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Update Your Summer Footwear Closet With These 10 Trendy Shoes

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - March 3, 2021 6 min read

To spend an entire season with a single (or maybe two) pair of footwear is such a guys thing! I mean, what's the need right? Eh... Wrong. Times have changed. It's 2021 and there's nothing manly about dragging the same ol' pair of shoes with every outfit all throughout the year. It's just an outdated approach towards fashion which not many people appreciate. But for those of you who do, summers are almost here and it's the perfect opportunity to refresh your footwear closet.


Be it sneakers, loafers, espadrilles and more... every shoe has its purpose. And here's a list of the 10 such summer shoes for men who like to set trend.



1. Blue Espadrilles By WROGN From Myntra



INR 1,099


Espadrilles are by far the best alternative for summer sandals. These are nothing but classic Spanish slip-on sneakers made up of canvas material and rope sole. I think it's safe to say that they are one of the most lightweight and comfortable summer shoes for men. The colours black, navy and tan are the most versatile picks for the season. Style these quirky espadrilles with blue denim jeans and a graphic t-shirt for a super cool summer look.

Image Courtesy: Myntra



2. Men Beige Chunky Sneakers From HRX By Hritik Roshan From Myntra



INR 2,474


Guys, it's time to expand your summer footwear collection with these uber cool chunky sneakers by HRX. If your style leans more towards strapping and edgy, these summer shoes are for you. These shoes are quirky, very striking, super comfortable and quite affordable. Be mindful of how you style them and you're sure to make a fashion statement. My advice; pair them with trim jeans, a basic t-shirt and a leather jacket to steal the show. 

Image Courtesy: Myntra



3. Coffee Brown Wingcap Leather Slipon From Rapawalk



INR 4,499


Here's an elegant addition to your summer footwear collection 2021 from one of the most trusted leather footwear brand in India, Rapawalk. These summer shoes are a must-have for men. Not only are they great with work outfits but they make quite a pair with semi-formal wedding attires. A slip-on is one of the best summer shoes for men and to own that in leather is a matter of pride. The detailings on the wingtip alone makes it quite an irresistible pair of shoe. One tip though, always buy these in tan or brown colours as they go with everything. 

Image Courtesy: Rapawalk



4. Grey Knit Shoes By KAPOW From Flatheads



INR 3,995


The hot weather tends to make our feet sweaty. Solution? Knit shoes by Flatheads! These are the perfect summer shoes for men. Inclining more towards the category of sporty footwear for men, these knit-shoes are incredibly lightweight, ultra-breathable and extremely stylish. Known to be comfortable on the feet and eyes, the shoes are meant to compliment your everyday casual outfits. For the best results, you can either pair these with fitted jeans and a polo t-shirt or go with denim shorts and a graphic t-shirt on a hot summer day. 

Image Courtesy: Flatheads



5. Men White Sneakers By Roadster From Myntra



INR 1,043


Classic white sneakers are must-have footwear for men. They are an all-season, all-situation type of men's shoes that looks great with everything. You wear it with a t-shirt and denim jeans... it's a clean-cut casual summer look. And if you style it with a casual blazer and pants you get a semi-formal look for parties. That's the magic of their simplicity. They're versatile, very comfy and leaves a lot of room for experimentation and styling. But make sure you avoid the ones with big logos and graphics for a slick look. However, I'd still give the branded ones a pass. 

Image Courtesy: Myntra



6. Textured Slip-On Sneakers By Levi's From Ajio



INR 1,400


Modern-day classic slip-on sneakers designed by Levi's is another go-to summer shoes for men. They are easy to wear, stylish and looks absolutely great with almost all kinds of casual outfits. These shoes are the next best thing to summer as they provide a boost to your basic look with ease and virility. Pair these with blue denim jeans, a casual shirt or even a t-shirt and enjoy the season. 

Image Courtesy: Ajio



7. Leather Penny Loafers Moccasins From Rapawalk



INR 3,199


The designer loafer moccasins from Rapawalk are the best perfect handmade formal footwear for the guys. Styled as penny loafers, these summer shoes are made from quality suede leather and precision. Loafers are anyway a popular choice when it comes to summer shoes for men and these ones are a gift for all sorts of casual and formal outfits. They're also very comfortable. Pick these with jeans, a suit or formal pants to make a fashion statement in the hot season. 

Image Courtesy: Rapawalk



8. Lace-Up Basketball Shoes By Nike From Ajio



INR 4,995


Suede with minimal detailing and a colour contrast hard to say no to. These summer shoes are meant to be rocked with a sporty casual outfit on a hot day. Believe it or not, lace-up basketball shoes by Nike is your fashion stopover for the trendiest footwear for men. When paired with a casual outfit, be it jeans, shirt, t-shirt or a summer blazer will make for an impressive summer ensemble. 

Image Courtesy: Ajio



9. Leather Colourblock Semi-Brogue Derby Shoes By CODE From Lifestyle



INR 1,739


Lace-up dress shoes with a hint of slip-on is another must-have formal footwear for men. The decorated wingtip is exquisite and the overall designs make the shoes perfect for chinos and tailored pants. They are more casual than formal so you can pair them with all sorts of formal/semi-formal outfits from your closet. Now, I suggest you should go with brown or tan colour Derbys if it's your first time. However, these colour block ones are super classy and neat as well. 

Image Courtesy:



10. High-Top Casual Shoes By Converse From Ajio


INR 1,903


Some things never go out of style. These high-top casual shoes by Converse is one such summer shoe for men. The classic design will forever have our heart. And the relaxed and comfy wear will on no account leave our footwear closets. Style it with trim or ribbed jeans, a loose t-shirt and a denim jacket to rock a summer-friendly look in style. 

Image Courtesy: Ajio



From sports to casual to formal and more... picking the right summer shoes for men is a task that should be taken seriously. Lucky for you this list will find you when you're looking for a match. You're welcome!



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