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Macaron Mania? Head to these 5 Places In South Mumbai!

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Feb. 27, 2020 2 min read

Sweet, pillowy and resplendent with delicate flavours, macarons are arguably one of the most treasured French desserts of all time. Available in varying colours, types, and flavours, macarons have been ruling over our dessert-driven hearts for a while now, and we'd like nothing more than to share the love! 


Recently popularised in our country, it didn't take long for countless pastry shops offering colourful meringue cookies to sprout up in virtually every city. But Mumbai, as always, is amongst the most notable ones. To add merit to our words, here's a round-up of the top 5 places in South Mumbai, offering the best macarons in town and around! 


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This cosy cafe in Bandra is nothing short of heaven for all those with a penchant for baked desserts. Perfect location for an idyllic Sunday brunch with friends, this place offers a staggering variety of colourful macarons that are impossible to resist! The classic chocolate macaron, however, has our heart. 



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This place has set immensely high standards for dining in South Mumbai, which is probably why its frequented by so many Tinsel Town celebs! The desserts at this place are of unparalleled quality and taste, and the macarons are no different. There are a number of flavours you can choose from, but their unique ice-cream macarons are absolutely heavenly. 



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Scattered around Mumbai city, the Daniel Patissier outlets are like little gateways to Paris. The desserts you can get your hands on at this place are unconventional, flavoursome and truly decadent. Their macarons are their showstopper, available in flavours ranging from bubblegum pink to key lime pie. 


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Anybody with a sweet tooth, residing in South Mumbai must pay this place a visit, at least once. Known for experimenting with both traditional classic and unconventional contemporary flavours, Toujours offers the best of baked goods. With both eggless and with egg options, you will get a taste of the most premium macarons in the near vicinity if you head to this place. Keep an eye out for their chocolate caramel macaron!



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Well-known by a majority of Mumbai's population for its indulgent desserts packed with flavours, Le15 Petit Cafe is a cheery little outlet. Their macarons are to die for, and while all of them make your mouth water in anticipation, we recommend you take a gander at the Paan, Rose and Mango Cheesecake flavoured macarons!

We've long accepted that the secret to happiness might just lie in a perfect pop macaron, and we can't wait for you to join the party! 


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