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Bored Of Having The Same Old Box Of Soan Papdi? This Diwali Let's Try Some Naughty Nutty Delights

By Ishan Sharma

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 8 min read

Diwali calls for a feast of flavours, colours and festive madness at the best! Celebrating this occasion is all about sharing happiness and smiles. And with this happiness, we pack away some sweet indulgences as a token of our cherished love and the long-held adore that we share among our loved ones. 


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But one thing that's gone bland and drab with time is the same old taste and the same old flavours we come across every Diwali. Leave monotony of life apart, we can't even stand the same meal twice a day! So why not gift a different flavour and mix in some nutty goodness this Diwali. 


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Well, you've got it right! This Diwali, let's be unconventional, let's break the norms and go nuts after nuts and not just sweets. We present some of the best nutty sweetness to make your Diwali pleasantries special and memorable. Sweets that won't be passed along or hoarded for weeks anymore! 


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Delhi NCR


Choco Chia Pudding - Buy From - Pudding Pie

Packing all the chocolaty madness and the Chia seeds goodness, the Choco Chia Pudding is sure to bring about a new and delightful flavour to your Diwali "feast-ivities". Gorging onto this as much as you want wouldn't cost you anything on your health. There's less sugar used in this, is full of natural flavours and is simply a relish for all your taste buds. 


Image Courtesy: Eat This Much



Date, Almond & Chocolate Laddoos - Buy From - Chocolate Desire

Who would deny a dive into the sweetness of laddoos on Diwali? Well, better if they're made of Chocolate and nuts. The best part, they're super healthy and feather-light on your metabolism. The visual aesthetic of these would make you drool for more and to gift them to your loved ones is actually better than giving away a box full of heart-attack.


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Classic Granola Bars - Buy From - Detroit Connaught Place

Granola bars aren't just for the diet-conscious, but also for those who love having sweets. And it doesn't mean that it's got to be sugary to be sweet, but there are ways around the best tastes in life. So this Diwali, quirk it up and go with some Granola Bars instead of same old Barfis and these won't be passed along or kept in a vault for next Diwali for sure. 


Image Courtesy: Martha Stewart


Dry Fruit Cake - Buy From - Cafe Tonino

Tired of those extremely sweet Rasgullas and Gulabjamuns, you gotta try this. With nuts and berries in every bite, this sweet & savoury delight is sure to make you smile as soon as you open the sweet aromatic goodness. The Dry Fruit Cake would make your Diwali palette stand apart and you wouldn't know when there won't be any left for you. 


Image Courtesy: Joy Of Baking


Multigrain Laddoos - Buy From - Smoothie Valley

If not the chocolate ones, go for these! Multigrain goodness does not need an introduction anymore, so why not some multigrain goodness to pave the sweet road of festivities this Diwali? Well, choosing these over your regular Kaju Katli is going to add so much of oomph to those Diwali Sweets you offer to your guests.


Image Courtesy: Rustic Concoction


Peanut Butter - Thai Flavoured Truffle, Coated With Roasted Peanuts - Buy From - Health Nuts

As delectable as they look, they're even better to bite into. If you think that these sweet delicacies of life make for the reason you smile, then this is something that will hook you on forever. Presenting these for deserts on your Diwali Dinner table or gift wrapping these along with humble wishes, you're bound to be a friend to cling on.


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Dark Chocolate Fudge With Wasabi Nuts, Caramelized Almonds & Cashews - Buy From - Butter Singh

Dark Chocolates, Wasabi Nuts & Caramelized Exotics, I was hooked on to this after a mention of these. To talk any further, you'll need to try them once. An explosion of flavours and gastronomic goodness defines these heavenly sweets. Trust me on this, but you would want to keep this one a secret after making your peeps try. They'll be nagging for details so much after once.


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Walnut Chocolate Chunk Brownies - Buy From - Chocolate Heaven 

Walnuts are love and so are brownies! What's better, a beautiful & colourful fusion among these. Not many would say no to a brownie every now and then, for Diwali, it's just a cherry on the top. After having a boatload of traditional sweets and get overloaded with a sugar rush, a tint of dark chocolate goodness is just what confides in the festive mood. 


Image Courtesy: The Spruce Eats


Cashew Chocolate Truffles & Almond Chocolate Truffles - Buy From - Chocolate Heaven 

Truffles would light up your Diwali Soiree with a sweet beam of goodness. Club these with some good-old nuts and you have the perfect recipe for a great Diwali feast. As traditional as it still is, it's extremely exclusive in flavours. Lighting a match to Diwali colours within your mouth, this paradisiacal treat is all things delectable for you.


Image Courtesy: Eating Well


Saffron & Pistachio Ice-Cream - Buy From - Saffron


Saffron makes for an empowering flavour in deserts and hence are usually sprinkled like a garnish from above. But what about an ice-cream made with saffron and sprinkled with love for Pistachios above, I say whaaa!? Yeas, the jaws drop on just the sight of this and you drooling over a bowl of this mouthwatering goodness.


Image Courtesy: One Green Planet


Oatmeal, Dates & Figs Granola Bar - Buy From - Bar Bar

Granola bars are great already, but with some added flavours, all-natural and healthy ones, it calls for a major reason to gorge upon as many as you can. Well, we're talking of Oatmeal, Dates and Figs Granola Bars that make for the right amount of sweetness and nutty goodness at the same once. So this Diwali, make sure that you're good to go on a healthier front as well. 


Image Courtesy: Joy Of Baking


Naturals Anjeer Ice-Cream - Buy From - Naturals Ice-Cream  

Naturals have been making finger-licking good ice-creams since quite some time now. And the latest addition to their menu is a winner among all. The Anjeer Ice-cream is already making rubbles in the gastronomic lobby and which can also be a cool entry to your Diwali Dinner menu as well. So go ahead and surprise your guests with its unique but delicious flavour and cold, messy pleasure.


Image Courtesy: Hyderabad Food Guy






Choco Hazelnut Pastry -Buy From - The Pastry Inn

Pastries make festivities more festive and cool! Along with nutty flavours like Hazlenut, they turn into food-gasm! So is the Choco Hazelnut Pastry. So this Diwali, make love with food, but with a twist of flavours to make you go nuts.


Image Courtesy: BBC


Banana Walnut Cake - Buy From - Glen's Bakehouse

You would definitely go bananas over this. Just a bite into this wholesome goodness and you are a fan forever. You can mark these words, but you wouldn't have had a better combination of fruit and nuts before.


Image Courtesy: Aish Cooks


Caramel Peanut Churros - Buy From - Gobble Up Churros 

Churros for Diwali? Don't question, just try! You'll find yourself doing it every year. When the smooth caramel and pea-nutty bliss melts in your mouth with some crispy churros to make for a bite, you'll say "heaven, that's all". 


Image Courtesy: Hallmark Channel


Nutty Choco Cuddle Donut - Buy From Dunkin Donuts

The makers did it fair enough to call it a cuddle Donut! The flavours simply cuddle each other to make something as beautifully delectable and mouthwatering to start with. By the end, you'll be craving for more.


Image Courtesy: IL Donaccino Dubai




Black Wasabi Ice-Cream - Buy From - Mohan Ice-Cream

Wasabi & Ice-Cream? You may think it is weird but instead, it's a great combination to come across. This sweet-tangy tale of a culinary adventure is sure to make your Diwali celebrations memorable. The nutty feeling you get is surely a different taste and serving it to your guests would definitely another. Good or bad, just let them decide. 


Image Courtesy: Pages Of Travel


Nutty Choco Fudge In A Bottle - Buy From - Frozen Bottle

Choco fudge is messy enough? Well, not when you serve it in a bottle, it's cool, it's sassy and it's chic this way. About its taste, you'll want one after another one of these. So make your Diwali a festival of colours, in food as well and spread some smiles for some food.


Image Courtesy: BBC Good Food




Walnut Rocher - Buy From - Walnut

A nutty sibling to the Ferrero Rochers, this is a cool new box of sweets you can consider for Diwali sweets. Better than the old, conventional one, this one is quirked up, and right up your Diwali taste buds' alley. 


Image Courtesy: The Little Loaf


Diwali calls for celebrations and even if traditional ways around these celebrations make for the major aesthetics of these festivities, yet something different but similarly symbolic is always welcomed. A sense of newness and ambiguity when it comes to good things would always accentuate this happiness. So this Diwali, go nuts over nuts and indulge yourself completely in these sweet festivities of life.     


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