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Top 10 joints For Your Insatiable Delhi Street Food Hunger

By Nishtha Gandhi

Updated - July 19, 2018 bookmark icon 4 min read

Delhi- it’s a crazy place. Amidst the fast-paced life that the city has to offer, deep down, we are all fighting to find the right things to eat. I’ve grown up here in this big, bad city and I can safely say that apart from India Gate, Qutub Minar, and random strangers ganging up just to shout “bol na aunty” together at a place, the one thing that Delhi is famous for is the street food. Read on for some of the must go to places for the craziest street food items that the national capital has to offer.



Are you a big fan of shawarmas? if yes, this would be the perfect place for you to hit. About five shawarma rolls in a little thing they call the shawarma box and for nominal prices is the deal of the day. The shawarmas have just the perfect blend of spices, along with the delicious dips that they offer you with them.


2. DOLMA AUNTY MOMOS, Lajpat Nagar

If you’re willing to go deeper into the market, there is a very famous momos wali aunty who has just the most exquisite momos chutney (read: it is very spicy, but delicious!)

And another side joint which basically deals in the regular gol gappas, aloo tikki, etc., but the one thing they have to offer that is brilliant is moong daal ke laddoo. I know you can find these anywhere in Delhi, but trust me, the ones that these guys have, are beyond comparison. They’re soft, crisp and delicious, and definitely worth a shot.



It seems like they’ve been running on for generations now, and no wonder they have! The chhole bhature you’ll have here will probably be nothing like you would ever have had before.
Bread deep fried in oil, with curry wherein you can see the oil floating on top. Even the side pickle is dripping with oil. The only healthy thing edible on the plate is the string of onion rings. But. Totally. Freaking. Worth. It.
Don’t go by how shady the location is, the 50 bucks you spend on a plate would be the best 50 bucks you will ever spend.


4. ROSHAN DI KULFI, Karol Bagh:

The Karol Bagh market does not just deal in sarees and lehengas. Apart from the regular street food, which isn’t too bad either, FYI, the specialty of this market is the brilliant dessert miracle it has to offer in the name of a little thing they call- kulfi.



Guess what, Murthal is not the only place that has parathas the world talks of. Under the Moolchand flyover, lies a place which makes amazing parathas with butter floating right on top, and the stuffing is freaking generous.


6. KARIM’S, Jama Masjid: 

Mohammed Aziz was a cook in the royal court of Mughal Emperor. One of his sons, Haji Karimuddin is known to have moved to Delhi with an idea to open a dhaba and that’s how Karim Hotel was established back in 1913. All meat lovers must make a pit stop at Karim’s for their heavenly kebabs and divine mutton nahari.


7. Prince Pan & Chaat Corner

The place to try Delhi’s street food if you are too lazy to venture into Chandni Chowk crowded galis. This Chaat corner is located right in the middle of the posh GK 1 M block market. The cost is a bit high as compared to other street food corners but it’s the cost you pay to eat good street in a comfortable spacious area.



To have a culinary culture ride head to Dilli Haat in INA. One of the top places to taste dishes from all states of India, Dilli Haat is a treat to behold. From North-Indian thali to Rajasthan spicy dishes or from Hyderabadi Biryani to seafood from Lakshadweep, you name it and you will get it. Cuisines from Hyderabad, Kashmir, Maharashtra, Orissa, Bengal, the list is endless in Dilli Haat!


9. AL-BAKE, New Friends Colony

The list of amazing street food is incomplete without mentioning Shawarma at Al-Bake in New Friends Colony Market. A small joint with few tables lined for customers, each shawarma roll costs not more than Rs. 60 and it is more than satisfying!


10. Paranthe Wali Gali, Old Delhi 

This gali is well-known for having a series of shops selling delicious paranthas. They are very budget-friendly and you can eat to your heart’s content. It’s hard to resist the whiff of hot oil and the aroma of sputtering spices. The future might seem bleak but Paranthe Wali Gali still holds its own and will always be reminiscent of our culinary heritage.