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6 Uber-Cool Gadgets You Can Surprise Your Brother With!

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - Dec. 30, 2020 7 min read

Since the day they are born, brothers and sisters hate each until they don't. After a few years and endless trails of noogies, rough hassles, arguments and unsolicited fights... these two humans develop a bond purer, more sacred than any other. I myself am a proud sister of a younger brother whom I love with all my heart and even though he's the worst person on the Earth, he is still the best human, roommate & partner in crime I've ever had. I'll admit, during our early years as siblings, all I wanted to do was beat him up but my mom was always on a constant looking out for him, so I couldn't. Now, I thank God that we grew up because today I feel blessed to have a little bro in my life. And although he might still be pulling your leg in front of all your friends or interrupting your work calls with embarrassing noises... he would still, without an inch of a doubt be the only guy you'd ever trust and rely on completely.


Now, Bhai Dooj is just around the corner and it's the perfect occasion to remind your brother of the love you have for him. It wouldn't be wrong to say that a perfect occasion calls for a perfect gift and what's better than a cool gadget that your brother would appreciate? Sisters, if you agree... here's a list of super-fun and useful gadgets that you should definitely get for them. 


Leaf Pods True Wireless Earbuds

You can never have enough of these audio devices at home. And same goes for your brother. He'd have ten earphones lying around the house but a new one will still be welcomed and appreciated with enthusiasm. So, take this Bhai Dooj as an opportunity to make him happy another day with these Leaf Pods True Wireless Earbuds. Loaded with impressive features, these earbuds by Leaf Studios offers a great design and premium quality audio set-up... hard to find elsewhere for such a modest amount of money. And not just that, it even has cool attributes such as voice assistance, true wireless connectivity (5.0 BT), up to 8 hours non-stop playtime and very crisp audio. It charges fast, fits comfortably and can withstand rain, sweat & water splashes. Now, what more would you want from your pods, eh?

Leaf studio

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Unidock 3 in 1 Wireless Charging Station By Unigen Audio

A wire-free fast-charging station that charges not one, not two but three different devices all at once. With a practical, slick design, this electronic gadget is a genuine gift for your brother. Compatible with Qi-enabled phones, this charging station can provide juice to your mobile, smartwatch and truly wireless earbuds all at once. Also note that the major models of Samsung, iPhone, Huawei and Xiaomi can all take advantage of this one-of-a-kind electronic device, so check with your bro before you buy it. Lastly, it's a convenient and solid product thus easy to carry and all the more simple to use. 


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ProGear B20 By BoAt

A smart wearable bracelet to keep a track of your brother's health is a thoughtful gift you can give as a sister. Not only it shows how much you care but it's super-affordable and jam-packed with a lot of exciting features. From measuring daily activities such as steps, distance, heart rate, blood pressures, sleep pattern, calories burnt and more to notifying you with every little pop-up you get on your smartphone, ProGear B20 does it all and with utmost finesse. You can manage your health and phone... and at the same time look for the handset when lost with just a single tap. Apart from being an excellent fitness tracker, this gadget is a rather stylish yet useful possession. Also, it comes in three cool colours; beige, blue and black. So, take your pick and make your dumbhead brother another reason to smile this Bhai Dooj. 


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Drom Bluetooth Speakers By Crossloop

For an awfully reasonable price, you can gift your bro a Bluetooth speaker with a sick yet practical design. How? Well, with the look of it you can easily spot a slot at the top of the device where you can keep your phone. I mean, if this isn't handsfree then I don't know what is. Furthermore, these speakers are said to have high-quality audio, long-lasting battery (up to 6 hours), hands-free calling and multiple connectivity options that your brother would appreciate. Another exciting feature which I kind of like is that you can connect two Dorm speakers together to pump-up the sound. Cool, right? Other than that, everything else is quite standard and A-okay! 


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Tagg Inferno 2.0

This wireless Bluetooth headset headphone is specially made for your sports-enthused brothers who take pleasure in sturdy design and crystal clear sound. These headsets are packing a lot of great features such as a built-in microphone, snug shallow in-ear design, volume/next/prev buttons and micro USB port for charging. With 4.1 BT and 120 mAh battery, Tagg Inferno 2.0 takes audio quality, deep bass and connectivity onto the next level. Within the box, you also get three different sizes of silicone earbuds which will make your bro's music-workout experience comfortable and highly energetic at the same time. So, go on... get one for your brother now.


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RAEGR Arc 1500 UV Sterilizer Capsule Sanitizer Box With Wireless Charger

More than a wonderful gift, this electronic device is the need of the hour. Other than providing three different modes (5W, 7.5W and 10W) for charging any phone in the world, it also provides a safe and mind you... a sterilized haven for your smartwatch, ear pods & cables. This happens due to the presence of a universal UVC sterilizer and an aromatic disinfectant in the device. By eradicating 99.9% germs and charging your phones at the same time, this box/charger becomes a must-have gadget of all time. And in conjunction with what I said, the design is also quite practical hence making it lightweight and portable for your daily travel and monthly vacations. A tech-savvy gift for your geeky second-halves. 


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Okay, before I conclude with my list, I'd like to include two very pragmatic non-electronic products you can get for your brothers this Bhai Dooj.


Savvy Organizer By Ausmo

Help your brother organize his way through a multitude of tidbit devices such as data-cables, chargers, ear pods, power banks, D cards, etc. he keeps losing. This Savvy Organizer will serve as a WFH/travel pouch which due to its compact design could be carried everywhere. Minimal, innovative and oozing with storage possibilities in the form of mesh pockets, elastic loops, zipper & exterior pockets, this product is a gift even your brother didn't know he needed until you give it to him. You can thank me later for this. 


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Neon Flo Case By Mivi

Different than your basic phone cases, this Neon Flo Case is a stunning gift your cool brother would treasure for at least a year. Available for iPhone X and 11 series, this phone case contains neon sand which apparently creates fascinating patterns and glows in the dark. Say whaaa? Oh yes. And not just that, the soft bumpers around the sides provide your phone with 360-degree protection and the raised lips at the front & back keep the display and camera safe from any damage your brother might be capable of making to his phone. This cool case comes in 4 different colours and the one you see on your screen is Aurora Green and my fav. 


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Hope your Bhai Dooj celebration will be even more special with these surprisingly sophisticated gadget gift ideas. And sisters... don't let your bro off the hook so easy, get your gift too... fair & square.


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