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Dear Men, Please Retire These 10 Things From Your Wardrobe Already

By Gaurav Sharma

Updated - June 25, 2020 4 min read

Is fashion your religion? If yes, then your wardrobe is your temple. And, like all temples, it should be treated with great respect and care. And if you don’t know how to give it the respect that it deserves, then take our advice. Start with decluttering your wardrobe because a great style begins with subtraction.


Just like there’s a sign for everything in this world, your wardrobe too has got a few sure signs regarding when it needs to be decluttered. Signs such as it's full of clothes that you no longer wear or you can't find what you need or your wardrobe is so jam-packed that your clothes get wrinkled. If any of these signs sound familiar to you then make sure that you retire at least these 10 things from your wardrobe.


1. Tees With Big Prints And Slogans

You and your buddies twinning in the same t-shirts with messages and prints that were too big, too bold, or downright shocking was a fun thing to do in college days. But these tees do not represent the adult you have become or even the principles you stand for if you have grown old physically or mentally or both. If you still have it hanging in your wardrobe. Then it is time to let it go as your rebellious youthful days are over now.


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2. Velcro Shoes

Get rid of your velcro shoes the moment you read this article. They are a good add on to your wardrobe if you wear diapers and eat pureed food or you are a school going kid. But far as I know, you are mature enough to understand what’s best for you. Unlike your wallet, your shoes are always on public display. And velcro shoes represent that the wearer is incapable of tying their shoelaces.


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3. Skinny Jeans

Guy, just because skinny jeans are in trend doesn't mean they are practical or even safe to wear. Apart from its bad effect on your health it also makes you seem less masculine (and we are pretty sure you don’t want to compromise on that). So, if you really want to relax and sit anywhere without any problem then your time to say goodbye to your skinny jeans is now.


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4. Studded Belts

The fashion of studded belts is long gone, to be honest, unless you are a huge Salman Khan fan. Your studded leather belt is not going to make you feel young again. Men have very few accessories such as a belt, a tie, and a watch to show off their personalities and stand a class apart. Make sure you get your belt right.


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5. Socks With Holes

How many of you still wear “holey” socks? No, I’m not talking about the one blessed by a “holy” saint but the one with actual holes in it. Well, if you still have it then it is time to show them the door. I know that many of us think that they are still functional and people would never notice but you never know when you have to take them off. Replace them with coloured ones of good quality. 


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6. Stained or Worn Out Underwear

This might come as a shocker to you, but your underwear tells a lot about your personality. Apart from the fact that strained undergarments are not good for your health, it also plays a major role in your dating game. Make sure you have thrown away your strained and worn out underwear and replaced them with the sexier ones.



7. Jersey

Going out wearing a sports jersey with your name or Dhoni written on the back is totally inappropriate and makes you look very immature unless you are a part of your school football team (which you are not anymore) or planning to attend a sporting event to support your favourite team. 


Image Courtesy - Myntra


8. Old Running Shoes

The durability of your running shoe cannot be judged by the number of months you have worn it but by its mileage. Get a new pair of running shoes for yourself as soon as they complete 700-900kms.


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9. Overstretched And Faded T-shirts

T-shirts have been the default item of every men’s wardrobe for many years. You will find t-shirts of all shapes and sizes in a man’s closet but the chance of getting noticed by a woman is more when you are wearing a fitted one. Also, a well-fitting t-shirt can make you look more masculine. So make your fashion sense right by letting go of all the strained and stretched t-shirts from your wardrobe.


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10. Shiny Shirts

Do not go to a club wearing a shiny shirt if you really want to get noticed the right way by girls the moment you enter the club. No matter how hot you look, shiny shirts will make you look weird AF. They are simply old fashioned, extremely gaudy, and plain ugly. If you still have one, then make sure you get rid of them immediately.


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Be fashion-forward, by making sure you aren't backtracking! 


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