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13 Best Vegetarian Restaurants In Mumbai Which Serve Impeccable Vegetarian Delicacies-September, 2023

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - Sept. 14, 2023 6 min read

With an ever-increasing awareness of care for one's health as well as the environment, more and more people are adopting vegetarianism in their lifestyle. Mumbai, the city of foodies, has been trying to pace up with the changing dynamics for people always on the look-out for non-boring vegetarian meals when they step out of their homes.


Here are some of our favourite picks which are the best vegetarian restaurants in Mumbai.


Vegetarian and interesting doesn't go hand in hand, say the meat-lovers out there? Well, Burma Burma, offering the lesser known but authentic vegetarian Burmese cuisine is here to prove them wrong. Walk into the place once and get ready to experience the rich tastes, flavours and aromas in every bite. It's one of those places which has something for all kinds of vegetarians - vegans, gluten intolerant or Jain food eaters. All this coupled with a bonus for 'tea bar'! Yes, you heard that right!


Tuskers is the perfect place which provides one of the finest dining experiences in the city, serving authentic Gujarati and Rajasthani cuisines. With an elite crowd, traditional setup and pleasant ambience, this diner serves succulent vegetarian food - specialising in Rajasthani and Gujarati cuisines. The service provided here will make you revisit the place for sure. Recommended - Gatte Ki Sabzi, Sangri Ka Kofta, Gulab Jamun, Paneer Butter Masala, Paan Kulfi.


Ever heard of an Italian restaurant customising and offering food options for Jains? As impossible it might sound, 63 By-Lane is such a place in the city full of surprises. Taking care of hunger pangs till as late as 11:00PM, 63 By-Lane is a casual dining restaurant serving Indian, Pizza, Bakery, European, Desserts, Healthy Food, Salad preparations. A great place in Kandivali East, it is praised for its stylish presentation and is a nice joint to visit when one is looking to satiate hunger pangs with tasty, hygienic food at reasonable prices.


This restaurant is known for their seasonal vegetarian food. With a huge menu to choose from, they have got most of the meals covered at pocket-friendly prices. The servings are palatable and hygienic, with enough quantity. The nostalgic ambience of Soam adds to the charm of this place. 


Riso is every vegetarian's paradise! You will be served the most delectable vegetarian dishes at this veg restaurant in Mumbai. Their affordable menu that features Italian and Mexican delicacies very well complements the quality and hygiene standards that the place has set for itself. This is an ideal place for people who have vegetarian inclination. If it is getting difficult for you to find delish veg food in Mumbai, don't fret; just head to this place and their scrumptious food will definitely satiate your craving for delish veg food.


If anyone ever tells you that non-veg food is better than veg, then make them taste the amazingly delish food of 29 - Twenty Nine. It is a casual dining restaurant serving North Indian, South Indian, Street Food, Rajasthani, Gujarati preparations. The multi-cuisine menu makes sure that every diner gets a preferred dish and the prompt service simply adds on this. The diner will never feel that he has got limited options whether its starters, main course or dessert. This is one of the most renowned veg restaurants in Mumbai.


If you happen to be a spice lover, walk into this elegant and classy restaurant with gold decor on the walls and antique comfy seating that gives out positive vibes. It’s a heaven for vegetarians as this place has innovative North Indian cuisine, ready to get one instantly drooling with its perfect blend of spices. The ambience is as expressive and cheerful as the style of cooking and takes you on a fun ride. The set up of this restaurant is quite romantic so it should be a go-to place for a vegetarian couple. This restaurant in Mumbai will definitely break the myth of veg food not being as delish as non-veg food. 


This specialty international restaurant is one of the oldest and iconic restaurants of 5-star hotels around the city. It has a beautiful ethnic decor with beautifully carved chairs and tables. The menu specialises in European, Mexican and Italian cuisines that are suited for all sorts of cravings. With its top-notch hospitality and exemplary menu, it has always given its patrons a memorable experience. The subtle and classic ambiance of the place very well complements the quality and hygiene standards that the place has set for itself. Whenever you crave for a good veg meal in Mumbai, this is the veg restaurant you should head to!


Hungry head is the go-to place for every vegetarian food lover. There are very few restaurants that serve delectable food but this one has got you covered with some amazingly scrumptious dishes. This is a quick serve dining-out place that offers creatively prepared variants of Maggi. It is not a big place to accommodate many people but the amazing taste of the food compensates it all. It has a variety of other scrumptious Fast Food and refreshing beverages. Do not miss out on this vegetarian restaurant in Mumbai!


Chetana is a casual dining restaurant serving delicious Maharashtrian, Rajasthani preparations. The affordable menu has been designed with utmost care to make sure that the flavour and spirit of the traditional Indian cooking come in every dish they serve. The food prepared gives a soul-satisfying taste to the diners. You will regret not dining at this stunning veg restaurant in Mumbai. 


If you are looking for a romantic place offering delicious food, then this eatery is the ultimate stop. Offering a cosy ambience and beautiful decor, one can always visit this place to enjoy candlelight dinner with someone special. Serving North Indian, Italian, Tex-Mex, and Mexican delicacies. The place also hosts a bar fully dedicated to alcoholic drinks. Relish is an apt choice for a great experience of dining out at budget-friendly prices. This veg restaurant in Mumbai is a must visit!



Legendary for its authentic and delectable South Indian cuisine, this restaurant is a favourite spot of many for its nostalgic ambience and wallet-friendly meals. Nice ambience and hygienic food is what they offer. Whether it is breakfast, Lunch or Dinner, they serve them all and you will get a variety of choices and that too of good taste. Head To Cafe Madras whenever you are craving for some delectable vegetarian meal in Mumbai.



Savour luscious bakes and desserts which will make one's mouth water. This place offers delectable and rich cakes which are truly irresistible. A must visit for a sweet-toothed person. The Italian and Mexican cuisines promise to satiate your hunger for some delectable veg food craving. It is a one-stop destination place for a perfect getaway with your loved ones who share a similar love for the cuisines. Do not miss out on this best veg restaurant in Mumbai!



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