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Winter Skincare Tip? Just Grab Some Ghee!

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Dec. 28, 2020 4 min read

If there's one thing I'd willingly trade most of my belongings for, it's perfect, flawless skin. Just imagine never having to reach for your concealer again since your skin naturally looks air-brushed by God himself. Isn't that a beautiful thought? Well, sadly for most of us including me, this wish rarely translates into reality. We keep testing one skincare product after another, hoping against odds that this time we'll find that miracle one-stop solution to all our skin woes. But as beauty experts will tell you, that's just not achievable. How can a single skincare item, take on the responsibility of fixing everything that you think is wrong with your skin? 


But what if we told you, there actually does exist one such highly versatile, all-purpose beauty ingredient? No, we're not kidding. In fact, if you don't believe us, why don't you just do me a favour, and step into the kitchen. Um, see that golden jar of Desi Ghee on the cabinet? That's the wonder beauty product we've been harping on about!


As it turns out, this underrated kitchen ingredient boasts of a myriad of beauty and skincare benefits one can harness. Highly moisturising, brightening, packed with vitamins and minerals, and capable of slowing signs of ageing, a dollop of Ghee can work wonders to restore the health of your skin. Especially considering how rich the substance is in vital fats and nutrients, Ghee can entirely transform your skincare game, during these harsh, cold months of the year. 


Curious? Fret not, we've listed 5 ways you can use Ghee in your winter beauty regime! 


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1. Use Ghee To Deep Condition Frizzy, Dry And Dull Locks 

Ghee is a rich source of antioxidants and an array of beneficial fatty acids, that you can use to treat dry or dull hair. In addition to deep conditioning, applying Ghee to your hair periodically can help immensely with fighting split ends and frizz, coupled with boosting hair growth and thickness. 


How To Use

  • Warm up some Ghee in a bowl, and mix with an equal amount of olive oil
  • Massage deeply into hair 
  • Wash off with light shampoo after 20-25 minutes


2. Use Ghee As An Anti-Ageing, Hydrating Face Pack 

Another magical power of Ghee as a beauty ingredient is that it can defy time. The beneficial fatty acids we mentioned earlier are just as effective for hydrating dry skin, and reducing the visibility of common signs of ageing like wrinkles and fine lines. The antioxidants in Ghee can also help you fight dark circles, and getting a bright, clear and youthfully glowing complexion. 


How To Use

  • Make a face pack by mixing equal proportions of raw milk, besan (gram flour) and Ghee or by mixing equal proportions of Ghee, sandalwood powder and turmeric
  • Apply the paste to your face 
  • Wash off gently after 20-25 minutes 
  • You can also use Ghee as an anti-ageing night cream. Just lather on a copious amount before bed and leave overnight


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3. Use Ghee To Treat Your Chapped Lips 

Just applying a drop of Ghee can make a tremendous difference to chapped, dry and flaking lips. It will nourish your lips by sealing in the moisture and warding off dehydration. As if that wasn't enough, applying Ghee to your lips can also reduce darkening and pigmentation. Regular smokers, here's looking at you. 


How To Use

  • Gently use your fingertips to apply Ghee on your lips before bed
  • Keep overnight 
  • Repeat until desired results are achieved 



Image Courtesy - Freepik


4. Use Ghee To Brighten Tired Eyes 

If perpetually dull and tired-looking eyes fall under your most troubling beauty problems, Ghee can be the solution you'd been hunting for. The natural fatty acids and antioxidants in Ghee work together to reduce swelling and under-eye bags, coupled with lightening 98hbthose pesky dark circles. 


How To Use

  • Gently use your fingertips to massage Ghee under your eyes
  • Use circular motions to relax your eyes and let your under-eye skin absorb the Ghee
  • Leave overnight and wash with cold water the next day
  • Repeat until desired results are achieved


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5. Use Ghee As A Moisturising Body Butter For A Pre-Shower Massage

In addition to the amazing Ghee beauty benefits listed above, this marvellous beauty ingredient also helps with the treatment of skin peeling, dehydration and dryness, as well as bacterial skin infections. The natural anti-bacterial properties of Ghee can also help you in keeping pimples and break-outs at bay. 


How To Use

  • Warm up some Ghee in a bowl 
  • Massage your entire body with the Ghee body butter 
  • Leave for 10-15 minutes before taking a shower or bath





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