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Here Are 7 Classic Winter Delicacies With A Twist

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - Dec. 17, 2020 5 min read

No part of the chilly season can make one get out of their warm and cosy beds... well, except when the house is filled with the sweet-sweet aroma of our favourite winter delicacies and we can't bear the thought of missing out on such great food. Now, be it a hearty portion of Gajar Ka Halwa or a bowl full of soup & love, everything good about winters can fit right on our plates. And it's exactly the kind of recipe that dreams are made of.


Even so, the entire season is no less than a cold war and I imply that literally. But the thought of stuffing my face with those hot and piping portions of heavenly winter dishes is a blessing I'd give up my sleep for. I mean, who wouldn't? So, if you are following the train of my thought hop on because here's a list of 7 classic winter dishes you can make at home with a little twist. 


1. Gajar Halwa Pie

Who knew out there were innovators ready to make every delicacy we love even better and this recipe is no different. It's the same authentic Gajar Ka Halwa but with a modern twist. The outer crust is hard and crispy while the filling in it is sweet and of course delicious. It won't be an exaggeration if I say that this dish is the perfect dessert for when guests are over and the best way to spruce-up the age-old method of eating our Gajar Ka Halwa. 


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2. Sarso Da Saag & Makki Ki Roti Mini Pizzas

All the way from the land of foodies, this dish is a very classy take on the most popular winter delicacy in North India. And yet, not many people especially kids are crazy about it. You know what? I get it. I for one could never get behind the idea of this dish, so I found an alternative execution technique for it. Thus, behold these minimalistic mini pizzas with Makki Roti serving as the base and the healthy, very nutritious Saag, sundried tomatoes, spring onions & cheese being used as the topping. Make this for your kids, guests and family member who aren't a fan of this. 


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Image Courtesy: Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana


A word of advice though, keep the mini Rotis moist even while cooking because the dryness in them would kill the entire taste and don't go overboard with the cheese. It's just an accompaniment to make Saag more interesting and creamy. 




3. Broccoli Soup

Winters are meant to be enjoyed with a hot bowl of soup every once in a while. Be it tomato, vegetable, chicken and more... soup is the ultimate comfort food for the season but it's time you add another flavour of this dish to your palette. It's Broccoli. Now, I understand you're too into food to admit it but everyone has a soft spot for broccolis. It's one of those things our body really savours even if our taste does not support the same. And why wouldn't it? The vegetable is rich in fibre, calcium, folic acid and antioxidants. It is also low on calories making it the perfect veggie for every pasta, salad, etc. dish you'll love. Thus, I am including this super-easy recipe of a creamy broccoli soup to the list. Bon appetite. 


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4. Aloo Methi Paratha

Now, Punjabis are known to whip-up dishes that might sound weird as hell but tastes incredible. Just like this one. You must be familiar with Aloo Methi concept but a paratha with both these ingredients is bliss on another level. I personally love this dish, and this inclusion might look biased but a humble try on your part would prove me right. And the season is all about fenugreek anyway, so you might as well make something new in the kitchen. This recipe while on-point lacks the use of cow-ghee in the process which I feel will make a difference but overall it's a good winter delicacy one shouldn't miss the opportunity to go after once. A pro tip, pair the parathas with some sweet & sour carrot+cauliflower/lemon pickle ( Punjabi's know what I am talking about) and you'd thank me forever. 


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5. Pinwheel Samosas

There's nothing that could replace our favourite samosas but when we are talking about twists in delicacies, the pinwheel one doesn't seem like a bad option. It's a fresh new recipe which takes similar time and skills as the regular one but looks and tastes different. I mean, good different. Serve it with green/red chutney and enjoy!


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Image Courtesy: Mints Recipes




6. Punjabi Style Pinni

A healthier and better alternative to gram flour (besan) Ladoos is this one right here. Stacked with nuts which in turn provides protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals to your body. The delicacy is most common in Punjab especially during winters since it helps to keep the body dry and heated. The recipe for the same is quite easy to follow but the process takes a little bit of time. If you plan on making these just do it over the weekend. And trust me, I've had it a lot many times to testify that the result is totally going to be worth it.


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7. Irani Masala Chai 

Most commonly sold in Pune and Hyderabad, Irani Masala Chai is a very famous spiced tea rich in ginger, black pepper, jaggery and black tea. If you don't know how immunity and good health tastes like, I highly recommend this recipe. This tea is simply a richer, creamier version of our basic chai. If you have some extra time on your sleeves, do give this chai a try. 


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Winter is here and I think you're ready to enjoy the season... now that you have these wonderful recipes of winter delicacies but with a twist. 


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