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An Unforgettable Culinary Journey Through The Legendary Lanes Of Old Delhi

By Rhea Tyagi

Updated - July 20, 2018 bookmark icon 2 min read

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The Ramadan month and heavenly delicacies are like two sides of the same coin. And what better place to have these delicious dishes than Old Delhi, specifically the Jama Masjid area. Be it the terrific Kebabs or the utterly sweet Shahi Tukda, Old Delhi has no match.

I’d always heard a lot about the iftar festivities, but only recently had the chance to experience them myself. I decided to head down to the narrow lanes near Jama Masjid, which were lit up and brimming with activity! Here are my recommendations of Iftari delights that you must try this Ramadan.


Aslam’s Butter Chicken

Aslam’s Chicken on Chittli Qabar Rd is not a new name for foodies, but I was unsure about visiting as my friend had told me that it’s overly hyped. But boy was he wrong! Every bite of the butter chicken made me want it more. I refused to share it with my friends and let them have the salad instead.

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Karim’s Mutton Seekh Kebabs

Since it’s the holy month of Ramadan, the mouth-watering food served in Old Delhi was way better than on normal days. Many restaurants in this area serve delicious food, but Karim’s on Gali kababian lane stood out. Mutton bhurra was well cooked and finger-licking good! My friend ordered Mutton seekh kebabs which were served with roomalis. The combination was deadly! Biryani was also fantastic, with succulent pieces of chicken and subtlety spiced aromatic rice.  We washed it down with a chilled mountain dew and continued on our culinary journey.

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Ameer Sweet House’s Paneer Jalebi

Being a gym freak, I’m not an ardent fan of sweet dishes. But as it was my cheat day, I decided to gain those extra calories willingly. I had to decide between two famous joints near Jama Masjid – Ameer Sweet House on Chittli Qabar Rd and Kallan Sweets. While it was a tough decision, I went ahead with Ameer as they serve the ‘world’ famous keema samosa. And as I was feeling a bit experimental, I tried their paneer jalebi. It may sound fiddly, but trust me, it was heavenly.

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Cool Point’s Mango Ice Cream

I’m a little embarrassed to admit that even after trying the sweets at Ameer, I still had space in my tummy for more. We’d heard of this famous ice cream place called Cool Point at Matia Mahal Rd. Their mango ice cream was to die for! Unfortunately, I was so full that I couldn’t finish it all and now while sharing this experience, I wish I could have it at this moment.

Cool Point marked the end of my journey to the legendary food joints near Jama Masjid. It was an unforgettable experience that I cannot wait to repeat once again. 


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