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Find Your Clam And Glam Doing These 8 Things In Goa

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - May 24, 2023 5 min read

There is no second guessing taking a well deserved holiday at least once a year. And nothing screams holiday and fun more than Goa. And if you've been working from home, you should buy that Goa trip package you’ve been eyeing for so long. And if you’ve been so out of it that you don’t know what to do once you land in Goa, you’ll be glad to read ahead. 


Beach, please.


Sure, if it's a Goa trip, it’s going to be beaches, but haven’t you ever wished to visit a beach that is away from the crowds? Mandrem Beach in Goa is a must-visit; especially if you want to listen to the sounds of calming waves, walk on white sands and appreciate the blue water. A little heads up? Bring your own snacks, since there might not be many options for that- or better yet, pack a picnic basket! 


Image Courtesy: Times of India



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Water Adventures! 


If you are a dare baby, you would love this one. Underwater snorkelling can give you much-needed respite from monotony and a new outlook on life forms. The thrill of holding your breath underwater and observing life forms passing by you is simply too beautiful to pass out on. While there are many locations that will offer you this adventure, we’d recommend Bat Island, which is only a kilometre away from the iconic Vasco Da Gamma and is a premier hub for snorkelling and other activities.


Image Courtesy: Veena World



Nothing like the Nightlife 


Party animals, assemble, cuz this one’s for you. What is Goa known for other than beaches? Bingo! Their unmatched nightlife activities. One of our favorites is the iconic Baga beach. Let’s be honest, dancing to electric beats under the night sky is an amazing feeling. On Baga beach, you’ll have some of the best places to explore: from cafes and bars with open dance floors, and family-friendly restaurants to live music. Tune it up with some of the best drinks, conversations with sandy feet, and hearty smiles! 


Image Courtesy: Quora



Locations for your inner Aesthete


If you are a movie buff, you might recognise some of the iconic locations where your favourite movies have been shot. Parra Road near Calangute Road in North Goa is one such scenic location. Remember that Dear Zindagi cycling scene? You can visit this iconic location for your aesthetic pictures, make sure you pack enough dresses for your Goa trip. Apart from this, you can also look out for the iconic Goa Fort featured in that scene from "Dil Chahta Hai", known as “Chapora Fort”. 


Image Courtesy: Thomas Cook



Museums and More


There is no better way to learn about a place’s local history and past than visiting the local museum for the same. Goa State Museum is one of the best places to visit if you are there for the first time and are keen to learn about the local culture and history. In here are 12 galleries filled open to people with the best of Goan Art and Sculpture. This one’s definitely for the art lover in you. The best part about this Museum? Free entry for everyone!


Image Courtesy: Tour My India



Go(a) exploring!


If you are a fan of old-style architecture and history, you might wish to check out these amazing pieces of Goan architecture. The Figueiredo Mansion is a good place to begin your Goan exploration. The Figueiredo family were perhaps the most influential family to have lived in Goa during their time. Be prepared to see through a window to the late 1500s through the displays there. If you want a peep into Portuguese history, here is your sign that this should be your first stop.


Image Courtesy: Thomas Cook



Vintage is Goa


If you are someone who has to stop and stare everytime you see a sleek polished vintage car, then this one might interest you. Ashvek’s Vintage World, located in Nuvem, Goa, houses one-of-its-kind, unique and timeless pieces that are open for exhibition. With a nominal entry fee of 100 INR, you can get a peek into the world of vintage automobile luxury. If you’re not yet sold on the idea, then imagine missing out on seeing the 1939 Mercedes Benz 170V (possibly the most popular Mercedes of all time) in person! 


Image Courtesy: Telegraph India



Souvenir Shopping


What’s a holiday without collecting any souvenirs to remember your trip by? Trust Goa to have some of the best places to buy handmade crafts and souvenirs. One spot we can recommend is the Azulejos de Goa, which was established in 1988 in Panjim. The special part about this is that it is situated in a 250 year old Portuguese house. The allure here is the Portuguese style of paintings, “Azulejos” being used for creating souvenirs as well. Imagine yourself treading through historical corridors while your initials are added to a handmade piece. A bonus exhibition if we could call it that!


Image Courtesy: Treebo



If you are going on a solo trip to Goa and think Beaches are all it has to offer, then we’re glad you stumbled across this article. Above are only a few promising locations you can visit on your next vacation in Goa. But apart from these, there are many more places like museums and adventure places to try out. Take it from us, no other place can get you the best of adventure, fun, nightlife and history Goa. 


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