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8 Best Ice-Cream Parlours In Bangalore For All The Latest Scoop!

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - July 8, 2020 4 min read

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. And the fact that ice-creams are beautiful than any other dessert is undeniable. But what truly baffles me is how this beauty can melt in a touch and still satisfy every living fibre of our being. Every bite better than the last one. You can have enough of everything but ice-creams, not a chance. From swirly cones to sundaes, fudge, cakes and more, ice-cream just makes everything taste...better. 



While a city like Bangalore is loaded with hundreds of options for all your cravings, choosing the right outlet that would hit the sweet spot is parallel to finding a needle in the haystack. Lucky for you, we already took care of the hard part. All you gotta do is scram to these best ice-cream parlours in Bangalore and just...attack!

(Because when it about ice-creams; kidding around with just some average treat isn't fair to the namesake)



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Coolest Scoops: Crunch Slice, Truffle Gelato, Coffee Sundae


A 3-page long menu just for ice-cream is all we need on a hot summer day or any other day. Situated in famous Indiranagar area of Bangalore, Milano Ice-cream is known for its extra dark chocolate flavours and a rather cosy ambience. Other than ice-cream cones, cakes, crepes, sundaes, etc. you may also find real fruit candies, real fruit ice-creams, thick milkshakes everyone's favourite conversation starter; coffee. Already there?


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Coolest Scoops: Litchi Berry, Bubble Gum, Ice-cream Pizza Slice


With a total of three outlets in Bangalore, Cream Stone is a go-to place for people who can eat ice-creams all day. It's famous handmade and delicious waffle cups not only add crunch to the creamy experience but also makes your chosen ice-cream taste better. The big-fat-menu is loaded with options that range from ice-cream cakes, ice-cream pizzas, brownie sizzlers to sugar-free scoops, diet-centric choices and more. And if this isn't exciting enough then you are free to take advantage of their make your own ice-cream feature. 


Image Courtesy: Eazydiner


Coolest Scoops: Death By Chocolate, Hot Caramelo Pudding, Apple Pie, Cake-A-Mocha


Corner House is one of the highly recommended ice-cream parlours in Bangalore. Their signature sundaes are to die for. And if you do find yourself in Jayanagar drop here for their fruit sundaes, fruit salads, cake desserts, yummy milkshakes and everything sweet. If I were you, I'd get a piece of everything I can devour in one go; just so that I could boast about being there at Bangalore's favourite ice-cream parlour. 


Image Courtesy: magicpin


Coolest Scoops: Fig 'N' Honey, Kiwi Highlands


If you are looking for exotic flavours in bulk, Ibaco is the best place to go for ice-cream in Bangalore. With all of; three outlets in the city, this ice-cream parlour is a decent destination for a casual date setting if what both of you prefer is cutesy outdoor seating are ice-cream cakes. Now that's the kind of natural flavours you'd want in your dessert.


Image Courtesy: LBB


Coolest Scoops: The Mud Pie Sundae, Old School Triffle Sundae, Rocher Berry Fudge (seasonal), Deep Fried Snickers


Visit Art Of Delight for its delightful ice-creams and Instaworthy character. From Ice-cream sundaes to fudge, cakes, cookies, brownies, freak shakes, create your own waffles and more. there is nothing you won't find at this one-of-a-kind ice-cream parlour in Bangalore. But if you find yourself craving for something salty too, try their french fries and nachos. A perfect place for conversation over fresh and delicious desserts and not to forget; yummy snacks. So, visit Art Of Delight for its delightful ice-creams, preppy snacks, first date romance and its Instaworthy character.  


Image Courtesy: TripAdvisor


Coolest Scoops: Pabrai's Nolen Gur (Must try), Ginger & Honey Ice-cream, Mango ice-cream, Chocolate sundae


All the way from Kolkata, Pabrai's Fresh & Naturelle Ice-creams, a well-known ice-cream brand making drool-worthy frozen delights in Bangalore for some time now. And boy are they famous! With already three outlets running successfully around the city, this parlour lets you choose ice-cream in fruity, Indian and spicy flavours. One second you are enjoying fruitful orange ice-cream, the next second you see your adventurous buddy experimenting with spicy wasabi flavoured scoops. And don't forget to take home the sugar-free ones for your loved ones. 


Image Courtesy: Swiggy


Coolest Scoops: Red Wine & Fig Ice-cream, Paan Ice-cream, Low cal. Filter Coffee Ice-cream


Ice-cream in a tub? Check. Ice-cream in a jar? Check. Mindblowing kulfis? Check. And low-calorie frozen desserts in a tub and a jab? Check and Check. So, for all the peeps out there who'd love a guilt-free trip to this health-conscious ice-cream parlour in Bangalore every time the cravings start acting crazy, Orchard Fresh is your guy. Delicious and healthy, what more can you ask for?


Image Courtesy: Justdial


Coolest Scoops: Cotton Candy Ice-cream, Fruit & Nut Overload, Mango Kulfi, Yoghurt Wildberry


With several cutesy little outlets around the city, Gelato Italiano is an affordable ice-cream parlour which makes you feel like a king even during the painful month-end days. Their menu is largely divided into four categories; Indulge, Fantasy, Sensation and Divine. And you know what? They live up to these expectations. I for one still can't pick my favourite because they are all so good.


Now that you have the map to some of the best ice-cream parlours in Bangalore; get ready to embark on this amazing quest and devour like a king. 



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