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Know About 25 Best Suspense Movies On Netflix You Haven't Seen Yet

By Anubha Das

Updated - Dec. 18, 2018 15 min read

Some movie nights you feel like laughing at an epic comedy, but other nights you're wanting to be on the edge of your seat, biting your nails while watching an amazing suspense movie. Netflix knows what you love, and has a plethora of best suspense movies that will entertain you for hours on end. Here are the 25 best suspense movies on Netflix to that'll Scare the bejeesus outta you :


*Disclaimer: The movies listed in the blog are available on Netflix on a temporary basis.


1. The Loft

Director: Erik Van Looy

Stars: Karl Urban, James Marsden, Wentworth Miller 


The Lost is a suspense movie that centers around five pals who conspire to secretly share a penthouse loft in the city a place where they can indulge in their deepest fantasies. But this adventorous secret becomes a horror story for them when they find out an unknown dead body of a woman lying in their penthouse. One of the good things to watch on Netflix which shows a convoluted mess that veers back and forth in time with little rhyme or reason and is never close to being as smart and clever as it thinks it is. best-suspense-movies-on-netflix

IMDb Ratings: 6.3/10


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2. Taking Lives 

Director:  D.J. Caruso

Stars: Angelina Jolie, Ethan Hawke, Kiefer Sutherland 


Based on the novel by Michael Pye, "Taking Lives" is one of the best thriller movies that goes around the story of a female detective on a trail to catch hold of a psychotic killer. Another serial killer thriller movie on Netflix where the madman is not content with murder but must also devise an ingenious and diabolical pattern. Filled with intense and graphic violence, Taking Lives does justice and does not let out the suspense till the last

IMDb Ratings: 6.2/10


3. The Road

Director: John Hillcoat

Stars: Viggo Mortensen, Charlize Theron, Kodi Smit-McPhee 


The road is one of its kind psychological thriller movies. It is dark, intense, horrifying and very satisfying. It is an inexpressibly painful subject that Hillcoat has brought to the screen with great intelligence. The post-apocalyptic journey of a father and son across a desolate America affects a guarded change of emphasis. Do watch it if you can handle the chillingly effective visions of the world’s end ever put on screen — and a heart-rending study of parenthood, to

IMDb Ratings: 7.3/10


4. Gerald’s Game

Director: Mike Flanagan

Stars:  Carla Gugino, Bruce Greenwood, Chiara Aurelia 


After trimming the fat and stripping away the odder quirks of the another Stephen King's novel, Mike Flanagan made this tense, effective thriller that goes out of its way to highlight two strong actors playing powerful characters. A kinky weekend shaped into a horror story when the women kill her husband during a kinky unfettered celebration of their craft. Tied down to the bed and no one to rescue her, she struggles with surviving while battling her crumbling psyche. Critically claimed as the best thriller movie, Mike Flanagan won the best director award for the "Gerald's Game" at Fright Meter

IMDb Ratings: 6.6/10


5. Donnie Darko

Director: Richard Kelly

Stars: Jake Gyllenhaal, Jena Malone, Mary McDonnell 


Donnie Darko is one of those psychological thrillers that have a darkly funny look at the life through a teenage boy who is trying to navigate through High School only to discover that the world he lives in is not exactly what he thinks it on the surface. During the whole movie, Jake Gyllenhaal is trying to save the world with a bunny figured man who only he can see. With this storyline, Donnie Darko sets up a lot of cartoonishly plausible moods. It's this mix of genres and tones that transformed Donnie Darko into the best suspense movie on Netflix—especially among youthful wannabe film buffs who were simply starting to dunk their toes into more peculiar

IMDb Ratings: 8.1/10


6. V For Vendetta

Director: James McTeigue

Stars: Hugo Weaving, Natalie Portman, Rupert Graves


V For Vendetta is a classic suspense movie that also lists in the best mystery movies list. The movie is about a tale of revolution in the face of a corrupt fascist government which was a variant from the original love letter to anarchism that Moore had penned. Nothing like the source, this movie one of the good things to watch on Netflix. V for Vendetta isn’t really about Sutler and the rest of his fascist cronies, it is basically about V and Evey, and the strange seduction that characterizes their

IMDb Ratings: 8.2/10


7. The Cube

Director:  Scott McMahon

Stars:  Dana Dae, Robert Dahey, Frederick Ensign 


Based around the intricacies of a mystery cube, seven strangers each gifted with skill are brought together in a cube where they have to escape from the endless maze of deadly traps. Providing you with all the trills, this suspense movie is a lifeboat of a high tech masochist. Following the bread crumbs which as clues, the strangers escape each maze and survive the

IMDb Ratings: 6.0/10


8. The Hateful Eight

Director:  Quentin Tarantino

Stars: Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell, Jennifer Jason Leigh


Quentin Tarantino's violent suspense movie that promises and delivers extremely strong violence and language. Being set after the US Civil War this movie is a very different beast; the storytelling works by stealth. Heroes are in scarce supply in this Quentin Tarantino filmAlso being said as the best thrillers of all time that opens in spectacular style with the view of breathtaking mountain vistas giving way to a snow-covered crucifix from which the camera creeps back to reveal the characteristically

IMDb Ratings: 7.8/10


9. The Departed

Director:  Martin Scorsese

Stars: Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson 


Whenever we talk about classic suspense movies the name, Martin Scorsese comes to our mind. Martin Scorsese has been the Director of many thriller flicks, but he finally won his Oscar for this crime classic that some felt was too old-school to be profound. With casts like Leonardo Dicaprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson The Departed is a long but a well-crafted gangster movie that gives an insightful look into life as an undercover agent. The movie revolves around Leonardo DiCaprio who is a cop but pretending to be the opposite. Partly during the movie, Scorsese hits us with the cruel glimpses of the fact that corruption starts from childhood itself. With this motion picture, Martin Scorsese demonstrated again that he is the ace of the urban storyteller-and of thrillingly intense

IMDb Ratings: 8.5/10


10. In Bruges

Director: Martin McDonagh

Stars: Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleeson, Ciarán Hinds 


It's a smart gangster-thriller movie, with some high powered acting by Colin Farrell as the conscience-stricken, suicidal hitman who has killed a small boy on his first assignment. It’s one of the best thriller movies of all time. Going into it, there is a wide range of questions you may ask yourself - isn't this simply Sexy Beast meets Pulp Fiction? - Turns out, everything that remaining parts are the positives. As compelling as the cast and location are, and as memorable as the script may be, it’s the tone of the movie that strikes hardest. One of the most underrated gems that deserve your attention thoroughly. If you haven’t seen it before, check it out on Netflix as soon as

IMDb Ratings: 7.9/10


11. A Lonely Place to Die

Director: Julian Gilbey

Stars:  Alec Newman, Ed Speleers, Melissa George 


Without any scares, gore or creepy things, this is a decent suspense movie with a couple of ruthless killers stalking some 20-something do-gooders. The story starts with 5 mountaineers discovering a Serbian girl buried in a small chamber. A Lonely Place to Die opens with a trio of young climbers attempting a multi-pitch route, and the suspense continues to build up till the end of the movie. The pagan ceremony adds eye candy to the action finale, and conveniently provides fireworks as cover for gunfire making is one of the best suspense movies on

IMDb Ratings: 6.3/10


12. Buried

Director:  Rodrigo Cortés

Stars: Ryan Reynolds, José Luis García Pérez, Robert Paterson 


Sometimes it is important to do the opposite of "Thinking out of the box," and that's exactly what the Spanish director Rodrigo Cortés did making the most deliriously claustrophobic film imaginable. The entire movie is set inside a wooden coffin beneath the sands of the Iraqi desert, and the only person ever shown on screen is Paul Conroy played by our very own Green Lantern star Ryan Reynolds, the desperate man trapped inside that casket. Watch this best thriller of all time because what makes the movie so good and worth seeing though is the ending. You are guaranteed to be

IMDb Ratings: 7.0/10


13. Deadfall

Director: Stefan Ruzowitzky

Stars: Eric Bana, Olivia Wilde, Charlie Hunnam 


A famous casino movie on Netflix which unfolds the mysteries in a very smooth and thrilling way. A runaway heist from the casino goes wrong where a car accident leaves their wheel man and a state trooper dead. One of the good mystery movies which deliver the viewer a warm feeling of security, sitting a closed environment.  The acting is very good which makes this movie worth the

IMDb Ratings: 6.3/10


14.  The Place Beyond The Pines

Director: Derek CianFrance

Stars: Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper, Eva Mendes


When The Place Beyond the Pines was released back in 2012, it was the most notable thriller movie from Derek Cianfrance, who directed the searing un-love story, Blue Valentine. The Place Beyond The Pines delivers itself as a crime thriller flick, one that seems to set up parallel stories tracing the paths of Luke Glanton played by Ryan Gosling and Avery Cross played by Bradley Cooper. Like Blue Valentine, The Place Beyond the Pines puts a tremendous amount of work into texture, giving every scene an air of melancholy that's strangely hypnotic. A must watch especially if you have loved Blue Valentine already. best-suspense-movies-on-netflix

IMDb Ratings: 7.3/10


15. The Invitation

Director: Karyn Kusama

Stars:  Logan Marshall-Green, Emayatzy Corinealdi, Michiel Huisman


The Invitation is a thriller movie on Netflix with some bloody/gory, horror-style scenes that generates some great suspense for the audience. You'll witness a lot of fighting, punching, bashing, shooting, and stabbing, with plenty of blood and many dead bodies. “The Invitation” flirts with ideas that it doesn’t develop, including the nature of trauma and the allure of salvation. best-suspense-movies-on-netflix

IMDb Ratings: 6.7/10


16. The Godfather

Director:  Francis Ford Coppola

Stars: Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, James Caan 


"Revenge is a dish best served cold," one of the most famous thriller movies quote from 1972. Yes, we are talking about The Godfather which have been the most watched classic thriller movie from around the time. There is no doubt that Francis Ford Coppola has directed many remarkable movies, but his obituary will be lead by the most famous movie in the thriller genre “The Godfather.” The Godfather shows the Corleone family which follows the storyline of a crime dynasty in New York with Marlon Brando as its ruthless patriarch. A binge watch of “The Godfather I” and the “The Godfather II” will satisfy every thriller

IMDb Ratings: 9.2/10


17. Wake in Fright

Director:  Ted Kotcheff

Stars:  Donald Pleasence, Gary Bond, Chips Rafferty 


Canadian director Ted Kotcheff considers "Wake in Fright" as one of his masterpiece suspense movies that has psychological focus and exceptional visual imagery. It is one of those powerful, genuinely shocking movie which is rather amazing and would make you glued to your seat during the entire movie. The story of this movie revolves around a young schoolteacher in the middle of a horrifying portrait of life in the Outback. This good thing to watch on Netflix should be a must

IMDb Ratings: 7.7/10


18. Pandorum

Director: Christian Alvart 

Stars: Dennis Quaid, Ben Foster, Cam Gigandet 


Pandorum is one of those sci-fi thriller movies on Netflix that provide some intense, memorable chills to people who belong to the fan club of Sci-fi thriller movies. In this movie there's a constant, unrelenting feel of terror, tension, and dread, thanks mainly to the movie's overwhelmingly dark, metallic, deliberately unsettling sets. During the whole movie, alien creatures threaten to jump out from every dark corner, and the soundtrack's alarming use of screeching noises adds to the general unease. Strike it off soon from the must-watch list and enjoy this sci-fi thriller. best-suspense-movies-on-netflix

IMDb Ratings: 6.3/10


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19. Hush

Director: Mike Flanagan

Stars:  John Gallagher Jr., Kate Siegel, Michael Trucco


Hush is a 2016 horror movie which is about a writer who is apparently deaf and gets the target of a crossbow-wielding killer while he was living alone in the woods. One of those movies that will make you feel tense till the end once the movie gets going. A tense, breathless horror film full of things we've seen before but can never get enough of. It has a great story & great

IMDb Ratings: 6.6/10


20. Schindler's list

Director: Steven Spielberg

Stars:   Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes, Ben Kingsley


Seven Academy Awards plus five more nominations, this film went on to become the best portrayal of the holocaust toll on humans. A story of valor and determination of the sort you haven't seen before. The best monochromatic account of the Nazi destruction of European Jews has been acclaimed as Stephen Spielberg's best work up until now. There are many scenes in the movie that depict the suffering and the heroism of children during the Holocaust. It exposed millions around the world to the gruesomeness of the Holocaust. It's a story of a perpetrator, a German Factory owner turning into an altruistic savior after witnessing the suffering of the survivors and saving the lives of 1100 Jews. best-suspense-movies-on-netflix

IMDb Ratings: 8.9/10


21. The Sixth Sense

Director: M. Night Shyamalan

Stars: Bruce Willis, Haley Joel Osment, Toni Collette 


The Sixth Sense is the psychological thriller which is a must watch, one of a kind that you still be thinking about hours later. M.Night Shyamalan's The Sixth Sense is about an eight-year-old boy seeing dead people. This thriller captivated a lot of audiences when it was released in the year of 1999. It got nominated for six Academy Awards which was a highly impressive feat for a horror thriller movie at that time. The movie gives out excellent energy due to its subtle horror atmosphere which you will

IMDb Ratings: 8.1/10


22. Moon

Director:  Duncan Jones

Stars:  Sam Rockwell, Kevin Spacey, Dominique McElligott 

One of the best mystery movies on Netflix which tells us the story about a sole Astronaut working in a lunar station since 3 years who meets with a fatal accident just before he returns home. Moon is set in a future world that has solved its energy crisis by mining fuel from the moon. Led by mysterious reasons the Astronaunt starts to feel uneasy which leads to the fatal

IMDb Ratings: 7.9/10


23. The Stanford Prison Experiment

Director: Kyle Patrick Alvarez

Stars: Ezra Miller, Tye Sheridan, Billy Crudup 

Adding itself to the list of all the popular genres on Netflix like the best thriller movie, the best suspense movie, best psychological thriller movie, this true story is a golden movie to satisfy your soul. Based on the real-life research of Dr. Zimbardo who played the part of a consultant on the film, The Stanford Prison Experiment is a dramatic period piece that remains relevant even after 40 years of its

IMDb Ratings: 6.9/10


24. The Crying Game

Director: Neil Jordan

Stars: Stephen Rea, Jaye Davidson, Forest Whitaker 

This low budgeted thriller "The Crying Game" was a flop when release but with innovative marketing campaigns, the movie turned out to be a hit suspense movie. There were six Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture, Best Film Editing, Best Actor (Stephen Rea), Best Supporting Actor (Jaye Davidson), and Best Director. The basic plot of the movie covers up a reluctant agent of the Irish Republican Army discovers that some people just aren't who you expect them to

IMDb Ratings: 7.3/10


25. Shutter Island 

Director:  Martin Scorsese

Stars:  Leonardo DiCaprio, Emily Mortimer, Mark Ruffalo 


This brilliant psychological thriller is directed by Martin Scorsese and screenplay is based on the same name novel by Dennis Lehane. Shutter Island needs the complete attention of the people watching, so that get to feel involved while the characters reveal the mystery of the island. The plot of the film is about the disappearance of a patient from the Ashecliffe hospital for mentally disturbed and violent criminals in 1954. Upon this two detectives played by Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo are called to the island to investigate the disappearance of a patient. Scorsese keeps the anticipation high all through the whole film while never falling back on shoddy startle strategies. Indeed, even in scenes that should not be tensed, the score makes the watcher thrilled. That’s exactly where Scorsese wants his viewer to be, and it makes for a hell of a movie-going experience that keeps you guessing until the last

IMDb Ratings: 8.1/10


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Q: Which are the best thriller movies on Netflix?

A: Creep, Gerald's Game and Killing Ground


Q: Which is Netflix and how does it work?

A: Netflix is an online platform/website which screens the top-notch series of movies, documentaries and tv shows based on monthly subscription packs.




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