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Bored Of Snowcapped Peaks & Rainy Bliss? Autumn Perfect Places That Inspire You To Pack Your Bags Right Away!

By Ishan Sharma

Updated - Oct. 26, 2019 12 min read

Autumn falls in perfectly when you go about exploring the miraculous side of Mother Nature. Standing on the cusp of beautifully pleasant weather, a second away from breathtaking vistas and overlooking panoramic beauty all across, there are few places in India that mark their grandeur presence better than ever during these days. 


Image Courtesy: The Barossa Mag


All things amazing for all kinds of the globetrotters, these places make for some of the most refreshing getaways from the monotony of 9-5 routine that we all endure in life and we all need a break from. So make a plan this autumn and get ready to embark upon a journey that liberates your body, mind & soul all at the same once. 


1. Bir Billing For Those Who Wish The Sky Was Closer

Touted to be the best destination for Paragliding in the entire nation, Bir Billing is gradually transforming into a mammoth tourist magnet in the region. With landscapes and views that make you stop, sit, click and soak in the view for some time, you cannot keep yourself from falling in love with this destination at first sight. 


Image Courtesy: Life Love Lemons


Things To Do: Paragliding, Camping, Trekking, Hang Gliding, Mountain Biking & Adventure Sports

Getting There:

By Train - Nearest Railway Station at Pathankot (3 hours away from Bir Billing).

By Road - Volvo Coaches and State Coaches available from all major destinations nearby.

Ideal For: Adventure enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies.

Tips: Make hotel reservations in advance. During tourist-rush occupancy runs out very soon. 


2. Srinagar & Autumn Fall In Perfectly 

Someone said it right, that if there's heaven on earth, here it is, here it is, here it is! And autumn in Srinagar is like the best you can imagine of this season. Flanked by some of the most picturesque mountains in the world and gloved around a mystic lake with swans like Shikaras meandering towards the end of the world, while kissing an autumn sunset, can only be in Srinagar. Undoubtedly, one of the many gifts of nature that you won't find anywhere else.   


Image Courtesy: Outlook India


Things To Do: Sightseeing, Long Walks Across the Dal Lake, Shopping At Lal Chowk and City Tours at the Mughal Garden.

Getting There:

By Road - Well connectivity through major national highways from the different parts of the country.

By Air - Sri Nagar Domestic Airport With Daily Flights By Various Carriers.

Ideal For: Tourists of All age groups, couples and families.

Tips: Due to major restrictions from the govt. please check the latest security norms applied in the valley. Curfews and shutdowns are frequent and hence, please inquire properly before heading to Srinagar.


3. Ladakh To Get Ahead Of Serenity

Untouched, unrivalled and unimaginably breathtaking! The aesthetic appeal of Ladakh cannot be confined in words. From cultural embellishments to geographical marvels, all your nomadic instincts are in for a treat here. People come here seeking solace from the hustle bustles of city life and leave a part of their souls behind. To be precise, it's majestically beautiful if nothing short of an experience that illuminates your soul with happiness


Image Courtesy: The Wandering Soul 


Things To Do: Camping, Trekking, Photography, Mountain Climbing

Getting There:

By Road - Ladakh enjoys good connectivity to the major cities in India with national highways and state roads.

By Air - You can also reach Ladakh by air through the Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport in Leh.

Ideal For: Nature's Aficionados, Adrenaline Junkies, Mountaineers and Ardent Travellers

Tips: When in Ladakh, please make sure that you're well loaded on supplies. With scarce resources at long distances from one another, stocking up on supplies is Ideal for your trip to Ladakh.


4. Pachmarhi For Those Nature's Aficionados

Sitting pretty amidst cascading waterfalls, time-defying canyons, natural pools that make you take a plunge in freshness and forested verdant expanses that bring out a sense of respect for Mother Nature, a visit to Pachmarhi is like an explosion of colours and experiences that make you forget everything else. Simply the true meaning of exploring the unexplored, Pachmarhi during autumn is an astonishing sight to behold. 


Image Courtesy: Agoda


Things To Do: Sightseeing, Jungle Safari, Photography

Getting There:

By Road - Buses to the major cities are available at all times.

By Train - The nearest railway station to Pachmarhi is at Pipariya, 47 Kms away, from where buses and taxis are readily available.

By Air: Bhopal & Jabalpur are the nearest airports with several direct flights from the major airports in the city. From there you can board a bus or a cab to Pachmarhi. 

Ideal For: Nature Lovers and History Diggers

Tips: It is advised to carry sufficient cash as there are very few ATMs in Pachmarhi. Also, carrying packaged water is advised and one should definitely refrain from drinking water directly from the water streams.


5. Andamans - Havelock Island - The Best Kept Secret 

To the little of common knowledge, lies a hidden gem of our nation, the Havelock Island of the ancient Andamans. With blue azures outlining the white sandy beaches and the palm-lined backdrop make for a perfect autumn getaway. For those who like it quiet and serene, this can be the perfect getaway. Many say that once you've been to the Havelock, you can hardly find anywhere more beautiful. 


Image Courtesy: Conde Nast Traveller India


Things To Do: Water Sports, Spa, Relaxing On the Beach, Strolling along the beachside, Photography, Hiking

Getting There: It's an island only accessible through sea routes and sea-planes. Nearest airport is at Port Blair, the Veer Savarkar Airport, which enjoys well connectivity to the major airports in India.

Ideal For: Couples, Families & Adventure Enthusiasts

Tips: Due to its remoteness, The Havelock has limited options for accommodation. Therefore, before planning a visit, please ensure that you have booked your stay well in advance.


6. Agra For The History Diggers

During the rest of the year, Agra is just like every other bustling city of India, but when the autumn strikes, it transforms into a melting pot of architectural hues and deep historical relevance. The world-renowned symbol of Indian craftsmanship and cultural magnificence, the Taj Mahal enjoys the major proportion of this attention and love from the tourists. Indeed, when in autumn, the sight of sun falling down behind the Taj is sure to melt your heart. 


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Things To Do: Sightseeing, Visiting Historical Monuments, Shopping, Gastronomic Explorations

Getting There: Agra enjoys connectivity with various cities through, air, road and rail.

By Road - With Expressways and National Highways connecting Agra to Delhi and other cities, getting to Agra by road makes for a leisurely drive.

By Rail - There are a couple and more Railway Stations in Agra, with Agra Jn. as the main Railway Station with trains to all the major cities in India.

By Air - Agra enjoys air connectivity with the rest of the country through Kheria Airport which is 16 kms away from the city center and is operated by the Indian Airforce.

Ideal For: Families, Couples, History Diggers

Tips: Upon getting to Agra, make an itinerary for a day and stick to the plan. Also, keep a separate day aligned for places like Fatehpur Sikri and the monuments in the outskirts.


7. Corbett Tiger Reserve For The True Adventurous Souls

One of the most adventurous verdant expanses in the world, the Corbett Tiger Reserve is all things amazing in Autumn. When the golden sunlight filters through the greens and kisses the fallen leaves, the real meaning of autumn rises above the rest. From sunrise to sunset, every other second brings along another mystical experience for the beholders.


Image Courtesy: Thrillophilia


Things To Do: Jungle Safari, Night Safari, Jungle Walk, Hiking, Camping

Getting There:

By Road - Situated in the foothills of Uttarakhand, Corbett Tiger Reserve is well connected by the rest of the nation through national highways.

By Rail - There's no efficient air route to this location but the nearest railway station is at Ramnagar, from where taxis and cabs are readily available. One can also take an alternate route to Kathgodam and then head to Corbett in a taxi.

Ideal For: Nature Lovers, Wildlife Enthusiasts, Group of Friends, Explorers and Adventure Lovers

Tips: It's a restricted territory and the guests are advised to take into consideration the rules and regulations implied. Upon arrival, please make sure that you are complying with the need of the natural habitat around. 


8. Nainital For True Travelling Pleasure

Idyllic for those who like it all on a holiday, some gastronomic goodness, a place that makes you come back for more and experiences that you'd never get over, Nainital is one for all. In autumn, the natural beauty speckled around makes for its timeless charm and something that lures in countless wanderers looking for something new yet iconically renowned. So this autumn, head to Nainital, home to the largest volcanic lake of Kumaon and much more that will make you stay longer than you plan for. 


Image Courtesy: Goibibo


Things To Do: Boating, Hiking, Sightseeing, Shopping

Getting There:

By Rail - Nainital is well connected to the rest of the nation through Rail routes and road routes.

By Road - Taxi and Cabs to Nainital from the various cities nearby.

Ideal For: Couples, Families, Group of Friends, Mainstream Tourists

Tips: It's a well-crowded town and hence one should practice utmost negotiation skills before buying anything. Most of the articles are sold overpriced to the tourist and hence the scope of negotiation increases.


9. Lahaul & Spiti To Attain Salvation

Spiti is for those looking for salvation. When soaring skies merge into a spree of snowcapped peaks, the valley brings about a new shade of beauty and Spiti emerges as a retreat for those who look away from the usual and the ordinary. For those who would like to head forward to what lies beneath - the real purpose of feeling alive, freedom. No wonder, people call it a sight you would take away to your deathbed if you've come here in autumn. 


Image Courtesy: Thrillophilia


Things To Do: Camping, Trekking, Sightseeing, Adventure Activities

Getting There:

By Road - The beauty of Spiti lies in its remoteness and hence the only available route is by road. One can reach Manali, the nearest transportation hub and then head for Spiti in a cab or a bus.

Ideal For - Nature Lovers, Photographers, Adventure Enthusiasts and Ardent Travellers

Tips: As untouched it is, the locals wish to keep it that ways. Littering around and leaving unhealthy footprints behind is least welcomed there. So make sure that you carry bags along to bring back your waste and garbage for proper disposal.


10. Coorg The Scotland Of India

Hiding away in plain sight, this hidden gem of a destination is touted to be the crowning jewel of Southern India. Amidst a hillside cloaked in verdant expands for as long as your sight can reach, lies a town that's a mesmerizing and enchanting tale of human explorations. And when the bells of the autumn strike, the aura transforms into a blessing from above. For those who wish to experience a consensual meaning of true natural beauty, Coorg, in autumn, is the perfect answer to satiate their souls.                


Image Courtesy: Travelogy India


Things To Do: Sightseeing, Camping, Hiking, Shopping   

Getting There:

By Air - The nearest airport to Coorg is Mysore, which is 125 Kms away.

By Rail - The Mysore Railway station is also 125 Kms away from Coorg, from where a number of buses, taxis and cabs are available to Coorg.

Ideal For: People who like peaceful places, Families, Group of Friends.

Tips: If you're planning to book a homestay in Coorg, make sure that you choose something in the city centre and not in the outskirts. Such places make it difficult to explore the major attractions in the city.   


Autumn in India is like a gateway to heaven. When pleasant meets beautiful all around, know that the Autumn has finally arrived. Making it all a heavenly abode, autumn graces the earth with natures best and the fruits of time. 



Q. What can I expect in terms of expenses on a trip to one of these places?

A. It totally depends on your location and the itinerary you plan for. Getting to a travel agent would make this easier for you. But it is going to be lesser if you plan such a thing for a group of people wherein the cost per person gets divided. 


Q. I am a solo woman traveller, are these places safe for me?

A. Indeed, these places are safe for solo travellers, men or women, but some precautions and careful discretion is advised at all times. 


Q. After the article 370 abrogation in Kashmir, is it still safe for travel?

A. Although, the state of Kashmir has allowed tourists by now, for the latest and more accurate info on the same, contact the relevant authorities or the J&K tourism website. 


Q. Are adventurous getaways suitable for children?

A. With children, if you mean toddlers and infants, then they're not, but for young adults and teens, these places would surely be great for experience. 


Q. Can I just plan an impromptu trip to these places, pack my bags and leave?

A. You can, but then you might face some issues regarding accommodation and travel arrangements. It is preferable that you plan things in advance before heading to these places. 


Q. Will there be network connectivity?

A. Again, this depends on the remoteness and the current situation. In places like Srinagar, you may face some connectivity issues and at places like Spiti there may be some blank spots where there's low reception, but more likely, you would not face connectivity issues at large. 


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