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Head To These Bandra Spots For Yummy Hot Pancakes!

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Nov. 27, 2020 2 min read

Picture this. You wake up in your bed on a chilly Sunday morning, toasty in your bed, and with no plans for the day and zero responsibilities to cater to. After a few panic-stricken minutes, the realisation that you have nowhere to be, seeps in. Next? The decadent smell of warm, buttery pancakes comes wafting from the kitchen. There's nowhere you'd rather be, right? But wait. When you're craving a bite of some fluffy, sugary pancakes, who has the patience to wait for a particular day of the week? Especially when Mumbai city offers everything you need on a platter, around the clock, every day of the week! 


If the imagery of a pancake laden in warm maple syrup is enough to get you through the crisp Winter months, imagine what an actual platter would do! Now turn your imagination into reality, by making a beeline for the best pancakes in Bandra! 


Image Courtesy - Salt Water Cafe


When you talk about places in Bandra that have earned a stellar reputation for themselves, the name of Salt Water Cafe is bound to crop up. While this uber-cool place is predominantly known for its scrumptious European flavours and regular celebrity sightings, the blueberry pancakes here are worth ravishing! 


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Image Courtesy - Mumbai Foodie 


A go-to spot in Bandra for when you're craving breakfast at any given time during the day, Jamjar serves the most delish Nutella banana pancakes in the near vicinity. Best part? These pancakes have two layers of pure yum stacked atop each other!



Image Courtesy - Mumbai Foodie


Very few residents of Mumbai will not name The Nutcracker upon being questioned about the best pancake spots in town! Their buttermilk pancakes are as close to heaven as you will get on a weekday. There are a number of variations, and we whole-heartedly recommend the Belgian Chocolate buttermilk pancakes!


Image Courtesy - Lettuce Review


Smoke House Deli is often lauded for its mouth-watering servings that strike the right balance between health and indulgence, and their pancake menu is no different! Their gluten-free pancakes are perfect for those that refuse to compromise on their diet, but still need to satisfy their sweet tooth cravings. 


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Image Courtesy - Pinterest


Saving the most unconventional pancake for the end, let's just say, Bastian knows how to experiment with food in a way that makes already amazing dishes, even better! If you've been on the hunt for savoury pancakes, this brunch spot in Bandra serves a mean gluten-free Korean Seafood pancake, replete with crepes, calamari and prawns. Taste it, then judge it! 

Listen, good pancakes wait for no one. So wake up, and seize the day, now! 


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