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India's Very First Outlook To The Modern And Contemporary World of Art Museum

By Sanjay Gouda

Updated - July 26, 2018 6 min read

India hosts many opportunities for its art enthusiasts with it's diverse modern and contemporary art museums and galleries. Although every place in India has its own distinctiveness and significance in terms of its art and cultural delight, Delhi is very unique and exceptional amongst them in every way. This National Capital Region of the country is rich in cultural diversity and possesses many historic assets that are saved in this real arm. One such latest, unknown, unexplored and modern gem is the Kiran Nadar Museum of Contemporary Art which is India's very first Private, Modern and Contemporary Art Museum


It's really surprising what a small stretch of geographical land i.e. Delhi-NCR is holding titles to so many things unique and historically vast. And this place (Kiran Nadar Museum of Contemporary Art) adds it's own dose of uniqueness to the place. 

Picasso quote, give me a museum and i'll fill it_image
Pablo Picasso - one of the greatest artist the world ever saw had once said "Give Me A Museum And I'll Fill It" and progressed his action to donate a chunk of his works to the Grimaldi museum in Greece. Following the footsteps of Pablo Picasso, Kiran Nadar an art enthusiast and trustee of the Shiv Nadar Foundation has literally put her passion, enthusiasm, and work on the similar lines and presented India with some astounding pieces of art and works. A very finest set of India's first Private, Modern and Contemporary Art Museum located in Saket. Kiran-Nadar-Museum-of-Contemporary-Art

The motto of the museum is to depict the changing relationship between art and culture by the way of exhibitions, publications, educational and public programs which KNMA has gone on to conduct regularly since it first opened, maintaining the standard and passion up top.
The Kiran Nadar Museum Of Art_image

This is The Kiran Nadar Museum Of Art which is making waves all across India since past so many years for the outstanding work and showcases its passion in the field of art. But, what makes the place so special? The Kiran Nadar Museum of Art (KNMA) is India’s first private museum which debuted in Noida in 2010 and in a very short time after the success of its opening in Noida she went on to open a branch in Saket too.
 The Kiran Nadar Museum Of Art_image

What's New?

The Museum recently got updated with more collections and artifacts that would mesmerize anyone. New Configurations and vignettes from the collection in the recent years is added to the place on April 26th and will be on show till 31st July 2018. This particular exhibition is dedicated to the memory of eminent Indian artist Ram Kumar.
The Kiran Nadar Museum Of Art_image 
the kiran nadar museum of art_image
the kiran nadar museum of art_image

All over the years, the museum has gone on to host an exhaustive range of exhibitions such as:

1. VIVAN SUNDARAM - A Retrospective: FIFTY YEARS, Step Inside and you are no longer a stranger.
the kiran nadar museum of art vivan sundaram_image

2. Amruta Kalasha Thanjavur and other South Indian Paintings which also invited various conferences with eminent personalities and experts to throw their light on the topic.
the kiran nadar museum of art Amruta Kalasha Thanjavur

3. The Euphoria of being Himmat Shah, A continuing journey across 6 Decades. The same was showcased at a very similar modern art Museum, Jawahar Kala Kendra in Jaipur.
the kiran nadar museum of art The Euphoria of being Himmat Shah_image

4. Earth As haven: Under The Canopy Of Love
the kiran nadar museum of art Earth As haven_image

5. Musee Des Arts Asiatiques, Nice - France

6. Constructs | Constructions
the kiran nadar museum of art Constructs| Constructions_image

7. Working Spaces: Around Memory And Perception
the kiran nadar museum of art  Working Spaces_image

8. Drawings, Prints, and Watercolours
the kiran nadar museum of art Drawings, Prints and Watercolours_image

9. Visions of Interiority: Interrogating the male body - A Retrospective ( 1963-2013). The Sunday Guardian went on to call it, Way too much monkey business!
the kiran nadar museum of art Visions of Interiority_image

10. Hangar For The Passerby
the kiran nadar museum of art Hangar For The Passerby_image

11. Stretched Terrains- A string of Exhibitions
the kiran nadar museum of art Stretched Terrains_image

12. Pond near the field five artists from Kerala
the kiran nadar museum of art Pond near the field five artists from Kerala_image

13. Conversation Chambers | Museum Bhavan
the kiran nadar museum of art Conversation Chambers_image

14. Hammer on the square - A Retrospective (1957-2015)
the kiran nadar museum of art Hammer on the square_image

15. Time Unfold
the kiran nadar museum of art time unfold_image

Other Exhibitions

This list could go on! Which is a clear indication of the fact that KNMA has reached many milestones and secured an extensive series of appellations in just 8 years. In the contemporary world of the 21st Century, the place not only just focuses on the present terrain but also houses some of the rarest pieces of works of the pre-independent and post-independent period which are permanently exhibited.
the kiran nadar museum of art_image

You can attend summer workshops, storytelling sessions, tours, conferences, symposiums and what not when you are really keen on not just watching and enjoying the visual art but also the stories behind these magnificent paintings, statues, and models. 


A Glimpse of Kiran Nadar

Nadar, the name behind this museum has done an amazing work by opening her tremendous private collection to encourage the common man’s participation in art. She says, “I thought sharing it with people is a way of enjoying my art. And why should the common man not be exposed to art? I think we should lose the notion that art is an elite activity, Though the top end of the art will always be an elite activity, the viewing of art should not be so,”. 

kiran nadar_image

She has been since then awarded with many awards and been visited by eminent government personalities as well which is all well deserved. We must fill our lives with beauty and enthusiasm, is the unsaid message of the current lady patron of the Indian art scene. The place was inspired by the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York which started as an educational institution and now the KNMA in Delhi-NCR is no less than it's inspiration.


Where In Delhi-NCR?

1. The KNMA at Delhi is located behind the popular DLF Select Citywalk mall, in the smaller South Court Mall, to encourage an average mall hopper to round off a shopping trip with a sensory experience of another kind and enjoy this wonderful experience. 


2. The original one is located in the Delhi's NCR region in Noida in Sector 126, Noida, UP.
the kiran nadar museum of art location_image

Both the museums' houses some of the masterpiece of India’s modern masters and contemporaries including A. Ramachandran, Anish Kapoor, Arpita Singh, FN Souza, Jamini Roy, Jogen Chowdhury, Krishen Khanna, M F Husain, Manjit Bawa, N S Harsha, and Ram Kumar.
the kiran nadar museum of art_image

Cherish your time in the amazing world of contemporary art with the artworks of most renowned artists and don't miss the opportunity of trying something new when it's so nearby.



TIMINGS: 10:30 AM – 6:30 PM

CLOSED ON: Mondays and all Public Holidays

WHERE: Kiran Nadar Museum Of Art – DLF South Court, Saket & Sector 126, Noida


Contact: 0114916 0000, 0120-4683289


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