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Choose The 5 Best Picnic Spots Nearby Bangalore For a Perfect Weekend

By Yamini Taneja

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 3 min read

Bangalore is blessed with the beautiful characteristics of nature. So book your weekend in spending time with nature in the best 5 picnic spots nearby Bangalore. Trust me investing your time at these places will fill your soul with happiness and joy.



Anthargange is near Kolar District Of Karnataka in the Shathashrunga range, about 70 km from Bangalore. In Kannada, Anthargange means ‘Inner Stream’.
This place is surrounded by rocky boulders, small caves, and cave exploration. This factor together contributes to making it the best gateways for trekking, rock climbing, and cave exploration.

Famous For: Trekking and Cave Exploration
Entrance Fee:  Free
Visiting Time:  24 Hours
Nearby Restaurants: Kamat YatraNivas


2.Janapada Loka

Janapada Loka is situated in the Ramanagara District, just off 53 km from Bengaluru- Mysore Highway. Jonapada Loka is a ‘Folk-World’.  It has captured almost 5000 artifacts which include hunting equipment, rustic and old-school agricultural equipment, traditional and creative household wares and colorful puppets.  All the stored artifacts is an important factor which has brought this place in the list of picnic spots nearby Bangalore. Apart from artifacts, it also serves the best dishes of Karnataka and has small children’s park.

Famous For: Unique Artifacts
Entrance Fee: 10-Adult, 5-Children
Visiting Time: 9.00 AM To 5:30
Nearby Restaurants: Kamat Lokaruchi, Rangrez Restaurant


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You can enjoy your picnic by seeing the glimpse of Southern India. As it is such a wonderful place and also known as “The City Of Palaces”. It is located in the Foothills of the Chamundi Hills. The beauty of Mysore lies in it Mysore Palace. The Palace is decorated by beautiful paintings, explained by a rich heritage and covered by stained-glass windows. On every Sunday the Palace is spectacularly lit up after dusk falls.

Famous For:  Mysore Palace, Mysore Zoo, and Somanathapura Temple
Entry Fee: Packages starting from Rs. 4,500
Visiting Time: Not Limited
Nearby Restaurants: Vattika, Green County Family Restaurant, and Empire Restaurant



It is located 60 km to the west of Bangalore. It is counted as one of the largest single rock formations in Asia.  It is famous picnic spots nearby Bangalore by the tourists. Billigudda hill, Karigudda hill, magnificent temple surrounded by a pond all together glorify the beauty of this place.

Famous For: Trekking, Rock Climbing
Entrance Fee- Free
Visiting Time: Not Limited
Nearby Restaurants: Dominos and Dalma


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5. Ramanagara

It is located about 50 km away from Bangalore. You can take Mysore Road and get there within two hours. The place is captured by rocks, boulders and beautiful views. And all the adventurous sports define it a perfect place.

Famous For: Trekking and Rappelling
Entry Fee: Free
Visiting Time: Not Limited
Nearby Restaurant: Carrots Restaurant and The Raj Pavilion


So hunt out all the picnic spots in Bangalore and make your weekend a happening one!



Q- What all things should be there in our picnic bag?
A- Picnic Basket, A Picnic Blanket, Plates, Glasses, Utensils, Napkins, Corkscrew or Bottle Opener, Cutting Board and Knife, Ice Packs or Thermos, Trash Bags, Paper Towels or Wipes.


Q- Camera's are allowed in these places?
A- Yes, but in some places it is chargeable. 


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