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10 Super Marvelous And Best Places To Visit In Indonesia That Would Entice You To Quit Your 9 to 5 Job

By Sanjay Gouda

Updated - June 17, 2020 9 min read

Serene, surreal and sublime - this trio of alliterated adjectives when employed in unison, paint an accurate picture of what you are likely to experience if you find yourself in the midst of the largest archipelagic country in the world – Indonesia. Replete with tasteful culture, thoughtfully instituted age-old customs and traditions, breathtaking panoramic vistas, bustling exotic wildlife and diverse delectable food palettes, Indonesia offers an unparalleled journey to wildlife enthusiasts, geographic explorers and vacationing travelers, all in equal measure. Whether you are looking for a break from modernity induced saturation, a metamorphosis in your existing perspective on life or a reminder of just how inconsequential your quotidian problems are, don’t worry we got you covered with this list of 10 best places to visit in Indonesia curated with careful deliberation, consideration and a whole lot of love.


1. Bali

Bali is one of the world’s most popular island destinations and one which consistently wins travel awards. The varied landscape, rugged coastlines, tropical beaches, lush rice terraces and volcanic hillsides all provide a picturesque backdrop to its colorful, deeply spiritual and unique Hindu culture. The combination of friendly people, a magnificently visual culture infused with spirituality and spectacular beaches with great surfing and diving have made Bali the most popular tourist destination in Indonesia.


Image Credit: Qantas


2. Lombok

Lombok is often compared to its closest neighbor: Bali. The island has the same kind of beautiful beaches and volcanic scenery as Bali, with less commercialism and fewer crowds making it one of the best places to visit in Indonesia. The island’s northern area is dominated by the enormous volcano of Gunung Rinjani, and trekking at least part of the way up is the reason many tourists visit Lombok. The three Gili Islands, just off the northwest coast are the most popular beach destination.


Image Credit: Jak post



3. Raja Ampat Islands

Located off the northwest tip of the island of New Guinea, Raja Ampat (The Four Kings) is a fast archipelago comprising over 1,500 small islands and cays. Marine surveys suggest that the marine life diversity around the Raja Ampat islands is the highest recorded on Earth making it one of the most famous dive destinations in the world. The staggering abundance of marine life is due in part to its incredibly low human population density.


Image Credit: Wordpress


4. Mount Bromo

Indonesia sits on the Ring of Fire, an area with some of the most active volcanoes in the world. Many of the country's volcanoes, such as Mount Merapi, are famous for their violent eruptions and their stunning, but dangerous beauty. Mount Bromo is among the best known, thanks largely to its incredible views, particularly when seen standing over the caldera at sunrise. Bromo's peak was blown off in an eruption, and you can still see white smoke spewing from the mountain.


Image Credit: Travel Hysteria


5. Lake Toba

Another of Indonesia's natural wonders, Lake Toba is both a body of water and supervolcano. The lake, which sits in a crater, was formed between 69,000 and 77,000 years ago and is believed to have been the result of a catastrophic eruption. The lake is 1,145 square kilometers and 450 meters deep. Volcanic activity is still regularly recorded here and has pushed some islands above the water's surface. Lake Toba is a study in beauty and the powerful forces at work on the planet. Here, you can go swimming, water skiing, canoeing, or fishing, or stick to wandering the surrounding area on foot or bike.


Image Credit: Traveling yuk



6. Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is a bustling town of some 500,000 people and the most popular tourist destination on Java, due to its proximity to the famous temples of Borobudur and Prambanan. The city itself is a center of art and education, offers some good shopping and has a wide range of tourist facilities. Yogyakarta lies in one of the most seismically active parts of Java and has thus repeatedly been struck by earthquakes and volcano eruptions. In 2006 an earthquake flattened over 300,000 houses while in 2010 the nearby volcano of Mount Merapi erupted, spewing lava over nearby villages.


Image Credit: Indonesia travel


7. Ubud

Considered Bali’s art and culture capital, Ubud charms tourists beyond its elegant art galleries and lively traditional performances. Ubud is also one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the popular island destination. The famed Tegalalang Rice Terrace, for example, is a must-visit spot while in Bali. Ubud’s lush tropical jungles, calming rivers, and other natural features have also provided many wellness establishments with a serene atmosphere. Even a casual stroll or meal in this locality may come with a lovely view of nature or architecture.


Image Credit: Agoda


8. Nusa Islands

Often referred to as “The Maldives of Bali” this string of three islands off the coast of Bali is an up-and-coming tropical paradise with natural attractions that many would argue outshine the famed mainland. Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, and Nusa Ceningan each have their own specialty, but all three offer a splendid underwater scene, with thriving wildlife, translucent water, and a calm surface. The areas are perfect for diving, snorkeling, or water sports. Other favorite activities include cliff-jumping in Nusa Ceningan, crossing the yellow bridge between Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan, caving, hiking, and more.


Image Credit: Wanderer Sand Warriors


9. Pura Tanah Lot

This is one of Bali's most popular temples, built on a rock formation in the sea. The original formation began to deteriorate at one point, so a portion of the rock is now artificial. Still, Pura Tanah Lot draws people in droves, particularly in time to catch the sunset. This temple compound is found on the southern coast of Beraban village, and you can walk out to the temple at low tide. Once the sun goes down, browse the stalls at Tanah Lot market to purchase unique Balinese souvenirs.


Image Credit: My Best Place


10. Komodo National Park

This UNESCO World Heritage Site in Indonesia is having the most famous Komodo Dragon which is the largest living lizard. You may even catch legions of flying foxes (large fruit bats) in the star-filled night sky.


Image Credit: Be My Travel Muse


Quick facts about Indonesia

Capital City: Jakarta


Currency: Indonesian rupiah ( Rp)


Language(s): Malay and English


Where is this country located: Southeast Asia


What is Indonesia famous for: Indonesia is the most famous for its island and beaches, and Indonesia is also one of the world major producers of agricultural commodities.


Best time to visit Indonesia and seasons: May to September when the days are dry and sunny


Transportation in Indonesia: Buses, van, grab, uber, and train


International Airport(s): Jakarta International Airport (Soekarno-Hatta-CGK), Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS), Sultan Aji Muhammad Sulaiman Sepinggan International Airport (BPN)


Which side of the road do they drive: They drive on the left side of the road.


What is the electricity plug type: Type C and F, 230V


Neighboring countries: Papua New Guinea, Brunei, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, East Timor, and Australia



Q. What is the best city in Indonesia?

A. Out of many top places to visit in Indonesia these are worth paying a visit: Canggu in Bali, Ubud in Bali, Uluwatu in Bali, Seminyak in Bali, Jimbaran in Bali, Yogyakarta, Bandung, Malang, Gili Air, Mataram Lombok, Surabaya and there are many more good places to explore.


Q. What should I avoid in Indonesia?

A. You need to refrain yourself from doing the below activities to have a safe and memorable journey when in Indonesia: 

1. Don’t Wear Revealing Clothes in Temples

2. Avoid Bringing in Drugs

3. Don’t Smoke in Public Areas

4. Avoid Using the Left Hand

5. Don’t Drink Water from Tap

6. Don’t Ride Shady Taxis

7. Avoid Unauthorised Money Changers

8. Don’t Swim in Dirty Sea Water

9. Don’t Touch People’s Heads

10. Don’t Step on Balinese Offerings

11. Avoid Littering


Safety Precautions You Need To Take Care To Avoid Mishap: 

1. Check on ATMs Machines: Some thieves can get your PIN through cunning ways. Observe the machine and shield your PIN while you type it in.

2. Refuse Suspicious Drinks in Clubs: Don’t take drinks you did not order yourself to avoid poisons.

3. Don’t Travel During Peak Holiday Season: Unless you really want to take in the holiday atmosphere which is packed with people.

4. Avoid Gambling: It is highly illegal to gamble in Bali.

5. Watch Out for Photography Bans: Some places do not want visitors to take pictures without permissions.

6. Avoid Wearing Bags Out of Your Sight: Wear your bag in front of you so you can keep an eye on it.

7. Don’t Leave Your Passport: Even though you’re staying at a safe place, better bring your passport along with you just in case you need it.


Q. Is it safe to go to Indonesia?

A. Indonesia is fairly safe compared with many places in the world. There are some hassles from the avaricious, but most visitors face many more dangers at home. Petty theft occurs, but it is not prevalent.


Q. Is Jakarta worth visiting?

A. Jakarta has improved a lot over the years and is not as bad as its reputation. Still, it is a big city with relatively few real attractions. If they keep going the way they're going Jakarta might actually be properly worth visiting before too long.


Q. How many places are in Indonesia?

A. With 18,330 islands, 6,000 of them inhabited, Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world. Indonesia is home to 167 active volcanoes, far more than any other country


Q. What food should you avoid in Bali?

A. To reduce your risks, we recommend not eating these foods in Bali:

1. Food from street vendors - eat at hotels and reputable restaurants.

2. Leafy green vegetables and salads - they could be contaminated after being washed with tap water.

3. Rare or undercooked meats. Undercooked meat may contain bacteria that cause food poisoning.

4. Seafood

5. Chicken particularly if it’s not fully cooked.

6. Hot food which has gone cold at the time of serving.

7. Buffets - food sitting out at room temperature can easily contain high levels of bacteria.

8. Unpasteurized dairy products.

9. Wet glasses, cutlery, and plates

10. Peeled fruits

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