Delish Diaries #3 Cheesiest Dishes In Delhi Which Are A Must Eat

By Anubha Das

Updated - Feb. 20, 2019 1 min read



1. Fio Country Kitchen

Meaty might or vegetarian delight, our signature lasagne offers up cheesy layered goodness in both!


2. Indian Accent



3. Ek Bar

Panko Crumbed Bhajji Chillies stuffed with ghar ka ricotta, kasundi mayo & Ek Bar masala- we’re not sure if you can handle all this hotness. #SharaabiSnacks


4. Cafe Delhi Heights

This Pizza had an epic Cheese pull. Delicious pepperoni pizza with fresh Buffalo Mozzarella.


5. The All American Diner



6. Ricos


7. Getafix Cafe

One of our favorites from our winter menu is the Veg Au Gratin. Gratin is a widespread culinary technique in which an ingredient is topped with a browned crust, often using breadcrumbs, grated cheese, egg or butter. Originated in French cuisine, it is usually prepared in a shallow dish of some kind. A gratin is baked or cooked under an overhead grill or broiler to form a golden crust on top and is traditionally served in its baking dish or in this case a fresh hollowed out pineapple! 

To making merry this festive season and feasting for the soul. #guiltfreeindulgence


8. Insta Pizza


9. Di Ghent

Repost @touristy_tales Termont Bruschetta ❤️!

Found this restaurant on Instagram and was instantly captivated by it's stunning dishes. I was overjoyed when the food was as delicious as it looked! 

A grilled cheese (mozarella) chicken sandwich, decorated with homemade basil pesto and microgreens😋

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10. Big Chill Cafe



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