Karaoke Nights: Sing Your Heart Out At These 4 Restaurants In Delhi


Updated - July 20, 2018 2 min read

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We all think that somewhere deep down inside us, there's a singer that will one day make the world gasp in awe.

While we DO end up making the world gasp for all the wrong reasons, Karaoke nights at these restaurants will at least help us experience the illusion of being a global sensation. 


1. The Roost – Urban Bistro and Bar

The Roost Urban Bistro and Bar

The rustically themed Roost serves brilliant cocktails, which is just what you need before you get on a stage. If you’re looking to have a good time on the weekend, Roost is the place to be.


Highlights: Outdoor Seating, Live Music, Cocktails
Must-Haves: Thai Chicken Skewer, Mezze Platter, Sangria
Cost For Two: Rs. 1500
Cuisine: North Indian, Continental, Italian, Tex-Mex
AddressHKV, Delhi 


2. Raasta


Raasta isn’t just the place for the best girls night out ever, but is also THE place to be if you’re feeling particularly 'talented'. They serve an amazing collection of drinks and an even better array of dishes which brilliantly compliment their eclectic ambience and energetic crowds. Visit this place on a Tuesday to get the full-blown effect of what they have to offer.


Highlights: Cocktails, Live Music
Recommended: Shawarma, Onion Rings, Cosmopolitan
Cost For Two: Rs. 2000
Cuisine: Continental, Italian
AddressHKV, Delhi


3. Fork You

Fork You
Apart from their witty dish names and gigantic burgersFork You is also famous for their perfectly crafted drinks and authentic tasting pastas. Their range of 'Forkology' drinks are just what you need when you want to have a good time. Visit on a Friday night if you want to hear your friends sing and embarrass themselves.


Highlights: Made-to-order burgers & cocktails, Pastas
Must-Haves: Classic Chicken Burger, Onion Rings, Nutella Shake
Cost For Two: Rs. 1600
Cuisine: Continental, Asian, Italian, Mediterranean, Fast Food
AddressHKV, Delhi


4. Harry’s Bar + Café

Harry's Bar Cafe
One of the first Karaoke bars to come up in Delhi, Harry’s has karaoke daily from 9 pm onwards. Be sure to check out their events page to know if the night has any themes that you need to adhere to. And once you end up there, let your hair loose and sing your heart out.


Highlights: Live Music, Classic Cocktails
Must-Haves: Thai Green Curry, Honey Chilli Potato
Cost For Two: Rs. 1600
Cuisine: Mediterranean, American, Asian
AddressSaket, Delhi