dosa at Saravana Bhawan-Connaught Place

The welcoming aroma of the food says everything about the place. Heavenly food which is not even expensive makes up for a perfect combo. Just a whiff of masala dosa is enough to get our hearts soaring, especially during monsoons, when our need to indulge in some flavour and crunch grows even more. best-food-delhi-masala-dosa-image

Starting From: INR 100


5. Pani Puri at Nathu's Sweet-Chattarpur

South and modernity go as one however when it comes gol gappa or pani puri who gives a jack to the high. Nathu's Sweet which is situated at Chattarpur serves totally fiery pani puri, and one can just never have till their heart's filled. Those searching ahead for a pani puri eating competition, this is the place to be

Starting From: INR 60


6. Dhokla at Gujrat Bhawan-Chanakyapuri

This joint serves the Delhi's famous "Dhoklas" which is most popular Gujarati snacks famous for its delicious taste and spongy look. Gujrat Bhawan is the hub for people who crave for gujrati food and one of its highlights that cannot be missed by anyone is the best evening snack veg "Dhokla." best-food-delhi-dhokla-image

Starting From: INR 100


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7. Jalebi at Old Famous Jalebi Vala-Chandni Chowk

This Chandni Chowk-based shop is enormously famous for the piping hot, thick and juicy, freshly made jalebis that they offer. What's special about this place is that it prepares its Jalebis and Samosas in pure desi ghee, which gives you enough reasons to visit this place and grab a bite or twobest-food-delhi-jalebi-image

Starting From: INR 40


8. Dahi Bhalla at Natraj Cafe-Chandni Chowk

Think about a burst of flavors combined with some inconvincible all around spice chaat, and this place won't disappoint you ever. Found 2 minutes from the Chandni Chowk metro station, they serve the most amazing delicate Dahi Bhalla's that would just dissolve in your mouth.

Starting From: INR 60


9. Momos at Dolma Aunty-Lajpat Nagar

Surrounded by pani puri and other street food in Lajpat Nagar, Dolma Aunty has everything you can ask for when it comes to momo's which are perfectly made and pocket friendly too. The momos are served hot with a generous filling alongside a mouthwatering hot red chutney which would leave you wanting for

Starting From: INR 40


10. Kakori Kabab at Alkauser-Chanakyapuri

If you like hopping into street food, then we have the best street food of delhi from Alkauser. With delicious kakori kebabs, this joint is a must-visit specially for the best biryani in Delhi. Alkauser keeps its menu varied, and although there’s no seating available, you can very well savour their awesome food in your

Starting From: INR 150


11. Chicken Jahangiri at Al Jawahar-Jama Masjid 

Al Jawahar is a few outlets far from the karims, where it is believed that the Karims fan base is gradually floating to. It is said to be the asylum for lamb and chicken darlings. The chicken Jahangiri is one of the most famous food in Delhi that would surely intrigue your taste buds content.


Starting From: INR 150


12. Tandoori Momos at Hunger Strike-Lajpat Nagar

Tandoori momos are exactly what you need when your confused taste buds are craving for some snack-like quality of Tibetan cuisine. For years, the people of delhi have been thrilling their taste-buds with the Tandoori momos from Hunger Strike found in Amar Colony, a busy market in the heart of Lajpat

Starting From: INR 90


13. Butter Chicken at Aslam's Chicken Corner- Jama Masjid

How can one not indulge in having Butter Chicken once in Delhi? The land of Punjabis have the best Butter Chicken outlets, one of which is Aslam's Chicken Corner. So what do you do next time you have a craving for some butter that seeps into the chicken and gives it a lip-smacking flavour and taste? Now you know the

Starting From: INR 190


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14. Dal Meat at Embassy-Connaught Place

Tucked away in the corner of central Delhi's Connaught Place, The Embassy has stood the test of time. Dal meat is one of their hit item here. There is a bit of a crunch in the dish, and it goes well with the softness of the meat. It gets a zing from 'garam masala'. We hope you stop drolling and get over to Embassy right

Starting From: INR 190


15. Chicken Seekh Kebab at Colonel's Kababz-Defence Colony 

Delhiites love flocking around this eatery on weekends for their delicious Chicken seekh kebabs. So, if kebabs and rolls has been your mood lifters, Colonel's Kababz is a perfect place for you. It has a thick and creamy texture with a slight tang that comes from the use of tomatoes, and the kabab melts in your mouth as soon as you have

Starting From: INR 150


16. Chicken Shawarma at Al-Bake-Saket

This joint at Saket manages to offer flavours of the Middle East and tastes of good Lebanese food without burning too big a hole in your pocket. Their shawarmas are very juicy and tender, served with yummy mayonnaise and one of the most famous Delhi

Starting From: INR 90


17. Hot Chocolate Fudge at Nirulas-Shalimar Bagh

If there’s one dessert that has made us smile in our childhoods and continues to do so till today is the classic hot chocolate fudge. Nirulas hot chocolate fudge is a delicious and sweet blend of chocolate syrup, nuts, vanilla ice cream and everything therapeutic. This is the best place to go to give your sweet tooth a good time. best-food-delhi

Starting From: INR 80


18. Chicken Curry at Kake da Hotel-Connaught Place

One of the most legendary restaurants -Kake da Hotel in CP has been serving delicious Chicken curry for many years now. Thier chicken curry is not very spicy or sweet, just the perfect balance which people should definitely try. Also, it is super budgeted place which you should definitely check out. best-food-delhi

Starting From: INR 200


19. Coffee at United Coffee House-Connaught Place

You must have heard the quote that " Everything gets better with coffee". The coffee of United Coffee House itself is a ritual, produced with the sort of care that means you’ll never be served a bad cup. In an area replete with great coffee shops, this is one of the best, offering a precious break from the busyness of Delhi lifebest-food-delhi

Starting From: INR 225


20. Dal Bukhara at Bukhara, ITC Maurya

Their Dal Bukhara of ITC Maurya is just ultimate. It is is a velvety smooth slow cooked black lentil simmered in a tomato based gravy. Believe us, each spoon of it gives your tongue a heavenly taste. Despite ordering other dishes too, you will end up in eating 4 serving of this

Starting From: INR 250


21. Rabri Falooda at Giani’s Di Hatti-Chandni Chowk

In a tall glass, Gaini's Di Hatti would put a heap of falooda — smooth and slippery vermicelli noodles — and then add a generous dollop of rabri — thickened, sweetened milk full of chopped dried fruit. If you are a fan of the popular ice cream chain Giani’s, find out about its roots in a little place in Chandni Chowk as a rabri falooda shop near Khari Baoli is indeed one of the best street food in

Starting From: INR 150


22. Biryani at Matka Peer Dargha

You can't talk about biryanis without mentioning the biryani at Matka Peer Dargha. Cooked with either mutton or chicken, and laced with rich ingredients, this is the best biryani in Delhi which is the stairway to heaven. Always crowded this place is such a favorite that people don't mind having it for breakfast, lunch or dinnerbest-food-delhi-biryani-image

Starting From: INR 100


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23. Aloo Kachori at Hanuman Mandir- Connaught Place

Talk about street food in Delhi and one need not explain North India's love for kachoris. The crispy golden treat made with aromatic masalas, and served with signature subzi and chutney, from the Kachori vala at Hanuman Mandir will become your favourite snack to munch

Starting From: INR 30


24. Stuffed Kulfi at Kuremal Kulfiwala-Chawri Bazar

This place offers a tempting range of Kulfis to help you quench your thirst and give you the much-needed sugar dose in the summer months. So when you are in Delhi you find yourself walking out all the way to the heart of Old Delhi in the scorching heat to savour this Indian ice cream. Yes, that's the magic of Kuremal Kulfi Wale and its amazing and soul-nourishing

Starting From: INR 50


25. Cold Coffee at Depaul’s-Janpat

A trip to the Janpath market is incomplete without a stop at the famous Depaul’s for a bottle of cold coffee. Their most popular cold coffee flavor at Depaul’s Janpath is the hazelnut and is priced at a modest price of forty rupees for a bottle. Their USP is “accessibility” – all their cold coffees and snacks are priced between 30-45

Starting From: INR 30


26.  Chicken Ham Sandwich at Novelty Dairy Store-Jangpura

If you’re ever roaming around Jangpura when hunger strikes, make a beeline for Novelty at the Birbal Road Market. What seems like a regular Kirana store has your daily household needs has a land of yummy sandwiches hiding at the back. A classic ham sandwich with mayo that makes for a perfect winter morning breakfast is what Novelty gives

Starting From: INR 50


27.  Rajma Chawal at Jain Chawal Wale-Connaught Place

There’s nothing like a piping hot and steamy plate of rajma chawal, garnished with oodles of onions and green chilies, and accompanied with some papads and a glass of Lassi. Located right next to Shivaji Stadium, this place is one of the best street food in Delhi, to say the least, especially for its Rajma Chawal! Visit it when you’re looking for some midnight meals, for they are open until 1 AM in the

Starting From: INR 40


28.  Chocolate Paan at Prince Paan-Connaught Place

Prince Paan is definitely bucket list worthy. The mind boggling varieties of paan – which include chocolate paan and ice paan – is something you need to try at least once in your

Starting From: INR 50


29.  Banana Walnut Cake at Defence Baker-Greater Kailash

The Defence Baker basically gives an escape from the maddening chaos of life. The shop offers a crazy variety of desserts like pastries, cookies, tarts, macaroons, muffins etc. and snacks like sandwiches, quiche, pizza, hot dog, rolls, croissant etc. So head over and relish their delicious Banana Walnut Cake which is the best of

Starting From: INR 50


30. Kulfi at Moets-Defence Colony

Loaded with so many flavours, Moet's is one of the popular names when it comes to kulfi. Nothing quite beats a mountain of flavoured milk covered with pistachios and saffron, packed it into metal cones, and frozen using a slurry mixture of ice and salt as far as the eye can

Starting From: INR 50


31. Spicy Bean Burger at Wimpy’s-Hauz Khas

A fried patty, filled with chilli flakes, and a warm bun is all it takes to make this burger a winner. Crispy, crunchy and perfectly cooked, we suggest you enjoy this bad boy with some ketchup. Unlike other veggie options, it isn’t dry and is satisfying in the extreme when you bite into the juicy patty and hot bunbest-food-delhi

Starting From: INR 60


32. Thukpa at Majnu Ka Tila

This is one of the most famous eateries among the other street foods in Delhi located at Majnu ka Tila. It is well-known for serving authentic Tibetan food and drinksThuka being the most famous one out of all is the comfort food that needs no special occasion for anyone to indulge in. The vendors do two varieties – one dry and one with soup, with the spice content of your choice.


Starting From: INR 200


33. Fruit Beer at Delhi Haat

Fruit beer in Delhi is one of the best summer coolers there could be. This pocket-friendly joint has delicious food and is known for their freshly brewed fruit beer, which we love along with Momo. So, if you’re around INA or visiting Dilli Haat, you can’t afford to miss their Fruit Beer. best-food-delhi

Starting From: INR 150


34. Banta

Banta which is also known as, “Goli-Soda” is a tasty lemony drink which has gained cult status as one of the most refreshing summer beverages you can have in India. You get to hear that satisfying sound which appears like a 'whoosh' of the O 2 escaping when the banta is

Starting From: INR 10


35. Masala Maggi at Tom Uncle's Maggi-GTB Nagar

If you're new in Delhi University, have studied here recently or were a student 35 years ago, Tom Uncle's Maggi Point is a name that you could not have missed! One of the most recognized food stalls in the University, Tom Uncles’ is really well known for the various types of Maggie, Sodas and other quick snacks that it

Starting From: INR 40


36. Veg Thali at Andhra Bhawan-India Gate

The veg thali of Andhra Bhawan is the food that people even from different parts of the world rave about it. The dishes are excessively smeared in chillies. And, if you are an early riser, you can also head there to try their breakfast meal which is South Indian dishes with your favourite tea or

Starting From: INR 60


37. Nahari at Kalu Nihari-Daryaganj

Eating out here is not only memorable due to the outstanding food but the experience of extreme pandemonium that one goes thru to first receive the food & then eat it. Kallu’s nihari is nothing if not hot. The meat is tender enough to flake off at the touch of roti and make you go crazy about the

Starting From: INR 200 


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