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Every Day Is Fry-Day At These Places In Mumbai

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - June 15, 2020 5 min read

 "You take a man's wife before you take his fries", Marshall Eriksen from How I Met Your Mother knew food better than any of us. And if he tells you to take french fries seriously, there is no way you should do otherwise. You see, these humble fries have been on the side-lines for as far as I can remember and honestly it deserves more than that. From salted to clean-cut to crinkly, curly and cheesy...French fries have always been with us through thick and thin. So, dedicating a day to appreciate the food that even a non-veg lover has a sweet spot for isn't enough. We need more 



I hear you yelling...hells yeah! So here it goes. From a fellow french fries devotee to whomsoever it may concern; A list of 10 places in Mumbai where you can eat french fries all year long guilt-free. 



Image Courtesy: Zomato


For all the Joeys out these who'd rather ditch a date than sharing fries, The J Cafe is the perfect spot for you. Personal cones filled with crispy fries, lip-smacking sauces and a friend who is always broke (Sasta or Accha) is the ideal combo you didn't know you needed. They have a big fat menu just for french fries that suits everyone and works for every mood. Although Chilli Cheese Fries gets the most love but feel free to take a quick gander over the menu and choose whichever calls your name. 


Image Courtesy: magicpin


You'd come for their craft beer but stay for the scrummy platter of their House Fries. Why? A hearty portion of crunchy fries with not one...not two... but 5 dipping sauces on the side and some good ale or beer to go with it. Did I just describe the perfect weekend for you or what! 


Image Courtesy: magicpin


With multiple outlets around the city of Dreams, this heaven of a place is known for its iconic milkshakes and the underdog Animal Fries Platter. It's one of the longest fries plates in the city which is luckily topped with cheese, caramelized onion and their secret sauce. How does anything get better than this? 


Image Courtesy: Justdial


A utopian french fries platter filled with cheese all over which gets messy real fast. Enticing enough to give you a good start is all the happiness we need in life. I mean french fries is a timeless food. So, whoever side-eyed you for gobbling down french fries for breakfast, next time invite them for Brunch or something at Dinshaw Xpress Cafe and order our favourite Cheesy Messy Peri Fries


Image Courtesy: Justdial


A famous burger and hot dog joint in Mumbai that also has french fries that are too good to pass up on. Let me paint you a picture... Crispy fries tossed over with bacon oil, bacon chunks and cheese... And that's just one of our favourite fries. Other than their classic Bacon Fries you can even give Chorizo Fries a whirl as well. Let us know what you think.


Image Courtesy: Wow Venue


The crispy golden french fries stuck under the heavyweight of Mediterranian flavoured chicken mince and creamy cheesy sauce. Now that's the culinary catastrophe I'd like to be a part of. Also known as Devil's Fries, this starter dish is already a hit amongst all the french fries lovers but for the ones who still haven't got the chance to try this, add this place to your list right away. And on my friend's recommendation try The Daily Bar & Kitchen's Loaded Nachos as well, I've heard they use beer-infused cheese sauce to load this sun-of-a-gun dish. 


Image Courtesy: magicpin


City's oldest spot serving fries the old way is the gold we got to save in this ever-changing world. They serve fries not on the side but as a meal enough for two people sharing a heart-to-heart conversation while sipping on shakes. If you ever find yourself in Juhu, do Alfredo a visit for their Cheesy Fries.


Image Courtesy: Twitter


Day or night, morning or evening, its always fry O'clock at this little cafe in Andheri West. So, apart from burgers, wraps and cheese poppers, all they have are fries, loads and loads of them. If you give this Fryday Food Truck's Fry-Day Special Fries a chance there is a high possibility you'll love this place. I mean, crispy fries tossed in peri-peri mixed topped with white and orange cheese, sweet chilli sauce and jalapeno slices. What's not to like?


Image Courtesy: LinkedIn


Tea? When did we teleport from a blog about french fries to tea? Calm down...You are still reading about best french fries in Mumbai, o don't let the word "tea" confuse you because this place is not just famous for teas but also their stellar french fries dishes. On the top of my head; Mac n Cheese Fries. Literally a combination of cheese, macaroni and fries. Yummy...Kindly do not hold your horses but it's going to get soggy. Foodies...Attack!


Special Mention:

Image Courtesy: magicpin


I mean there is an outlet in every area of Mumbai and how good are their fries man. I know a friend...okay-okay I am that friend who'd step into a McDonald's, gander over their menu for the 100th time and end up getting Large fries. So yeah! while I am writing about best french fries, I didn't want to miss out on this place. 


Fries and shine guys, you gotta get going to these places for the best french fries in Mumbai ASAP!


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