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Paint The Town Holy Christmas With These Mozoltov Festive Looks Curated By magicpin Influencers

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - Dec. 24, 2019 6 min read


Greetings of the season to you all!! We are here with an exclusionary look book to rescue you from all the speculation, planning & plotting that you do to choose the perfect outfit for your Christmas celebration. After waltzing down this list all you have to do is go shopping or figure something out from your own closet.

Yes, these looks will be that OTB & easy to execute. And you know the second best part about this super helpful Christmasy blog? We get to flaunt our family of fashion influencers in front of you guys. Although the first best part remains the same, you take home some festive yet suave ideas to dress up for Christmas 2k19.


So hop on your fashionable sleighs & let us pull you through your journey to 'zero ideas about what to wear on X-mas' to 'OMG it's all sorted now', reindeer style \____/--!-!-!-!-!-!


1. Sometimes Less Is More

We know its cold out there but it won't scrooge up with this Christmas outfit because you will dance your merry heart out. And we all know what happens when you stomp the dance floor, you feel hot which will perfectly go with this even hotter look. This pretty lady right here chose to accessorize it with an elaborate piece of jewellery & some white flowers, you can copy-paste the whole attire or make it your own by adding some of your jewellery to it. Now don't forget the heavy eye makeup because hello! you n will need some festive bling to rock the whole look.


2. The Classic Red & White

You cannot go wrong with the official colours of Christmas. This combination is like the perfect carol, very traditional and timeless. Aditi here paired her red crop with a white skirt & boots but you can totally pull off white snowy pants to ditch the chilly winds festive style. The red hip bag adds more ruggedness to the overall look and it is the best option if you wanna party strong this X-mas eve. Although you can ditch it with some cherry red sling or just don't carry a bag at all. Your call...



3. That Red Overcoat Though

A red coat is an essential winter/Christmas wear you gotta have in your closet. Why? It basically goes with everything and anything underneath. Don't have anything impressive for a Christmas brunch or party? Put on this red oversized coat and slay like Ms Claus (yeah you can totally be Santa Claus's daughter) on a holiday party with elves. You can pull this off by pairing it with black leather boots of any length & maybe a white muffler/scarf. 


4. Get A Hat Ladies

A French beret has the ultimate power to make you look suave & classy, just mama mia... And a red french beret will totally give you some jealous filled admiration head turns. You go out looking like this, the paparazzi will be following you instead. But if you don't have the time to buy such a pretty top-head accessory then any red cap might also give you some attention from the people. You can wear a red/white oversized coat or pair it with a sleek red dress. Anyhoo you can totally rock the red&white festival with a cap on.


5. Red Is The Jumpsuit

If you are dreading to wear a jumpsuit for the festive season party, don't hesitate. This is the time of the year where you can be as fancy, as red as you want and nobody will judge you for that. Now try to keep the colour red or white because this is the season guys. And do you know what looks good with jumpsuits? Strappy heels. Yes, you are going to be the hit of Christmas party for sure. 


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6. Dress Up Like Frosty The Snow Man

This isn't Halloween guys and you ought not to dress up as a snowman but it would be totally appropriate if you choose to go all white. But do it at your own risk. There are high chances of wine-spilling accidents or gosh darn food on your dress disasters but you are going to look blizzardly amazing in white. And not just dress, you can go with all-white suit with red footwear or just white & white blouse and skirt. What we mean is be as white as you can be. 


7. Totally Off-beat

Don't dress up in red or white at all just something cute and out of the rack. You can definitely have some patches of red or white or even green but why be a part of some bandwagon when you can explore other options. Although there would be a handful of people who wouldn't enjoy your outfit and this should not bother you. Anyway, Christmas is about you not them so yeah tell them to take a hike and wear whatever you like.


8. Knitted Sweaters? Yes Please!

Its sweater season and you can try to pull out the knitted ones from the pile of winter clothes that you have. Who knows you could even find a red one, or white one or a green one. The point is, a knitted sweater or cardigan or shrug would be the perfect outfit for the girls who want to keep it lowkey and hella cute. And just to swank it up a little bit, try black or white boots and a cap. Only if Santa was really heading towards our continent to check out how amazing you look, you'd be on the top of his list. 


9. Red Is Always Right

Why do you think Santa Claus himself chose this colour for this annual event? Because it's super Christmacide & reflect good omen. So if you want to dress up perfectly for this festival just wear red. A dress, or a suit, or coat, anything and everything red will not only get you the attention of the block but also help you gather all the blessings from God. And if you were to add some little blemishes to the look, like a white fur jacket, or black boots, you will look like a star of Bethlehem. Go on, paint yourself red.


10. Skirt It Is

Skirts are damn cute. Exhibit A (We mean look at this beautiful woman just looking absolutely stunning in that skirt). If you could rack-off a Christmasy one, this will be your lucky day. How often you get to flaunt such reds and whites skirt? And this might be your only year-end option because who knows what trends might hit the market in the coming year. Do one other thing, style this skirt with a contrast blouse and some spunky footwear and you are all ready to rock the party, jingle bell style.



And it's a wrap. These were the best last minutes options you can explore to bring out the best Christmas look forward. Who knows, you might end up being the most desired trinket in the party. And don't forget to share those compliments with us. Okay?


Merry Christmas Ladies!!




Q. Which brand has the best Christmas outfits in town?

A. You can always check out H&M for this. But there are other stores like Mango, Zara, Only which are also good options.


Q. Can I buy Christmas looks online?

A. Yes, this is the best option. You can check out Shein, Myntra and Ajio for the same


Q. Where can I get the best styling tips for events?

A. You can check out our influencers on Instagram and magicpin App.  


Q. Are these outfits expensive?

A. That will depend on your budget. You can get great clothes from lowkey spree markets too like these ones.

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