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7 Indian Beauty Brands You Need On Your Shelf

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Jan. 25, 2021 5 min read

From Multani Mitti packs smeared across our young faces to our hair strands coated with egg and yoghurt batter, beauty in India has always been about deriving the best of au naturel recipes, exchanged across generations. And although several years have passed since our beauty regimes had a singular jar of petroleum jelly as a one-stop skincare product, homegrown beauty brands continue to harness the power of natural blends and organic ingredients, to create products that look good, and more importantly, feel great. 


Beauty shopping at high-end stores often leaves you with a cart full of expensive, luxury products created by brands you can't pronounce the names of. We reach for the product, bearing in mind the price, popularity and its compliance with the latest beauty trends, without devoting substantial thought to our local alternatives. But in the past few years as well as the current one, we've seen a number of Indian local beauty brands emerging under the spotlight, because of their stellar product ranges, that perfectly straddle the line between traditional natural recipes and scientific skincare solutions. Combining the best of both these worlds, these Indian brands have been supplying nourishing, chemical-free skincare products, that promote medicinal and organic nourishment, along with holistic wellness. Not only can they rival their foreign counterparts on the grounds of quality and beauty benefits, but they're also much more affordable, accessible and at the end of the day, beneficial for our economy. 


With that, we have enlisted 7 Indian beauty brands that deserve to be on your radar, and eventually in your beauty cabinet. 


1. Khadi Essentials 


Image Courtesy - Khadi Essentials 


Embracing the beauty practices, ingredients and blends purported by the ancient science of Ayurveda, Khadi Essentials is a homegrown brand that focuses on complete beauty wellness. All the products at Khadi Essentials are free of sulphates and parabens, against animal cruelty and testing and based on the goodness of herbal treatments, in addition to being made in India through and through.


Recommended Products 

  • Ratnagarbha – Coffee, Green Tea and Red Moroccan Clay Hair Rinser
  • Shea Butter, Tea Tree & Thyme Conditioner with Neem & Jojoba
  • Neem, Tulsi & Tea Tree Face Wash With Green Tea for Acne, Blemishes & Pigmentation



2. Shae 


Image Courtesy - Medium


This Indian all-natural skincare company has been lauded far and wide for its rich blends of botanical ingredients that feel ultra-luxurious on the skin. It's one of the most trusted brands in the country when it comes to natural products with assured delivery on promised benefits, and their budget-friendly skincare range allows access to all. 


Recommended Products

  • Lavender Hand & Foot Scrub
  • Green Tea Facial Mask 
  • Ginger Body Wrap 



3. Plum 


Image Courtesy - Plum Goodness


Plum has successfully carved its niche as an adored home-grown brand offering all-organic, vegan and sustainable beauty products. Plum gives you access to skincare products that are a cent per cent free of parabens, phthalates, PABA and all other harmful chemicals, and this local label is touted to be the first 100% vegan brand to emerge in India. Oh, and it's super easy on the pocket in true local fashion. 


Recommended Products 

  • Green Tea Clear Face Mask 
  • Hibiscus and Rosemary Gentle Defence Shampoo
  • Wild Cherries and Kiwi Body Butter



4. Seer Secrets 


Image Courtesy - Seer Secrets


This Indian-origin beauty brand manufactures unique organic products that are centred around the traditional Indian philosophy of simple living and natural beauty. The skin and body care range at Seer Secrets aims to promote healing and wellness with the aid of nourishing formulations made entirely of rare herbs and locally sourced beneficial ingredients. 


Recommended Products 

  • Neem, Onion & Curry Leaf Restorative Scalp Oil 
  • Lemon, Shorea & Cinnamon Sebum Retarding Facial Cleanser 
  • Raw Mango, Paprika & Mint Lip Plumper



5. Disguise Cosmetics 


Image Courtesy - BuzzFeed


Disguise Cosmetics is a PETA approved home-grown beauty brand that vows to infuse humanity and conscientiousness into the present beauty industry. All the products sold by this credible local brand are made entirely of natural oils and vegan ingredients while following naturalistic, cruelty-free manufacturing and testing practices. 


Recommended Products 

  • Copper Dawnbreaker Multistick 
  • Satin Matte Lipstick 
  • Rainbow Glow Oil



6. Biotique 


Image Courtesy - Medium


Arguably one of the most well-known mentions in this list of the best local beauty brands in India, Biotique as a brand prides itself on bringing together the skincare benefits from the 5000-year-old science of Ayurveda and advanced 21st-century biotechnology. Briding the beauty gap between the East and the West, this homegrown brand has been supplying us with fully organic and preservative-free products wrapped in eco-friendly packaging. 


Recommended Products 

  • Dandelion Ageless Lightening Serum 
  • Bio Winter Green Spot-Correcting Anti Acne Cream 
  • Bio Fruit Whitening, And Tan Removal Face Pack



7. Mamaearth


Image Courtesy - IndieFolio


A pioneer in the development of personal care and beauty products comprising entirely of only natural ingredients, this local-origin brand was the first company in Aisa to be certified by Made Safe. And that’s only a sliver of the plans that the founder duo Varun and Ghazal have formulated to introduce India to toxin-free parenting and beauty for mothers. 


Recommended Products

  • Onion Oil For Hair Fall Control With Redensyl 
  • Ubtan Face Mask With Saffron - Turmeric & Apricot Oil
  • C3 Face Mask With Charcoal, Coffee & Clay 



8. Paul Penders


Image Courtesy - PaulPenders


The world's first entirely vegan and cruelty-free brand, Paul Penders ticks off a lot of boxes as a stellar Indian beauty brand. From moisturising your skin with nourishing natural ingredients, to bringing all-natural long-lasting lipsticks to your cosmetic counter, this homegrown brand has been furnishing botanical skincare solutions for all skin types since as far back as 1972! 


Recommended Products

  • Aloe & Lavender All Day Moisturizer
  • Avocado & Cranberry Night Time Moisturizer
  • Citrus Fruit Exfoliant 


Get yourself a jar of homegrown skincare goodness. Or several. Who's counting anyway?


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