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Here's Why You Need To Check Out Drive-In Cinemas In Your City

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - Sept. 15, 2020 3 min read

Pandemic is still not over and all I can think about is; how I miss watching movies on the big screen. A tub of salted caramel popcorns in one hand, a large coke in the other, all excited to watch my favourite actor steal my heart for the 100th time. Sigh! I mean, I am all for social distancing and safety (Because that's priority). But life has suddenly turned into a dystopian movie and that too a lousy one. I am seriously this (-) close to wrecking my television set with my own bare hands. Choice of weapon: my phone.


Of course, I can't do that. My mom would kill me. Actually that's not such a bad idea... wait, NO. 



Anyway, movies have always been more than a bunch of moving pictures for us. From ZNMD to DDLJ, YJHD to Midnight In Paris & more... these are stories we're going to take to our graves. And what better way to relive the same magic than by sitting right beside our best people in a car, munching on homemade snacks whilst enjoying a starlit sky looking over a big screen.


All of this is possible with drive-in cinemas.

Drive cinema

Image Courtesy: IMDb


Not only you can rewatch all cult Hollywood and Bollywood movies from the past few years over the weekend but also enjoy the weather in the safety of your own vehicle risk-free. Moreover, this plan is so much more comfortable and romantic... and that too for the similar price. 


Coming back to why you're here.


Since movie theatres are still out of service and even when they resume it's not safe; I've got a better more fun alternative for you guys... A drive-in cinema in your city. 



If you still haven't checked them out; here are all the deets! 


1. Sunset Cinema Club has reopened...

And they are all set to make your weekends fun and exciting. Just like before these people have a different theme planned for subsequent weekends and it's going to be amazing.


Image Courtesy: SSC


So, if you're in Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Pune and Dehradun... keep scrolling. 


2. Safety Measures

First thing, there's no scope for physical contact whatsoever. Not only you'll be sitting in your own car but also are allowed to bring your own food from home. Don't worry. The club is taking all the precautions to keep you safe.  


3. Tickets

The price of the tickets starts from INR 1100, which I think is a pretty decent amount to pay for such experience. To book your ticket online click here.


Also in the event of the show getting cancelled, the tickets will be valid for another show for 30 days only. 


4. Show Timings

While timings can vary from city to city but they are open on the weekend only. Usually, the show starts at 8 in the evening so book and plan accordingly. 


5. Sound System

Since it's an open ground the sound of the movie will be streamed directly to your cars via radiofrequency. Cool isn't it?


6. What About Seats/Parking?

Now where you park your car will be decided on the basis of first-come-first-serve policy but the club ensures great screen visibility from all the spots. Just show your E-ticket at the entrance and keep driving until you find a place. 


6. Catch Their Screenings In 3 Cities Across India

While drive-in cinema isn't active for Mumbai, other cities have opened up their gates for you and I for one can't wait for the weekend. 

To know more about Delhi NCR click here

To know more about Bangalore click here

To know more about Dehradun click here


If you've always wanted to try drive-in cinemas, this is the perfect opportunity. Don't forget to carry your own popcorn. Stay safe and enjoy!


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