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15 Thoughtful Teachers' Day Gifts For The Ones Who Shaped Your Life

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Aug. 10, 2023 9 min read

Never in a thousand years could I have imagined myself saying this, but....I miss school. What I mean is, several years ago when I walked out of the gates of my school one final time, I remember feeling ecstatic at the thought of being done with those dreaded Board exams, and never again needing to look back at the ghastly beige colour of my school walls. But as is the case with most things viewed through the lens of nostalgia, now I'd do anything to revisit my school days. That being said, contrary to what I'd always assumed my reminiscences of student life aren't infused with lasting friendships, academic achievements or even all the times my friends and I smuggled our phones into class. Instead, my most prominent school memories feature moments with my favourite teachers, moments that unbeknownst to me, had a large role to play in me becoming who I am today. 


The funny thing about the kind of gratitude we have for our teachers, is that it's only realised in retrospect. Because the only feeling I can recall experiencing back then, is intense irritation at being disciplined, at being told off, at being questioned why my long hair isn't in a clean braid (Ruchi ma'am here's looking at you!).


But it's only with age that I recognised those are all signs of one thing - care. These teachers and professors who cared enough to invest in our growth, to challenge questionable habits and to mould us into our better, more put-together versions, are who I'd like to take a moment to thank this 5th September. If it wasn't for my English teacher who encouraged my love for words, or my history teacher who taught me to look objectively at the past, or even my science teacher who instilled in me the skill of critical reasoning, I don't know where I would be today.


And if you mirror my sentiments for the teachers who did the same for you, and more, here's a list of 15 thoughtful Teachers' Day gift ideas you must check out! P.S. we've included some for every kind ever! 


For The Warm English Teacher 


1. De Tan Skin Brightening Clay Mask From Faces Canada


Price @ INR 449


I might be a bit biased when I say this, but I think English teachers are some of the most pure-hearted people on this planet and they deserve all the pampering that they can get. This clay mask from Faces Canada is a great self-care based gift to hand over to your English teacher so she can take a pause from comforting her students and indulge herself instead! She's also likely to be short on time, and this de tan skin brightening clay mask with its quick-acting benefits, is ideal for teachers with busy schedules. 


Image Courtesy: Nykaa



2. Good Vibes T-Shirt From Bewakoof


Price @ INR 299


Sums him/her up in just three phrases, doesn't it? I recall all my favourite English teachers as being utterly compassionate and helping all her students become better people every single day. So a t-shirt that reflects her attitude in life, would be a great Teachers Day gift. It will also remind her of the values she inculcated in her students, most of which are based on being kind, warm and happy!



Image Courtesy: Bewakoof



3. Kalamkari Dupatta From Ajio


Price @ INR 799


Trust me, English teachers usually tend to appreciate any and every form of art. They love their literary world just as much as they do some gorgeous artwork. So this beautiful dupatta from Ajio with its intricate Kalamkari block print design is bound to please your favourite English teacher. The fact that it's so budget-friendly, certainly helps matters!


Image Courtesy - Ajio



For The Disciplinarian AKA Maths Teacher 


4. Alifiya Polyester Laptop Sleeve Bag From Amazon


Price @ INR 552


This specific category of teachers comprises of some of the most organised, orderly people you will ever know. Probably why they're so good at their job. So show your gratitude for the teacher who helped you grow tremendously, by helping their endeavours to be put-together always. This laptop sleeve is just as practically useful, as it is attractive, and comes in a water-resistant material so your teacher can comfortably store unmarked answer sheets in it! 


Image Courtesy: Amazon



5. Chamomile Delight Green Tea From Amazon


Price @ INR 521 for 100gm


Again, your Maths teacher is dealing with teenagers at their peak, every single day. While I can't speak for your teacher, I know how frustrated I would be if I had to do that every day. So these chamomile green tea leaves from Udyan Tea will make for the perfect cup your favourite teacher can unwind with every evening. The many benefits of this tea include lowered stress, better sleep and a more easy state of mind. 


Image Courtesy: Udyan Tea



For The Awkward But Means Well Science Teacher 


6. Duur Se Hi Namaste T-Shirt From Bewakoof


Price @ INR 325


The teachers in this specific category, are used to doing most things well in advance, including practising the concept of social distancing in their life. They've always been lovable and passionate about what they do, but their social awkwardness is as permanent as their high IQ. So a t-shirt that asks people to greet from a distance, would be quick to become one of their most cherished closet possessions! 


Image Courtesy: Bewakoof



For The Everybody's BFF Social Science Teacher 


7. Quirky Pocket Mirror From Ajio 


Price @ INR 949


This teacher is almost always looking out for you, so this Teachers' Day, help him/her look at themselves instead! This quirky pocket mirror from Ajio is a useful and attractive find that you can present to your teacher without shelling out a lot of money. Besides, no matter what someone's personality is like, a handy pocket-sized mirror is a nifty item everybody needs in their bag! 


Image Courtesy: Ajio



8. Red Model 02 Vegan Lipstick From Disguise Cosmetics


Price @ INR 500


Look, all I'm saying is, a person who's that friendly with everybody around them, including stubborn young adults, is also very likely to be compassionate towards other species. So this 100% vegan and cruelty-free lipstick from Disguise Cosmetics will make for a heart touching gift. This lipstick is also infused with several beneficial ingredients and leaves a smooth, highly-pigmented, waterproof finish on the pout. 


Image Courtesy: Disguise Cosmetics



9. Ground Coffee Beans From Amazon


Price @ INR 369 for 250 gm


Your favourite SST teacher definitely deserves a moment of indulgence, doesn't he/she? So why not present them with some high-quality, flavoursome artisanal coffee? Besko's Araku Valley ground coffee beans are high-grade Arabica beans, with the beautiful aroma and enticing taste of spice and jaggery, topped off with a hint of peach. 

Image Courtesy: Amazon



For The Free-Spirited Art Teacher


10. Modern Art Hexagon Set Of 3 Paintings From Flipkart


Price @ INR 249


Yes, I know, duh. Gifting a set of pretty paintings to the teacher who taught you how to appreciate art in the first place, is a representation of what we call the circle of life! Ok, maybe not, but it's still good to express your appreciation for all the times this teacher helped you create your latest masterpiece. 


Image Courtesy: Flipkart



11. Reiki Crystal Dream Catcher From Flipkart


Price @ INR 299


If there's one thing we can say about this breed of teachers, it's that they are fascinated by all the finer things in life. And a sacred talisman with a rich history definitely falls under that category. Help this teacher ward off bad dreams, and cast a protection shadow while they're asleep by giving them this lovely reiki crystal, evil-eye dreamcatcher. 


Image Courtesy: Flipkart 



12. Anti Pollution Skincare Kit From mCaffeine


Price @ INR 555


Like we said earlier, if you want to give this teacher some self-care products for Teachers' Day, looking for something that's quick and effective is the best way to go. This skincare kit from mCaffeine is perfect for that. In a matter of minutes and the application of just two products, your favourite teacher will be left with glowing, radiant, pollution-free skin! 


Image Courtesy: mCaffeine



For The No-Nonsense Librarian 


13. Ikat Stole From Ajio


Price @ INR 999


Okay, I don't know if it's just me, but I remember the air-conditioning in my library feeling similar to a cold-storage freezer. So needless to say, someone who spends all day every day in that Arctic zone, needs a pretty stole to keep things warm. Besides, we absolutely adore the subtle Ikat print on this Ajio stole, that makes it a very refined and tasteful Teachers' Day gift for your favourite librarian! 


Image Courtesy: Ajio



14. Quirky Wall Lamp From Flipkart 


Price @ INR 525


Tying this one up with the previous Teachers' Day gift idea, this is another charming source of lighting your cherished librarian won't be able to resist falling in love with. This decorative wall lamp is perfect for some late-night reading, and the light-weight energy-efficient design is the clear cherry on the cake! 


Image Courtesy: Flipkart



15. Quirky Open Book Shelf From Flipkart 


Price @ INR 649


As someone with a serious pathological need to hoard books, I can assure you that your librarian will never say no to more storage options. Especially an open bookshelf with such a quirky design!


Image Courtesy: Flipkart



Thank you for selflessly helping students like me grow and inspiring us to make strides in life, despite being constantly under-appreciated. Happy Teachers' Day! 

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