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Every 90's Indian Kid Would Relate To These Food Memories - Remember Phantom Cigarettes?

By Shubhangi Goel

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 2 min read

Do you still get excited finding a packet of phantom cigarettes or pan pasand toffees in a store? We too! Nothing can beat the thrill of still finding a few of them in some corner of the city once in a while. These food memories definitely make us feel glad to be a part of that generation who had tasted the coolest of food products ever. All of these candies have always been everybody's favourite and sipping on Bantas and Frooti was definitely a thing. Here is a list of food memories every 90's Indian Kid would relate to:


1. Phantom Cigarettes

You don't need a light for this one. Let's pretend to look cool while pretending to smoke this sweet cigarette - Accept it! We all have done this once in our lives for sure.



2. Pan Pasand Toffees

Perfect candy after a relishing meal. Forget about the "saunf and chinni" - Pan Pasand was the best alternative - still is!

pan pasand


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3. Yupi Burgers

Gummmmmy Bears! 


4. Magic Pop

We all have enjoyed having this sour candy pop in our mouth! Nothing beats the thrill of the still finding one nearby.





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5. Popsicles

Your everyday after-school popsicle to beat the heat!



6. Chuski

Summers went by drooling over these flavoured chuskies and having them every day after school or an outdoor playing session.



7. Banta

Favourite Thirst Quencher.



8. Frooti

One just can't get over Frooti - we all have been a part of this journey. There is no end to our love for this one!



9. Rol-a-cola

Cola in a CANDY! Parle has always kept our expectations high with their amazing candies.



10. Cream Rolls

Vanilla Cream Rolls are all we wanted during our hunger pangs.

 cream rolls


11. Hajmola

We all have binged on Hajmola Candies - no, we are not talking about a single tablet but the entire bottle in a day.



12. Rooh Afza

Forget about colas, Rooh Afza was definitely your refreshing drink after a tiring day.

rooh afza


13. Natkhat

We bet you haven't missed out on this one! 



14. Jellies

Cup Jellies are all you need to make your day. It's one of those candies all our relatives gifted on several occasions.

cup jellies


15. Crax

You've done this too right? 



16. Fatafat

Digestive might not be the right word as each one of us hogged on these fatafat pills randomly. We still find them tastiest of the lot! We definitely didn't take them as digestive pills rather our all-time favourite candies.



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