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10 Loved Eateries In Mumbai Now Delivering To Your Doorstep!

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Aug. 10, 2020 5 min read

Do you have any idea how many diet charts I've ambitiously put up at my desk in the last couple of months? How many Monday mornings I've spent giving myself a pep talk on why I need to start eating healthy? From sweet coaxing to guilt-tripping to downright shaming myself, I've tried every single thing out there. But the moment I encounter the mental (or worse yet, physical) imagery of pancakes loaded with generous toppings, every single diet-vow goes flying out of the window. So as someone with considerable expertise in NOT succeeding at controlling cravings, I can say with certainty that the only thing that works, is indulging them every now and then. 


It's quite simple, really. Cheat with a dish of your choice, once a week. And the rest of the 6 days you're more likely to stick to your actual diet. And by a happy twist of fate, getting your hands on the dish your heart desires is now a viable prospect for all Mumbaikars. Shall we make the process even simpler? Here's an inventory of 10 adored eateries in Mumbai city, that you can now get your choice of treat delivered from! 



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Let us admit it right off the bat, we've always been nuts for The Nutracker's offerings. Now even more so, because we don't even need to get up from our chairs to steal a taste. Whether it's a simple sweet snack, or a full-on Lebanese meal you order, brace your tastebuds to get delighted beyond measure! 



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Our go-to spot for dessert cravings in Mumbai city, Poetry had the perfect soothing vibe for an idyllic Saturday afternoon, spent with a book in one hand, and a cheesecake spoon in another. But while that ambience might not be very accessible for a while, their menu certainly is. Poetry is now delivering deliciousness disguised in the form of decadent dishes, right to your front door. 



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Although I'd confess I'm nowhere close to being a coffee snob (I prefer my caffeine rush and anxiety the instant, cheap way), Blue Tokai is a brand I'm willing to abandon this humility for. It's reasonably priced, it has mouthwatering coffee, and the snacks make for the perfect company to a cuppa. And now they're willing to go the extra mile (pun totally intended) to get all these things and more, delivered to your house. 


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If you're a proud vegan, we've got something for you on this list! Rare Earth's delicious food is now ready to make its way to you with the press of a few buttons on your phone. Everything they offer is absolutely lip-smacking, and that's not just applicable to people who have adopted veganism. I can eat chicken any time of the day, but honestly, Rare Earth's pizzas and burgers can manage to get me drooling. And luckily for everybody involved, they're now delivering. 



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Somedays, you have a salad for lunch and burn more calories than you consume. Other days, you shove an entire packet of macarons into your mouth, while lying flat on the bed. It's okay, it's called balance. And whenever you're in the mood for the latter, The Rolling Pin is an option you should absolutely consider, especially now that their heavenly desserts will come to you. The lazier the better, ammiright?! 




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Gymkhana 91 is one of our all-time favourite spots to grab a delish meal from, and we're sure a lot of Mumbaikars would relate to that sentiment. With both self-pickup and home delivery options offered by the restaurant, Gymkhana's food can now be accessible from the comfort of your living room, or with a quick drive in your car. So go ahead, and relieve yourself of kitchen duties at least once this week, by ordering from this crowd favourite Mumbai eatery. 



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As long as there's chocolate involved in a plan, you can always count me in. And if it's something like getting a speciality chocolate-loaded dessert safely delivered to your house.........just invite me, please? This is the most delightful news for every chocolate lover like me in Mumbai city, each and every divine dessert offering in The Chocolate Room's menu, will now be transported to your couch for you. 


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Very very occasionally in life, you will find yourself in a situation that lets you have your cake and eat it too. And Le 15 Patisserie's provision of home-delivery services, is one such instance. For every mood that gives you pangs of baked cravings, whether it's a chocolate truffle pastry to chase your mid-week blues away or a box of cupcakes to celebrate the smallest victory, this cherished bakery in the city will get it to your house. 



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Who said food needs to be overly expensive to also be delightfully flavoursome? Because Say Cheese would certainly beg to differ! Especially during those last couple of days of the month, when your bank balance is running dangerously low but appetite is just as raging, a quick home delivery order from Say Cheese will satisfy your cravings to the fullest, at a price you can bear to afford. 



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And then, of course, there are days you just HAVE to indulge yourself and your sweet tooth. And for all those times, The Sassy Spoon's home delivery option will come to your rescue! Particularly if there's an occasion in your life that needs to be celebrated (from your parents 25th anniversary to the dog's 3rd birthday), their cakes are worth dying (or placing an order) for! 


Beep, beep, boop, your food is on the way! Yes, it's that easy. 


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