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Stop Being Elfish, Get Your Gal Pal A Gift She Never Forgets!

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - Jan. 25, 2021 6 min read

I don't have to remind you that the major part of the year 2020 was a complete dud. All the Christmas promises; New Year resolutions and future plans we made during the final countdown of 2019 took a long hike, while we resided within the four walls of our homes. However, I am glad that our very own dystopian movie has reached its final scene and I expect nothing less than a happy ending. Well, along with a few thoughtful gifts from my friends. And why shouldn't I, it's Christmas for Pete's sake. 



Now, I completely agree with the fact that it's not exactly a cakewalk to buy your gal pal a present that she'd actually love. And I am one hundred per cent sure that there are a good deal of Rachels in your life who are not easily impressed by the presents you give them. So, I say make the best of the holiday season and get your homegirl a delightful Christmas gift from one of the best Indie Lifestyle brand in the country, Chumbak. 


1. Sweet Soiree Eau De Parfum

Price: INR 395


I've bought this perfume a few days back and I can personally vouch for the fragrance. The warmth of vanilla and caramel along with the sweetness of strawberry is a combination your BFF will definitely love. And if she feels more comfortable in wearing light-hearted fragrances than those gritty louder ones, this perfume will be one hell of a gift for her. However, if you still feel its not her taste, there are 3-4 more extracts you can pick from. 



2. Vivid Village Sunglass Case

Price: INR 487


Not to offend anyone but I have never met a girl who could keep her sunglasses at a place she remembers. Well, who am I to comment. I fall into the same category and believe me... if my friends were to gift me this adorable sunglass case, I'd be quite happy. Additionally, the price of this gift will fit right in your budget. And a girl wouldn't mind if you get her two gifts instead of one. I apologise for unleashing my greedy side but here's a practical idea. You can pick 2 to 3 things from the list that costs less and make her a personalized hamper. 



3. Woven Mandala Earrings

Price: INR 495


Mandala designs are no news but when created on woven earrings, it turns into something completely different and adorable. Not to mention the famous... Chumbak eclectic touch to it makes this simple accessory even better. But why is it a great Christmas gift for you homegirl? Well, first of all, size won't be an issue. Secondly, the price at which it's available is very modest. And lastly, this piece will be a unique and trendy addition to your female friend's jewellery box which she will undoubtedly love.



4. Ottomi Embroidered Creative Notebook

Price: INR 795


Got a homegirl who is a stationery hoarder? Well, I got it covered. This Ottomi embroidered creative notebook will be enough to bring a smile wider than the horizon on her face. Take it from me, girls who love their stationery... appreciates and values such pretty, off the wall items. So, if the confusion of what to buy her for Christmas is still making you look through shopping websites, end your search right here. FYI, the notebook cover is made out of cotton... isn't that cool?



5. Boho Garden Trinket Box

Price: INR 795


This might come across abnormal but I have a thing for these pretty, trinket boxes. It's one of the most practical things Chumbak has to offer and I completely agree. From guarding those little earrings your gal pal keeps losing to collecting those fun-size trinkets you collected from a trip you went to, this box will be a vessel of all her memories. So, if you plan on giving your buddy something this thoughtful, look no further. And if you are going through a bit of a financial crunch, I think this gift will work out perfectly. 



6. Doodle Bobble Head Desk Calendar

Price: INR 795


If your best friend has a desk with little potted plants, adorned doodling on the board and pictures of you and her family, this desk calendar will blow her mind away. Plus, if she is the kind of girl who virtues her memories, this calendar will keep her company all year long. Even if you forget to. Couldn't have asked for a better Christmas gift. Right?



7. Floral Paisley Tie-Up Neck Green Dress

Price: INR 918


Beautiful patterns on the hemline, embroidered tie-up neck, easy fit and a flared silhouette every lady dreams of. This dress is a serious combination of chic and indie components made fun by its green colour. And I don't have to tell you how pretty this would look on your best girl. Especially if her taste has a bit of boho edge. Now, I also understand that it's not particularly a winter outfit but it's a worthy investment your friend can enjoy right after the cold weather ends. 



8. Bohemian Garden Wrist Watch

Price: INR 1,187


Made from PU, leather and metal dial, this quirky Boho designer watch is the reason why we ladies dig Chumbak. They not only granted our wish to own a watch that's affordable but also very stylish and edgy. These watches are durable as well. So, if your friend leans more towards the artsy, more eclectic side of the scale, this watch will surely make her very happy.  



9. Floral Owl Sling Bag - Teal

Price: 1,295


A woman can never have enough of sling bags. It's one of the safest things you can gift your friend this Christmas and trust me, she is going to appreciate it. Made from printer canvas & PU, this bag is a pop of colours every girl needs to swank up her basic outfit. So, be it a casual day out with girls or a brunch date with BFFS, this bag will be by her side, taking care of all her little things. Just like wanted. 



10. Bloomings Whispers Dusty Pink Heels

Price: INR 1,596


Chumbak already has a reputation for making out of the box, quirky designs on footwear. However, in the interest of your best friend's health, I've put aside these plain dusty pink heels as a Christmas gift. And if you ask me, I think it's a very thoughtful present. Not they will look hella cute on her but also save your friend's feet from the pinching numbness of the cold season. It's suede so you know it's durable and not very difficult to clean. I have no doubt that these heels will make it to her winter essential wardrobe in no time.



Christmas is the time of giving. Don't think twice before buying a gift for your best friend, your gal pal because you know, she'd do the same for you.  


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