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Must-try Restaurants in Ansal Plaza If You Are Craving Exceptional Food

By Nishtha Gandhi

Updated - July 19, 2018 bookmark icon 4 min read

Ansal Plaza is the oldest mall in Delhi and it is located in South Extension. It is build in a circular form, around an amphitheatre and with a stage in the middle. It used to hold cultural events and celebrities used to come to promote their movies here before any other mall came up in Delhi and took over the market. The mall, as we all know, got revamped recently and houses restaurants that you've got to try if you are a foodie. 


1. Taksim

Located in the city's old-favorite hangout spot, this casual dining restaurant and bar has a captivating ambience and some of the best Continental dishes that money can buy. The chic interiors offers an amazing party space, and the quiet outdoors are just perfect to relax while enjoying their delicious preparations. The place is furnished with comfy couches, that are just perfect to relax while enjoying refreshing puffs of a Hookah. Recommended: Amrud Masala Cocktail, Seekh Kebabs, Mutton Tacos and Dahi Ke Sholey.

ansal plaza restaurants

ADDRESS: CG 01, Ansal Plaza Mall, Khel Gaon Marg, New Delhi
TIMINGS: 12:30 pm to 1 am
Rs. 2000
CUISINES: Continental


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2. The Sky High

Popular for its elegant rooftop seating that is one of the best spots in the city to take your partner on a date, this casual dining restobar has more than one trick up its sleeve to get your sky high. The place offers an extensive range of multi-cuisine preparations and a well-curated selection of liquor varieties available. The serene atmosphere, coupled with cordial service, soulful live music, good food, and good booze, is just what is needed for uplifting mood. Do try their Peri Peri Pizza and Dal Makhani.

ansal plaza restaurants

ADDRESS: C-306 A, 307, Third Floor, Ansal Plaza Mall,Hudco Place, Andrew Ganj, Khel Gaon Marg., Andrews Ganj, New Delhi
TIMINGS: 12 pm to 1 am
Rs. 1800
CUISINES: Continental, North Indian, Mughlai, Italian


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3. Triple 8

Anyone who holds a special place in their hearts for Pan-Asian, this is the newly opened restaurant in Ansal Plaza. It gets its name from the Asian Lucky Number 8. The menu covers everything Asian from dumplings, sushi, e charsiu ham 'n' cheese, baked quail eggs, spiced goat brain tempura, fresh river prawns with green peppercorns sauce and green apple tofu roll and much more. You won't be disappointed and now you have another reason to come to Ansal Plaza.

ansal plaza restaurants

ADDRESS: B -103A, First Floor, Ansal Plaza, Khel Gaon Marg, New Delhi
TIMINGS: 12 pm to 1 am 
COST FOR TWO: Rs. 3000


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4. Jom Jom Malay

Delhi's first Malaysian restaurant. Enough said. The exceptional food is thoroughly enjoyed because of the staff that is considerate enough to ask for any allergies and meat choices. The casual dining restaurant boasts of 64 dishes from the country and they range from street food to fine dining. For those who like their spices, they can add on some. The dips are fresh and made in-house. The shrimp paste here is a must try, if you like sea food. 

ansal plaza restaurants

ADDRESS: Ansal Plaza, August Kranti, Hudco Place, Andrews Ganj, New Delhi
TIMINGS:  12 pm to 11:30 pm 
COST FOR TWO: Rs. 1800
CUISINES: Malaysian, North Indian


5. Kaama Klub

From the majestic artwork-smeared walls, to the rustic looking decor and furnishings, soulful live musical performances, an enchanting ambience, and mouth-watering multi-cuisine preparations - there's a lot to love at this charming restobar. Walk in their party space with any number of friends to have a blasting time! Recommended: Korean Chicken Satay, and Pizzas.

ansal plaza restaurants

ADDRESS: C Block, Ansal Plaza, Khel Gaon Marg, New Delhi
TIMINGS:   12 pm to 11:30 pm
COST FOR TWO: Rs. 1600
CUISINES: Asian, Continental


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6. Amuse House

It's a new restaurant that has come up in Ansal Plaza, serving Meditteranean food and has amazing non-vegetarian dishes.  Definite must try dishes there are -  corn stuffed chillies, chicken liver pate. They serve authentic Meditteranean food with a culinary wit, so it messes with the authenticity but it is still good European food. All their sauces, dips and other condiments were made in house and every single one was delicious.

ansal plaza restaurants
ADDRESS: C-108, 1st Floor, Ansal Plaza , Khel Gaon Marg, New Delhi
TIMINGS:   12 pm to 12 am
COST FOR TWO: Rs. 1800
CUISINES: Mediterranean, European


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