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Read For Your-Shelf! These 6 Bookstores In Delhi NCR Are Delivering Books

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - June 1, 2020 4 min read

With the show of hands, tell me how many of you like your coffee on-the-go and your books off-the-shelf? Although now that I think about it, lets put a pin on the coffee part for now and talk about books, shall we? I am not the one to read and tell, but life seems pretty wonderful in books. 

While reading on tablets or phone is all cool and convenient but half the essence of those well-written stories lies in the physical being of that very book. The brand new plastic cover, the carved-in titles, the smell of earthy pages is what makes the journey wholesome.



And what better place to experience the literary stimulation of thoughts and wisdom than in quaint little bookstores in most busy places in our city? But can't do this right now. With the ongoing pandemic situation, it is way risky to go looking for your new escapade on your own. Lucky for you, these local bookstores in Delhi NCR are bringing your picks to you, delivered right at your doorsteps. 



Full Circle Bookstore

Delhi is blessed with two Full Circle Bookstores and three cafes run by them. Every time I find myself in Khan Market, there is no way I could ignore this green door which has shelves and shelves of fictions, non-fiction, biographies, bestsellers on the other side. Heck, they even have a stationery haven at the back. You'd be happy to know that they are running deliveries through call (011-29245643) WhatsApp messages (+91-9711963411) with a minute fee of INR 80 as the delivery charge. Their GK-1 store is open all week long and you can even pay them a visit. But note that they allow 3-4 people in the store at once. And don't worry all the necessary sanitization and precaution have been their first priority. 

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Midland Book Shop

A place that has heaps and heaps of wisdom for the dreamers, realists and kids alike. You can find Midland Bookshop in Hauz Khas, Janpath, South Ex and Gurgaon. Right now the store in Janpath is entirely closed but both delivery and light browsing are allowed in the other three locations. You can place your order via Instagram DM or WhatsApp (+91-9818282497 or +91-9999942216). The stores are open from 12 pm to 6 pm daily

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Rajkamal Prakashan Pvt. Ltd.

Located in the bustling streets filled with scrumptious food, Daryaganj, this bookstore is a sweet spot for Hindi and Urdu literature enthusiasts. During the times when everyone is drawn towards modern English, these people have kept our country's fine literary experiences stacked in indefinite shelves. A store which is 7 decades old has to smell like wisdom and enlightenment. And the good news is, with regular sanitization and disinfections they are now running happily on delivery and pick-ups. You can browse through their website, pick your read and order then and there only or you can even DM them on their Instagram handle for the same. FYI they are only delivering books in green and orange zones. 

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Bahrisons Bookseller

This 67-year-old family-run bookshop is a retreat for every book lover. Shelves taller than two grown men combined are full of books written by authors from around the world. In the days when we could roam around our city normally, this bookstore has seen many book signings and talk sessions from various famous authors. Even now you can catch store browsing flicks on their Instagram handle. They are taking orders through direct calls (+91-9968457200 or 011-24694610 & other contact details) and Instagram DMs. 

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May Day Bookstore & Cafe

Resting in the Shadipur area of Delhi, this bookstore & cafe is the brainchild of an enthusiastic group of theatre artists. Cosy and spacious, this store has books about art, literature, world and politics. So if you are deep into the political hole, this bookstore might contain every text you need. Other than this, Mayday Bookstore is also known to conduct interactive workshops, vibrant performances, book launches and group readings. Currently, only the bookstore is in service from Monday to Friday between 11 am to 5 pm and you can even order from their official website or simply call at 011-25709456.

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Kool Skool 

A very popular children's bookstore in Gurgaon is not just a basic trail of picture books or stories by Enid Blyton but a one-stop-shop for kids who love to read. You can find a variety of books for the children of all ages and not just the classics but the new ones as well. Well, the good news is that Kool Skool is open every day from 10:30 am to 6 pm every day. So either you can pick-up or get them delivered. In order to do the latter, simply call them on +91-9810383696 or +91-9899710452. 

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What I mean is, there is no page I'd rather be than in the books of my liking and there is no place I'd rather go looking for new adventures than in local bookstores. Fortunate for you, they are now delivering.



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