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Munch On The Best French Fries In Hyderabad City

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - July 6, 2020 4 min read

In true classic fashion, a plate of french fries never goes to waste. Regardless of whether it's to accompany all the beer you're guzzling down on a Friday evening, or as a snack for days when you're less hungry and more bored, or even as a middle ground dish to share with the pickiest of friends, french fries always win, period. Some like theirs drizzled with molten cheese, while some others like the traditional salt sprinkle on top, but everybody has a cherished favourite when it comes to the preparation of French Fries. 


So when a dish already is so popularly adored and gobbled, how can we help, right? By ensuring you get the best, and only the best of the lot, of course! If you're in Hyderabad city, dining out involves making some tough decisions as there are about a billion trendy places to choose from. But if you're on the hunt for the best French Fries in all of Hyderabad, these are the 6 places that should definitely be on your radar. 


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Fry-ly Recommended

Red Hot Chili Fries, Spiced Cajun Fries


There's a reason Hard Rock Cafe is considered to be a classic dine-out option all over the country, and the outlet in Hyderabad is no different. While the crowd-favourite place has a number of offerings in both drinks and food preparations that you can take your pick from, it's their mouthwatering fries that keep us visiting every chance we get. Especially if you're someone who enjoys a dish only if it's spicy enough to activate the tear glands, their Red Hot Chilli Fries will be your new favourite thing. For those with milder taste sensibilities, the Spiced Cajun Fries are absolutely delightful as well.


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Fry-ly Recommended

Beer Batter Ooey Gooey Fries 


One of the most popularly adored drinking places in Hyderabad, Hoppipola guarantees a great time. But what it also assures is you get your hands on some of the best fries in town! From Naga Chilli Fries to fries loaded with Makhani Fondue and Chicken Keema, there's a considerable amount of variety in their fry menu. But our all-time favourite has to be their Ooey Gooey Fries made with Beer Batter! Heart eye emoji. 


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Fry-ly Recommended

American Cheesy Potatoes 


A true classic in every manner, the American Cheesy Potatoes dish at Absolute Barbeques Hyderabad is a source of instant comfort in food form. This eating joint in the city is frequented by residents and visitors in equal measure, owing to their impressive menu full of budget-friendly snack options. But if we had to recommend one preparation and one only, their dish packed with classic American fries and drizzled with salty, liquid cheese would emerge as a clear winner. 


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Fry-ly Recommended

Loaded Fries 


Definitely one of the best sports bars in Hyderabad city, B-Dubs is a great place for chomping on some delectable wings with your eyes glued on a live match. But another dish that's equally delicious, if not more, is their platter of loaded French Fries. Laden with yummy toppings like jalapenos, sour cream and salsa, this is a total gala of a dish, that every french fry buff needs to try. 



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Fry-ly Recommended

Cheesy French Fry


One of the most treasured coffee shops in Hyderabad, The Roastery Coffee House is known for its scrumptious tidbits, flavourful beverages, and stunning decor, all in equal measure. The scenic bungalow location, charming interiors and soothing ambience are all as wonderful as it gets. But the one dish we can't help but order every time we visit, is the toothsome cheesy french fry! French fry lovers, just go ahead and dig in. 


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Fry-ly Recommended

Skinny Peri-Peri Fries 


You've got an inviting mental image going there at the name of these fries, haven't you? Well, trust us when we say the actual deal tastes even better than how it sounds! The finger-licking french fries at Conçu are skinny-cut to perfection, and tossed with just the right amount of spicy peri-peri masala. Simple, and absolutely delish. 

We hope you've marked these places in every calendar you have, because any french fry buff in Hyderabad, deserves a taste of the finest fry dishes in town. 


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